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SuperPAC joins fray for Akin in Missouri

SuperPAC joins fray for Akin in Missouri

A SuperPAC which backed Sarah Steeleman in the primary has entered the race the national Republicans have abandoned.

This video (h/t Reboot Congress) strikes what may be a winning message — you don’t have to agree “with everything he says,” but you can agree Claire McCaskill should not be on Congress.

I’m not close enough to the situation to have a good sense whether the dislike of McCaskill will trump all else — but from a distance there seems to be a possibility.


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Akin at his worst… is better than McCaskill at her best.

His new adds were all over the radio in Central MO today. Sounded better. His apology was very clumsy, downright stupid really. I think he isn’t ready for prime time, still beats voting for Claire… personally, I’m voting for Dine, the Libertarian candidate.

    NC Mountain Girl in reply to FloydAlsbach. | November 1, 2012 at 7:44 pm

    That’s as good as voting for McKaskill and exactly why I never trusted the polls on this race. They didn’t include the libertarian option in their question.

great unknown | November 1, 2012 at 6:38 pm

I wonder if, after the RNC roundly excommunicated Akin, they directed some donors and PAC activity in his direction. Avoid the negative publicity, help him win with under-the-table assistance. Win-win, if it works.

But that would be cynical and underhanded, and we know that that doesn’t exist in politics…

ConserveLiberty | November 1, 2012 at 7:28 pm

Will Missouri Republicans cast a vote against McCaskill, even if it means casting a vote for Akin?

ABSO – effin’ – LUTELY!

(Though many of us won’t be happy about it. One solution is to vote a straight ticket to avoid the need to actually drop the dime for Akin).

I drove from New Jersey to Oklahoma the weekend of the 13th; over three hundred miles of that trip is through Missouri. There were more political signs along the Interstate in Missouri than in all the other states I passed through, put together.

I saw few Romney signs — but only one Obama sign, which was as small as the smallest Romney sign. I saw quite a few signs for “Akin” or “Todd Akin” but none, not one, for Claire McCaskill” There were also a couple of large pro-life billboards. Presumably those are favorable to Akin as well.

Based on the signs, Akin seems to have an edge on enthusiasm. Along the Interstate, at least

Akin is a conservative that the lib media and establishment repubs have demonized over a soundbite.

Kind of like George Allen and his “makaka” comment.

Come on people, we know better.

Libs get away with lies, sex scandals, murder, and worse. Even glorified.

A conservative is crucified for a statement that he admitted was not well stated.

Get rid of McCaskill – it’s now or never.

For all Akin’s woes and faults, McCaskill has the same problem Scott Brown has in MA: incumbents under 50% in the final weeks rarely get reelected.

With McCaskill, it’s even less likely late deciders would break her way. She’s established, has been a terrible Senator for MO, has additional ethical problems brewing. Those who will vote against Akin instead would already be included.

Would I trade Brown for McCaskill in a pair of flips? Any day of the week – and twice on Sunday.

Better a foot-in-mouth Republican than a head-up-butt Democrat.