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Saturday Night Card Game (It must be fundraising time at SPLC)

Saturday Night Card Game (It must be fundraising time at SPLC)

SPLC has been relatively quiet lately.  Relatively being a relative term, of course.

I haven’t seen Mark Potok on television much, but maybe I just wasn’t paying attention.

SPLC may have been relatively quiet, but it has been busy maligning the Tea Party movement  as usual, as this video shows, SPLC Director: Tea Party Racists Have Made Country Ripe for Another McVeigh:

SPLC director Heidi Beirich stated that segments of the Tea Party was filled with racists and hate groups at a speech at Middle Tennessee State University. She stated that the country looks more like it did at the time of the Oklahoma City bombing than it did under President Bush when hate groups subsided.

More from the SPLC Files:


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Shorter Heidi Beirich: “Step up, Rubes. I’m here to milk you like a herd of Holsteins…!!!”

Y’know, I just haven’t really felt all the oppressive lately. I don’t know where SPLC guy’s gettin’ his info.

NC Mountain Girl | November 17, 2012 at 7:57 pm

What would happen if rip-off advocacy groups like the SPLC had to operate under disclosure rules similar to what businesses operate under in the capital markets? Would the spigot flow so freely if they had to fully disclose their financial condition by sending out a prospectus with their solicitations? The SPLC is known for always begging poverty in their solicitations. The facts are that the SPLC executives are among the best paid in the advocacy business, most of their outreach consists of fundraising thinly disguised as “education about the issues” materials, they own a lavish headquarters and they have a large endowment. You can’t learn any of that unless you do the research on-line – something I suspect few in their donor base ever do.

Note also that corporations aren’t allow to accumulate earnings in excess of working capital needs plus documented expansion plans. If they do they are subject to an excise tax. There is no similar rule for public charities, many of which are sitting on endowments vastly in excess of what they need.

All part of the democrat fascist movement — and it is a fascist movement.

Our government at war with us, via Democrat/union/government goon Richard Trumka:

On November 13th, Obama met with Trumka.

On November 15th, unions bankrupted Hostess Inc:

On November 16th, unions announced they will strike Wal-Mart on its busiest day of the year:

This is just the beginning.

Has everyone connected the dots, or are there some of you still in denial?

Repeal the prohibition on dueling.

The SPLC is what normal people would call provocateurs. They poke and insult and prod, hoping to get an extreme reaction. And when they do, they scream loud and long about how right they were to be poking and prodding.

Anyone recall how the old anti-war “peace” marches functioned? People would get sucked in by the advertising for a peaceful protest, and then the provocateurs at the backs and edges would start throwing bottles and bricks and such at the police, hoping for a violent overreaction. Lots of useful idiots would get hurt (involuntarily), but it was all for the cause.

Same shit, different era.

Hypocritical scammers –

“…in its entire 40 year long history, the Southern Poverty Law Center has NEVER hired a person of color to a highly paid position of power.”

Corruption –

Race pimping for profit –

Fictional hate groups are good for business –

I’m familiar with this game. In grade school, someone would state a claim unsupported by evidence, and there was only one reasonable response: I know you are, but what am I? As adults, we describe these assertions as slander or libel. And when combined with threats to marginalize or eviscerate a competing interest, extortion.

I didn’t like the game in grade school and like it even less as an adult. The civil rights businesses follow a reactive model, which is no longer, and has not been for a long time, legitimate. Not only did a majority of Americans not support slavery or discrimination, but a large minority actively opposed it. The SPLC cannot credible extrapolate from the actions of individuals to taint a larger body of people simply by shared incidental features.

The SPLC’s business model is outdated and, ironically, impoverished, and cannot be justified in this time. Paradoxically, their business practices actually serve to promote development of prejudice founded upon the premise of self-preservation. It seems that no human being who recognizes their individual dignity will voluntarily submit to exploitation or denigration.

Perhaps the SPLC forgot its mission. As currently constituted, they are part of the problem. They do not, for reasons of political, economic, and social standing, recognize individual dignity. They judge people by the color of their skin. That is the premise of their business model. They have no feasible alternative, and that retrogressive behavior will persist until they are finally and completely dismantled.

I know you are, but what am I?

This nonsense has to end.

    NC Mountain Girl in reply to n.n. | November 17, 2012 at 10:23 pm

    As far as I have been able to determine the mission of the SPLC has always been to provide a luxurious lifestyle for its executives while allowing them to feel morally superior to people who actually earn a living by providing valuable goods and services.

    SPLC founder Morris Seligman Dees may be a lawyer but he made his first million selling cookbooks by direct mail. After providing the fundraising services for the McGovern campaign he took that mailing list and decided to start a second career as a civil rights activist- long after much of the groundwork was established by others. He raised money by pandering to two themes beloved of the McGovern base- the pernicious stereotype of white Southerners as Klan sympathizers and the idealistic image McGovernites had of themselves as noble champions of helpless, downtrodden black people.

    I suspect the focus has now changed to the Tea Party and the religious right because the original fundraising base has died off and they SPLC needs to find some new dupes among the urban elite.

    Crawford in reply to n.n. | November 17, 2012 at 11:45 pm

    “Perhaps the SPLC forgot its mission.”

    No, it was always about censorship through slander and intimidation AND raking in big bucks for its executives.

    n.n in reply to n.n. | November 18, 2012 at 1:05 pm

    NC Mountain Girl, Crawford:

    At one time, such organizations were required to break the will and finances of individuals and cooperatives which persisted in discrimination and involuntary exploitation. It was a reactive measure, not based on principle, but enforcing principles. In times of peace, such measures are only suitable in the short-term, and that term has long since passed. These organizations need to lose their certification and be promptly dismantled. They do not serve to realize positive progress defined by preservation of individual dignity.

Iiiinteresting if true. Hacker group “Anonymous” claims that they jammed ORCA on election day:

I demand a re-vote if so!!

Segments of the Tea Party have racists? OK.

The BULK of the Democrat Party is racist. They believe minorities cannot perform at the same level as whites, and mask that belief under the harmless-seeming name “affirmative action”. They believe minorities are inherently violent, and express that belief by imposing unConstitutional gun control laws on minority-majority populations. They believe minorities are inherently incapable of speaking well, reading, and performing math, and mask their bigotry behind “culturally appropriate education” and similar euphemisms.

The left threatens violence at the drop of a hat; the mere expression of disagreement with them can bring in death threats. They use their tendency towards violence as a tool of censorship — threatening violence if certain speakers are given a forum, or if certain ideas are printed.

But the SPLC will never discuss any of this, because they are another of the left’s tools of censorship. The SPLC should be audited, their officials audited, and their claims should be subjected to the strictest of scrutiny.

    I was going to comment, but Crawford pretty much summed up the essence of the SPLC.

    They should lose their tax exempt status, but that won’t happen. The real solution is to blow them off — laugh at them — they’ll die on the vine. But that takes guts — and the GOP leadership doesn’t have them.

    Which leads us to another solution to the likes of the SPLC: hire GOP leadership that will stand up to their extortion. That also means fire the current GOP Squeaker.

Heidi Beirich of the inbred SPLC (A LAW CENTER) rails against the law abiding Tea Party while scoundrels like Jesse Jackson Jr. break the law by misusing campaign funds, feigning Bi-polar accounting.

Claiming the Tea Party members are racists is a coward’s way of dealing with the opposition. For the people listening to her and watching her hate she has nothing to offer except her own bigoted projections. That’s what goes for intelligence these days.

… things look more like 1984.

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I need to work harder, SPLC only has 6 sites listed in Maine and I am NOT one of them.
huge fail on my end.