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Sunday Night Open

Sunday Night Open

Working on my Fordham post for tomorrow (hopefully).

So bring up any topics you want in the comments.


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Even though city folks elected an idiot to the presidency, I’ve noticed that my pantry and freezer are still stocked with food, the roof over my head doesn’t leak, and the fire in my fireplace is still warm.

Country people will survive.

” … bring up any topic you want …”

Hmmm. I just want to float the idea of a LI summer convention in Las Vegas. Just a couple or three days.

Or, like National Review does … have a cruise with featured speakers. My sister works for the top cruise line (and says bookings have dropped off horribly since Obama won the election). The Professor could give a talk on a different subject each night at dinner. Or, he could trade off with Joel, Anne, Bryan, etc. (I love volunteering people.)

Either would be a great way for LI to raise money to grow.

LukeHandCool (whose social phobia might preclude him from attending … it would depend on how he’s feeling)

Has anyone seen the AP headlines “10 things you need to know for today.”? The nerve, the absolute pretentiousness of being the “Gatekeepers of what’s important to know.” makes me hate the mainstream media more and more each day. I’ve never clicked on the link with that headline, and never expect to, but it makes me sick knowing that somewhere, out there, is a person who thinks he knows what’s important to me. Central planning in the mind of a very small mind, in my opinion. Ah well. Life goes on.

    gasper in reply to Paul. | November 25, 2012 at 8:48 pm

    Paul: you would be surprised (probably not) at how many people think if it’s in print or being said on TV then it must be so. “It’s Bush’s fault” is still at the top of their list because it works.

    SoLongSong in reply to Paul. | November 26, 2012 at 7:10 am

    Along with voter fraud, the MSM needs to be TAKEN DOWN. They oughtta be thrown in jail. If they’d been half as vigilant as they are with any Republican candidate – heck, even 1% as much, obama and his evilness would never have been elected.

    Also, I would like that picture of the oozing meat to be removed from the side thingy. It gives me the heebie-jeebies.

I was the beneficiary of a Jesuit high school education in D.C. and I mean that seriously. I had a great high school education – 4 years of Latin, 3 years of Greek, etc. But, in my experience, the Jesuits have always been on the left. Their theology seems to be determined by their notions of “social justice.” What this means, though, is that their leadership feels impelled to make decisions such as the one by the Fordham president.

Personally, I don’t believe that any Fordham student is being seriously deprived by the cancellation of Ann Coulter’s speech, but I do object to the administrative heavy handedness and the retreat by the university Republicans is appalling.

boy since election my server has been getting hammered with crap. most of it challenged and blocked by cloudflare then rest blocked by csf/lfd firewall at server.
total yesterday was (including the challenged and blocked by cloudflare) approx 1300 ip’s in a few hours. was one hour when 380 US based ip’s were blocked at the server itself.

lefties suck.
now I can’t prove they are lefties, but it feels good to blame them 🙂

and nothing got though. site was not slowed. learning as I go on how to protect stuff.

FreshPondIndians | November 25, 2012 at 8:51 pm

To any Republicans considering Jeb Bush in 2016, I have this to say:


Fox Headline “More congressional Republicans break tax pledge for sake of looming fiscal crisis”.

No one’s on our side anymore.

Professor: Would you write something on this past election regarding voter fraud? I have many questions on the matter:
1- who supply the voting machines?
2- who actually count the votes?
3- assuming that fraud could happen, how we can avoid it?

Tonight, I go outside to see that one of my neighbors already has his outside Christmas lights and decorations up … me, I’m still watching the Packers/Giants game. Grrrrr!

You should read about and understand what happens in emergencies:

“The good fear the bad. The bad fear no one.”

“G-d didn’t make men equal, Samuel Colt did.”

The good guys need to be more than “equal”.

And ready!

Anent your Fordham post: Vince Lombardi is a Fordham grad. In his bio (When Pride Still Mattered) the author (Maraniss) included excerpts of Lombardi’s senior essay.

It’s about the diametric opposite of what Fordham teaches its little darlings today.