I am more convinced than ever that a shock to the higher-ed system is needed.

Universities have turned into political training grounds for can’t-do left-wing professors and administrators who use campuses as laboratories for churning out foot soldiers for the dependency state:

It’s only going to get worse unless something changes:

Apply the beloved evolutionary principles, let the fittest survive:

The bubble needs to burst, on multiple levels.  What will be left could not possibly be worse than what we have today.

Update:  Even Catholic universities are far gone, Fordham President Attacks Conservative Club for Hosting Coulter.

Revoke the tax deduction for contributions and their tax exempt status, make them pay local real estate taxes like the rest of us, maybe that will shut them up from demanding that taxes be raised on everyone else.

Update 11/11/2012College Republicans at Fordham Rescind Invitation to Ann Coulter After Being Attacked by University President.


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