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This day in infamy

This day in infamy


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Not to worry. I am sure that the progressives in the US government will do all they can to help the survivors of the long-wished for genocide in Israel. Those poor, downtrodden Arabs who only want to ethnically cleanse the entire Middle East.

TrooperJohnSmith | November 10, 2012 at 4:14 pm

There was a wonderful political cartoon from, Oliphant, I think that shows Idi Amin, an Arab-looking dude with a towel on his head that was marked ‘NY Athletic Club’ and a suit with a coat-hanger protruding. The caption read, “Now that we’ve passed a resolution equating Zionism with racism, we now move to pass another resolution making stupidity a form of intellect.”

And the stranger thing is that then and now, I was solidly pro-Israel. My college professor sibling, who was of like mind then, is now part of the “I’m pro-Palestinian at any price”, crowd. She says that she “evolved,” and I’m hopelessly “stuck in the past”.

Right and wrong are now at the whim of “evolution”. Go figure, huh?

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