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Romney showing up in unexpected places (Updates)

Romney showing up in unexpected places (Updates)

Trying to get as many of the reader photos out as possible before the election, since they have expiration dates.

This is from commenter LukeHandCool:

My wife took this picture of a Romney banner on one of the fraternities at USC when she was dropping off clothes for our daughter.

Our daughter says the fraternities and sororities at USC are overwhelmingly for Romney.

Helps explain why she loves the atmosphere there after experiencing the stifling environment of high school in the Peeps Republic of Santa Monica.

My wife is always telling me to get off the internet, and here she is stopping to take a picture for LI.

Spotted in Ithaca, in front of a business:

From Steve:

I was kinda surprised to see this on a Volt in CT. This was in a WalMart parking lot.

From Mike:

Long time reader here. I saw this home made bumper sticker at the mall here in Jacksonville, FL.

Thank you for all that you do.

From Linda:

Parking garage, St thomas hospital, Nashville tn



From Cindy:

Mitt is even in Cambridge, Massachusetts! (those are Cambridge parking stickers on left side of window)

 From Kerman:

First off, I really enjoy your website and the contents posted. You put a lot of work into it and it really pays off. I remember reading a few of your articles back around 2008/2009 in support of Governor Sarah Palin and I knew that your materials were (and are) worth reading.

In regards to your post about “Romney showing up in unexpected places,” how about Redwood Shores, California? I live about 15 minutes south of the San Francisco International Airport, 25 minutes south of San Francisco, the home of the one and only Nancy Pelosi.

Here in the bluest part of this blue state, I found this Romney sign outside a townhouse while our kids were trick-or-treating at our complex. This is no trick picture! And hopefully, we can enjoy the treat of a Romney win on November 6!

Thank you again.


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NewEnglandDevil | November 1, 2012 at 4:06 pm

I particularly like that last one, cuz MATH!

I’m starting to worry. There are complaints from some early voters that O’s name came up on their machine when they hit Romney’s. Maybe this is why Nate Silver’s so sure O’s going to win.

legalizehazing | November 1, 2012 at 4:37 pm

Love the SAE picture.
But greeks have exactly the bad kind of rap on campuses that probably don’t make it a great affiliation for the Romney brand.

Ah, music for my eyes.

One of the things I’ve noticed is where Obama is missing. Being a small town, certain yards stand out where you can count on a Republican or Democrat endorsement. One such yard is consistently Democrat. It’s a large yard that usually hosts four or five 4X8 signs. The usual group of Democrats are there, sans Obama. I’ve noticed several yards with little signs in them, promoting various Democrats for local and state offices, but without an Obama sign. Lots of yards. I know I voted for a write-in candidate in 1996, because I knew Dole was going down the tubes. Maybe many Dems are equally discouraged?

In a conference call with key backers today (01 Nov), which included comments from Gov. Romney, Neil Newhouse, Romney’s National Pollster, summarized his polling data both nationally and in key battleground states. I can say that data were quite positive and very encouraging for the Romney campaign.

Uh oh, wouldn’t be surprised to see that fraternity hit with double secret probation, for pissing off the Dean.

The Romney signs are all over Montgomery Cty (one of the Philly suburbs that people say he needs to carry). They probably outnumber the Obama signs 2 to 1.

Everywhere I go, I talk to former Obama supporters who are voting for Romney. It warms my heart when I hear them say that Romney is talking about the issues and Obama is talking about Big Bird.

BannedbytheGuardian | November 1, 2012 at 8:38 pm

From my NCAA /sport buddies I have always had it that USC is a heavily privately financed operation. For example the historic & rather quaint pool has been gifted 10s of millions of dollars from an former student who went on to make a forune in the Philipines. Not sure what that says about taking from the poor to give to the rich but there you go.

Southern California has always been traditina lconservative -or was when I lived in La Jolla.

Also some California R reps are some of the best.

    BannedbytheGuardian in reply to BannedbytheGuardian. | November 1, 2012 at 10:17 pm

    Correction . this guy donated $8 million for a renovation estimated to cost 16 million . They are laying the plaque today.

    IMO that money could have built 20 swimming pools in the philipines. Puts a different light on philanthropy to rich colleges.

    The “historic and rather quaint” pool you refer to is the McDonald’s Swim Stadium complex, which was built to host the 1984 Olympic swimming and diving competitions. It is one of the major aquatic sports centers in the United States. The donation you mention comes from the former captain of USC’s swim team, and will be used to build a new dive tower, locker rooms, and improve the stadium.

When you lose the animal house and Volt votes, you know you are in trouble!

Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy!

“My wife took this picture of a Romney banner on one of the fraternities at USC when she was dropping off clothes for our daughter.”

So LukeHandCool has a daughter in a fraternity! This unisex trend just has to stop somewhere.

The Greek community at USC has traditionally been more conservative than the campus as a whole. I suspect that is the case at most colleges. USC’s reputation as a conservative bastion is considerably overstated,largely a consequence of its prominent business and professional schools. That said, the university has been mercifully spared from the worst excesses of PC academia. It’s certainly nothing like the nonsense Prof. Jacobson has to put up with at Cornell.

SAE makes me proud! SDSU member ’79