It’s nice that in his closing argument Obama has articulated more perfectly than ever before his political philosophy of revenge.

While various people are reacting as if Obama has gone off the rails, revenge is Obama’s rail.

Dividing Americans into groups and playing each against the other has been Obama’s modus operandi since the beginning of his political career.  Resentment and envy are the key emotions.

As documented here hundreds of times over the past four years, revenge against the top 5%, 2%, 1%, you name it, was the subtext and often text of Obama’s 2008 campaign and presidency.  Accusing opponents of racism has been Obama supporters’ main line of attack.

I’m glad he put a name on it.  Revenge.

One has to wonder, though, revenge against Romney for what?  Daring to run a campaign which has a real shot at interrupting Obama’s reign?

Did Romney run up $5 trillion in national debt and annual trillion dollar deficits for years to come?  Did Romney stifle job growth with massive regulatory schemes covering the health care and financial sectors of the economy?  Did Romney throw away billions of dollars on a failed Stimulus which was a payoff to state public sector unions?  Did Romney throw away more billions on loans to political supporters for pie-in-the-sky “green energy” companies?  Did Romney send clear messages that we were distancing ourselves from Israel?  Did Romney leave our Middle East policy in a shambles, with al-Qaeda flags being flown over our burning embassies? 

“Failure” would have been a better word for Obama to speak.  While looking in the mirror.


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