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Swarm, baby, swarm

Swarm, baby, swarm

I have to spend much of the day figuring out what we’re going to do on Election Day and Night, and with headlines swarming today, I’ll just keep posting links, and you can do the same in the comments:

Mood music for the day:


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“Still they torment me.” lol

Dr.J…Focus…Focus…Goooood…Now, very carefully, put the coffee down. Goooooooooood…Now, slowly step away from that mug….Goooooooooooood. (-:

George Will predicts 312 Romney.


And double HEH!

How about a last ditch poll among all thre members here with our final predictions on popular vote and electoral college. Maybe with ranges
Electoral College
Romney 250-270
Romney 270-290
Romney 290+
Similar with popular vote based on spread
Romney By 1%

Something to keep us occupied as we tear our hair out
istening to idiots like Chris Mathews talk about his tingles

Then close it off as polls close in the east as we listen to the hideous “thud” as Mathews takes a dive out a 4th story window at 9PM

    NeoConScum in reply to jimzinsocal. | November 4, 2012 at 11:56 am

    Jimzinsocal:PLEASE see to it that Lil’Chrissy M. ties himself to the hideous Revrund Tawana Sharpton prior to the jump. Hey, just sayin’…

    Refugee from SoCal.

Maybe this guy is correct as we see the polls in Penn

MaggotAtBroadAndWall | November 4, 2012 at 12:26 pm

The Democrats have reason to worry about McCaskill possibly losing. The two largest newspapers in the state, the Kansas City Star and the St. Louis Post Dispatch, both unsurprisingly endorsed Obama. However, the KC Star released a poll last week showing Romney up 13 points. If he wins by anywhere close to that margin, it seems likely that Akin will ride his coattails to victory.

I got a robocall from John Ashcroft AND HIS WIFE Friday urging me to vote Akin. Two points. First, Ashcroft joined with the other former Republican Senators and Governors of Missouri denouncing Akin in their attempt to nullify the primary election and replace Akin with someone more preferred by the GOP Washington/Missouri establishment. The only reason I can think of why Ashcroft would now be working on Akin’s behalf is because he genuinely believes it is winnable. Second, in the immediate aftermath of Akin’s unfortunate sentence the press tried to spin it that it was unforgivably offensive to women. Ashcroft’s wife joining on the robocall was very smart because it sends a signal to women that it’s ok to vote for Akin. Obamacare still polls poorly here, and the Ashcrofts emphasized in the call that to repeal it, we have to elect Akin.

Akin has been running ads with Huckabee. Dismiss Huck if you want, but he is reaching out to evangelicals who make up a sizeable segment of the population here.

Finally, both the DSCC and McCaskill’s campaign are still spending heavily on TV and radio advertising here. Both McCaskill and the DSCC ran ads this morning during Meet The Press and This Week. McCaskill’s spending is not surprising. She had an enormous money advantage over Akin. But the DSCC would not be spending here if: 1) they thought McCaskill had it in the bag; or 2) it is unwinnable. In either of those cases, the DSCC would be spending money elsewhere. They view it as a toss up.

9thDistrictNeighbor | November 4, 2012 at 12:41 pm

I want to be in the Ray Charles section of heaven one day. We may have a national anthem, but his rendition of that verse of America the Beautiful is a national prayer. And I’ll tell you, I have never known so many people who are praying about this election.

    Ray Charles. My, oh my, oh my! Hey, Chris Matthews! You want tingles up the leg, and for that matter everywhere else, listen to this and hear it! ‘Cause he’s talkin’ about America, sweet America! “I love you America!” Sing it Ray! Amen.

With the polls being legitimately questioned because of their arguably dubious assumptions, I’m putting my faith in anecdotal evidence, because repeated anecdotal evidence reveals patterns. And if there is little or no anecdotal evidence available to the contrary, well …..

Romney is being greeted by huge crowds.

Obama is being greeted by crowds much, much smaller in identical places in identical times of the cycle than he was four years ago.

Not only that, the crowds are smaller than those that John McCain could garner four years ago.

LukeHandCool (who recommends David Mamet’s book, “The Secret Knowledge”)

    I too noticed the crowd disparity, Luke-san, but my comment below neglected to acknowledge you. 🙁

    Romney emailed a picture of his Ohio rally, and Obama sent me a video of Bush and Cheney. That speaks volumes about the enthusiasm gap.
    Having said that, O did have a good turn out at a rally in Wisconsin where that one woman played (she’s a pop singer, whatever her name). BUT her fans will probably need a Tuesday morning reminder to go to the polls, and then a Tuesday afternoon reminder and a Tuesday evening reminder, and you still can’t be certain.

    Henry Hawkins in reply to LukeHandCool. | November 4, 2012 at 4:34 pm

    Not only all that, but the individual people at Obama events are smaller than those at Romney’s, I mean, like 2-3″ shorter and 10-15 lbs lighter. It’s weird.


You know how to pick ’em. Ray Charles. We’re behind you as these are going to be some tense, long hours.

I hadn’t made a Bollywood movie in a long time. Good way to relieve stress.

This one is for you Mitt and Paul, your families, and our country. . .

I’m doing a last check on some favorite blogs before I go into a self-imposed media blackout for at least the rest of today and possibly until Tuesday night. It’s to the point that I just can’t take much more. Like the Professor, I am tormented by the polls teasing us that states thought to be solidly blue could actually be in play. Could it be true? Could we have coming a Romney landslide resounding enough to prevent democrats and the media (I repeat myself I know) from being able to howl about a ‘stolen’ election? I hope so for the future of this country.

I am unfortunately in a state that will remain solidly blue so my vote will not make any difference in the electoral college but, even so, there’s nothing that could prevent me from voting for Mitt Romney first thing Tuesday morning because when the final numbers are tallied for the popular vote I want my vote there to be seen in the anti-Socialism column.

So while Obama is out telling his supporters to vote for revenge, I will be voting to avenge:

* I will vote to avenge the four Americans murdered on 09/11/12 while Obama watched and then went back to bed to rest for his campaign trip the mext morning.
* I will vote to avenge the film maker who is still in jail (with a hearing conveniently scheduled after the election) as part of the Benghazi cover-up and as an attack on free speech.
* I will vote to avenge the Mexicans and the American Border Patrol agent who were murdered with guns the Obama administration gave to criminals all for the purpose of trying to move public support in favor of stricter gun control.
* I will vote to avenge Sarah Palin who was mercilessly and gleefully dragged through the mud by a media who was only too happy to do Obama’s dirty work for him.
* I will vote to avenge Mia Love who as an intelligent, black, woman dared to think for herself and decided to run for office as a Republican only to come under constant racist verbal attacks and threats while the watchdog media looks the other way.
* I will vote to avenge the 22 Navy Seals who were murdered when their helicopter was shot down because Obama and Biden just had to reveal top secret details in order to boast about ‘getting’ Bin Laden.
* I will vote to avenge the families of murdered Seals who received a form letter from Obama.
* I will vote to avenge the workers who lost their jobs when Obama took advantage of the BP oil spill to enact illegal anti-drilling measures against American companies

So many more reasons that I wouldn’t have time in a day to list them and the more I think about what a nightmare the last fours have been the more worried I get that somehow he will get re-elected or, even worse, manage to steal a win through the courts.

    For all those good reasons and many more we already voted – 5 votes for Mitt Romney and I hope there will be a landslide. I also understand your need to distance yourself from the madness, which is what I intend to do too. Come what may, we did what we could.

1. The Bush/Gore tossup was bad enough for the country when we seemed to have peace and prosperity. Heaven forbid a repetition under today’s conditions.

2. A few months ago my comments were cautioning that the advantages of incumbency are formidable, even for a President bad as Obama. Today, I won’t try to outdo Scott Rasmussen when he says the result is too close to call. Nevertheless, the situation has changed in at least two ways from my former caveats:

a. Close to the election, apparently the advantage of incumbency gets reversed. An incumbent who hasn’t sealed the deal by then is at greater risk than the polls may indicate. A rule of thumb states that undecided voters tend to break against the incumbent. It’s not infallible (“tend to break”), but conventional wisdom became conventional wisdom for a reason.

b. In contrast to 2008, the Republican candidate has the advantage in voter enthusiasm. (It’s possible that the conservative media which claim this advantage are indulging in wishful thinking, but I doubt it: big, exuberant Obama crowds would be plastered all over the MSM.)

3. The foregoing is an assessment, not a prediction. If you insist on characterizing my attitude, say I’m cautiously paranoidly optimistic.

    ALman in reply to gs. | November 4, 2012 at 3:38 pm

    One of my more disturbing thoughts has been that this ends up before the SCOTUS and Roberts has the deciding vote. . .

    Ragspierre in reply to gs. | November 4, 2012 at 3:45 pm

    It won’t be close.

    Romney…and the NOT Collective…will be the clear victors.

    Americans are confused and often contradictory, but they know the want GROWTH, and not decline.

      With your conviction and the fact that the Redskins lost at home today, I feel somewhat better. As others have voiced, this country needs a clear decision.

      NeoConScum in reply to Ragspierre. | November 4, 2012 at 7:15 pm

      I AGREE, Rags.
      Romney–3+%: Wisconsin, Ohio, Iowa, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Virginia.
      Romney–5+%: Florida, Colorado, N.Carolina.

1. A Final Romney Surge?

Historian Victor Davis Hanson is reminded of of the last days of the Ford 1976, Carter 1980, and Bush 1992 campaigns.

But note that Hanson (or his editor) ends his post with a question mark.

2. Through thick and thin iirc, the Romney people have been predicting a close election.

On a more philosophical note, every citizen’s perspective is necessarily a subjective one, and each of us is an equal part of the very madness that wearies us so this campaign season. As conservatives and/or Republicans, what we’re experiencing is precisely what we’ve wanted and worked for – a chance to defeat Obama. Would we rather be looking at polls today that read Obama 55% / Romney 45%? Learn to enjoy the stomach-churning anticipatory fear!


Romney 53% / Obama 47%