I really try not to get into Twitter arguments.

But when Bridgette Dunlap of Fordham Law School objected to my tweet linking to an article at The Daily Caller, OPINION: Shame and censorship at Fordham, well, I took the bait.

Bridgette, a post-graduate public interest Fellow, was one of the people who circulated the petition to the President of Fordham which was the subject of my post, Fordham Law Profs try to leverage Coulter dispute into funding for Vagina Monologues.

She made classic straw man arguments, asserting that I accused the Fordham administration of “censorship.”  Actually, that’s not my claim.  As detailed in my post, Shame on Fordham, my position is that the administration allowed itself to be intimidated by the liberal feeding frenzy over Coulter, and in turn pressured the Fordham Republicans into self-censoring.

Here is the exchange, my first use of Storify: