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“Shock the System” week at College Insurrection

“Shock the System” week at College Insurrection

I am more convinced than ever that a shock to the higher-ed system is needed.

Universities have turned into political training grounds for can’t-do left-wing professors and administrators who use campuses as laboratories for churning out foot soldiers for the dependency state:

It’s only going to get worse unless something changes:

Apply the beloved evolutionary principles, let the fittest survive:

The bubble needs to burst, on multiple levels.  What will be left could not possibly be worse than what we have today.

Update:  Even Catholic universities are far gone, Fordham President Attacks Conservative Club for Hosting Coulter.

Revoke the tax deduction for contributions and their tax exempt status, make them pay local real estate taxes like the rest of us, maybe that will shut them up from demanding that taxes be raised on everyone else.

Update 11/11/2012College Republicans at Fordham Rescind Invitation to Ann Coulter After Being Attacked by University President.


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I think we have to keep hitting the big government theme, we are getting killed on the taxes theme. I also think that we have to infiltrate MSNBC. That is the default news for google. Many of my blue friends use it exclusively for their news.

“What will be left could not possibly be worse….”

Never underestimate the power of the Left to find a worse way to do something, and convince people we must do it “for the children.”

    GrumpyOne in reply to Tregonsee. | November 10, 2012 at 12:31 pm

    Yep, the anointed one has only been re-elected for a few days and already two incidents and this is only the beginning.

    A very bleak future for our young people and yet they seem not to really care due to their indoctrination in higher education…

MaggotAtBroadAndWall | November 10, 2012 at 10:27 am

Over 12% of college professors self-identify as “far left”, up from 8%, or a 50% increase in just 4 years. See this recent study:

The same kinds of people who infiltrate academia also now run the biggest foundations in the world. The Ford and Carnegie Foundations can’t go much further left.

and when the college loan bubble bursts soon a lot of idiots are going to wonder just what the hell happened.

TrooperJohnSmith | November 10, 2012 at 10:59 am

Wow… Professor Furr said that Stalin’s mass executions never happened.

Seriously. The next time I go to Russia, I will offer professor Furr a free trip. We’ll go to Kolyma, a camp where there was no winter budget, because everyone was dead of hard labor by the beginning of October. By design. Every March, a new crop of inmates arrived, their fate sealed. There are still human bones everywhere, and the few locals who inhabit this area have some horrific stories.

And if he gets all bitchy and calls bullsh!t, I’ll just leave his sorry ass. :mrgreen:

off topic I guess, but this looks legit, though I can’t confirm it yet.

Allen West’s Facebook page says he won by 185, so there will be a recount Wednesday. Here is what his page says:

Allen West Republic shared Tanya Grimsley’s status.
19 minutes ago
Because the challenger Murphy jumped the gun as did most of the media without checking the facts AND Congressman Allen West no conceding in this race, the ballots the were being counted were from the ORIGINAL race on Tuesday. These ballots put Allen West AHEAD, but not within the margin needed to declare victory. The ballots in St Lucie will also need to be completed this coming Wed. and from there will determine if either candidate is the winner or a forced mandatory recount of all the votes in the district. REMEMBER NO WINNER HAS BEEN DECLARED BY THE SOE. This is FACT.

    GrumpyOne in reply to Midwest Rhino. | November 10, 2012 at 12:34 pm

    If there were a way to enforce an HONEST recount of the ballots cast for president nationwide, the outcome there might well be different as well…

Brilliant, scathing letter to college freshman, from Mom & Dad by Greg Gutfeld.

Funny and touches all the bases.

Along with Milton Friedman’s “Greed” video with Phil Donahue, this should be required viewing for all college students.

Watching this brilliant two-minute video (before you do anything else today) would do more to innoculate undergrad minds against today’s professors’ best efforts than any hundreds of million dollars spent on ads by any GOP super pac.

Enjoy with your coffee:

Lots to do – one step I’m doing in Wisconsin is to call my State Senators and Reps (both Republicans) and encouraging them to create more online and low cost options at the university, and to cut the costs of existing programs. Maybe some of the students at CI would me interested in a journalism project doing stories on recent graduates that got no value for their diploma? Not sure what other journalism options – maybe something on how the accreditation orgs block innovation?

In California UC and CSU students are protesting over their share of Prop 30 booty.

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I also have a minor proposal, but one that would hit some people where it hurts: in the pocketbook.

I think federal grants to universities should be means-tested.

I’m not opposed to granting agencies like the National Science Foundation, the National Institutes of Health, etc. But I think they should not be giving taxpayer money, forcibly taken from many low-income wager earners, to very comfortable professors at very wealthy universities. Let those people fund their own research out of their own pockets, and let taxpayer money go to promising projects (peer reviewed as usual) at less wealthy colleges and universities where the researchers have lower salaries.

A research professor earning $150,000/year at a university with a billion dollar endowment should not have his projects subsidized by the taxpayer; if the research is important, let them (or private industry) pay for it themselves. A research/teaching professor at a smaller place, however, earning maybe $50,000/yr with no institutional endowment — well, that person’s work, if good, may merit a competitive grant.

NC Mountain Girl | November 11, 2012 at 4:53 pm

Maybe 15 Years ago a columnist at the Atlantic noted that the not-for- profit sector was placing itself in the same position the Catholic monasteries in England were in at the start of Henry VIII’s reign. The monasteries held all the wealth and the Henry’s government needed revenue.

A one time excise tax on the fair market value of the endowments of all the private foundations would work nicely. An to be fair, the rate should be low for the small guys and 90% for the behemoths like Ford and Carnegie.

Colleges are a bit trickier. Some of them have much larger endowments than others. Maybe it should be a graduated rate based on a multiple of an amount based on the theoretical current income to the school if all students enrolled at the beginning of the school year paid full tuition and fees. If the FMV of the endowment is less than eight to ten times that number the tax would be nominal. The rate for a school like Harvard where the income alone from the endowment could pay the combined tuition and fees with lots of money left over should be 90%. After that haircut place the schools on a system that confiscates part of their endowment if future tuition increases ever exceed the CPI.

workingclass artist | November 11, 2012 at 5:13 pm

Well Professor…Reform is likely on it’s way.

A lot of Catholic Colleges and Universities will close down anyway because of HHS mandate.
Jesuits run 28 of them and they answer directly to Pope Benedict XVI. He can shut down their charter just like he can with any of the orders.


Pope is head Bishop and the USCCB has fallen in line with the Bishop of Rome.

The Pope won’t comply with HHS…He answers to a higher authority.

Let’s tax income on endowments, apply real estate tax, income tax on revenue generating activities and let’s go one step further: let’s ask universities to make post-employment contributions w-2 income in the year they are made. In short, let’s treat universities like any other business.

Then, let’s move on to foundations. Let’s only allow foundations t live for twenty years after the death of the founder. Older foundations existing today and still kicking around decades well after the death of their founder, like the Rockefeller Foundation for example, would have twenty years to spend their endowments. The endowments cannot be donated to another foundation, except after payment of all deferred gift taxes, income taxes and any other tax that should have accrued to the capital over time.

It’s time for the socialist elements of our society to feel the tax bite they wish upon the productive rest of us. It’s also time for the professional foundation employees to be far fewer in number and for most of them to become productive members of society.

Lots of good thinking around this. The key is we need to take action, we need to take action to resist and reverse this tide.

studentofhistory | November 11, 2012 at 9:09 pm

We need to do the following three prong strategy: First, every conservative whose has ever pledged money to their university foundation, alunmni association or alma mater in any fashion needs to reverse that pledge NOW. If it is in your will or trust, amend them to exclude the institution and let the institution know why. This is serious – if we are to starve the beasts, then wealthy conservatives have got to send their money to conservative institutions rather than colleges and universities. Don’t give the excuse, “but I remember my days fondly” or “I had so much fun.” The college or university you remember (especially if you are in a position to give money, you are probably older) is gone and has changed into a far, far more radical institution. I know my alma mater – William and Mary – once thought of as the more conservative of the Virginia state schools, is now a bastion of liberal idiocy.

Second, we need to tell the Republicans to change the tax code (raising revenues!) in the following ways: all the benefits that professors receive should be taxed as compensation (they are currently NOT taxed). All the trips overseas for conferences, free or reduced tuition for their kids (I know one professor who had 4 kids go to a $40K+ school at which he taught FOR FREE – and he owes no tax on such largesse), gym privileges, etc. Corporate benefits are TAXED, so why not these benefits.

Third, any academic institution (or their professors) with an endowment greater than $8 billion dollars gets NO federal money. No Pell Grants, no research grants … nothing. Let them use their “non-profit” endowment money (that in these cases is larger than the GDP of some countries) to fund their own tuition assistance or grant programs. This will have the following consequences: these schools will be forced to fend for themselves and prioritize expenditures, AND professors that desire grant money for good research programs will move those programs to less wealthy schools that need that grant money more.

Finally, although this is, technically, a fourth strategy – academic institutions should be forced to provide reporting on their finances and academic offerings to an independent commission. This multi-trillion dollar industry is actually the most unregulated, non-transparent industry in this country – lets apply to them all the regulations that the SEC applies to regular corporations and see how long they last!

Following on this and specifically the comments of ‘studentofhistory’, here’s are some suggestions:

Make universities subject to the new Dodd-Frank law to the same degree that businesses, banks and brokerages are subject. If Dood-Frank is good for Citibank then it’s good for Harvard. I say this as a university professor myself, so I’m willing to gore my own ox.

Make ALL employee benefits taxable; that would level the playing field for all high-income people regardless of their employment.

Glenn Reynolds wants to bring back the Hollywood tax. I want to extend it to Broadway, Nashville and Motown.

Finally, conservatives should monitor their charitable donations carefully — make sure you’re getting what you expect, whether it’s to a university, to a church, to the Red Cross, or to the local women’s shelter. Rich progressives are very, very good about using their donations to steer how the charity behaves. Conservatives should learn from this.

Late yesterday, Fordham received word that the College Republicans, a student club at the University, has rescinded its lecture invitation to Ann Coulter. Allow me to give credit where it is due: the leadership of the College Republicans acted quickly, took responsibility for their decisions, and expressed their regrets sincerely and eloquently. (emphasis mine)

Let me express my regrets sincerely. I very much regret that the College Republicans capitulated to this heavy-handed fascist pressure. I regret that Fordham is disqualified from consideration when it comes to finding an enlightened institution to which I can send my daughter with confidence. I regret that American universities have devolved into squalid little echo chambers.

Some of The principles I want in a conservative Presidential candidate
1. Believes that America is exceptional and doesn’t apologize to anybody for being the country everybody wants to immigrate to.
2. Recognizes the criminals are in charge of our financial system, in collusion with lawyers and expands the financial fraud section of the Justice department and RICO’s the banksters and their ho politicians, past and present.
3. Recognizes that spending must be cut. Eliminate base line budgeting, cut all federal past and present salaries and benefits to the median of the USA.
4. Eliminate the Departments of Energy, Education, EPA, Labor, Interior, and Agriculture and all federal unions, no union to work for the govt. Unions and their leaders have proven themselves to be criminals, put them in prison with the banksters.
5. Eliminate the racist practice of Affirmative Action and terminate the Justice Dept Civil Rights section.
6. Send the Mississippi National Guard to the UN, arrest everybody in the building, confiscate all the keys and UN credit cards, and deport all non-Americans, that day. Interview all Americans for knowledge of fraud, theft, treason and let the ones go that are found to be petty criminals.Close all embassies and military bases overseas and cease all foreign aid. Eliminate all immigration, legal and illegal for 5 years, bring back the green card for guest workers, mandate use of the electronic SS no. check for all benefits of tax money and mandate it only go to citizens.
7. Call out Global Warming for what it is, a hoax and claw back/RICO for all subsidies to all people and countries that participated in the theft from the taxes of the American people.
8. Make concealed carry of a firearm the law of the land.
9. Call a constitutional convention to re-make the Supreme Court into a LEGAL institution instead of a IDEOLOGICAL whorehouse.
10. Deport all Muslims. This religion believes that one either converts to Islam or is put to death. There are no moderates who belong to this faith.
11. Initiate a flat tax on all income, onshore, offshore, corporate, Hollywood, foundations, trusts, estates, non-profits and churches.

Romney is SAMEO SAMEO like McCain, Dole, all three Bushes. RINO’s to the CORE. I want an AMERICAN to LEAD the COUNTRY

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