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Prediction — OFA will become OFH

Prediction — OFA will become OFH

Hillary will be the Democratic nominee in 2016, if she wants it.

There is no second tier of rising Democrats.  The newer House members were wiped out in 2010.  The Senators are decrepit, except for a certain woman who will not sell nationally no matter how much the middle class gets hammered.  There are few if any high profile Democratic Governors capable of going national.

Why do you think Bill Clinton did everything he did for Obama?  Without Bill Clinton, Obama would be packing boxes today.

The Organizing For America structure built on the Organizing for Obama structure, widely credited with getting out the vote in key states allowing Obama to win those states by narrow margins, will be part of the deal.

A Clinton elected Obama in 2012, an Obama will try to elect a Clinton in 2016.


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It makes sense out of Bill’s behavior.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the electorate that voted for O will vote for Biden too.

When Obama can win with the same margin in Ohio as he got in Minnesota you know how powerful OFA became over the last 5 years. Heck they made mincemeat out of Hillary in their infancy. You better believe OFA becomes OFH 2016.

Heads up from liberal concern trolls yesterday on twitter advising us Jeb Bush might be able to help with our diversity problems. Concern duly noted.

I think Benghazi and SmartPower(tm) will kill Hill-larry AND Biden, along with Rice.

But that could be a problem. I think… The Collective does not.

    nomadic100 in reply to Ragspierre. | November 9, 2012 at 1:54 pm

    Your comments are sensible. The problem is that the election unequivocally showed us that the electorate is not sensible. In the era of “free stuff,” Obama phones, free abortions and contraception, it is pretty evident what the voters go for. And in four more years, the pendulum of this demographic change will have swung even more.

I dunno. She will be almost 70 years old. I know Reagan and Mccain were older but she is looking really, really, really tired out these days.

This is so depressing. I despair.

The Democrats are an unstoppable juggernaut. They control the media, the political process, schools, academia, and the culture.

What do we control? Talk radio. That’s it. As nice as it is, it doesn’t have nearly the influence of the mendacious propaganda alphabet networks.

“People eventually get the government they deserve.”
Eventually is now, and people have chosen serfdom.

Prediction: Amnesty will get passed, and there will not be another conservative elected to national office for two generations.

    Libertymike in reply to CalMark. | November 9, 2012 at 2:01 pm

    Do the liberals control the internet?

    Many icons of the liberal media are awash in red ink and floundering. The New York Times, the Boston Globe, CNN and others may not be around too long.

      Soccerdad in reply to Libertymike. | November 9, 2012 at 2:15 pm

      I agree with your point somewhat. The problem is that the MSM still sets the agenda. Issues that gain traction are the ones promoted by the MSM. If Romney had won, I’d have thought that it would have deflated the MSM tremendously. That didn’t happen. Eventually there will be a turning point; I just don’t know when.

      CalMark in reply to Libertymike. | November 9, 2012 at 2:20 pm

      Yes, they do. Obama signed an Executive Order giving himself total control of the internet during an “Emergency.”

      We’re big on the internet. Well, that’s nice. ABC, CBS, NBC, the Times, the Post, etc., will all still be around for awhile. And don’t doubt the Dems will bail them out if they start to go under.

      We have to keep resisting and fighting. But people need to accept that it may not be possible for us to attain national power any time soon, perhaps in our lifetimes. We have to be patient, the way the Marxists were.

      God help us. For a change.

      JimMtnViewCaUSA in reply to Libertymike. | November 9, 2012 at 3:38 pm

      “awash in red ink”
      Some lib private foundations are giving money to the old line media to keep them alive. Here is an example:

      There was also something being raised at the federal level which would result in pushing money to the MSM but I can’t recall the details.

      serfer1962 in reply to Libertymike. | November 9, 2012 at 5:36 pm

      Mike…the MFM went for The Punk (POTUS) because govorment support, think of it as Radion Free DC, is on the way. They could have an audience of dozens but taxpayer support is on the way, just ask Big Bird.

It depends on national mood.

A lot of big changes are yet to hit us full force. The most obvious ones are Obamacare, upcoming recession and some of the worse over-regulations (such as Dodd-Frank). They were written to do their damage later, after election. Those of us who saw the tip of the iceberg and tried to swerve were unsuccessful, which means there is a lot of pain coming up.

In that situation, being a Democrat would be poison. Hillary was always more competent than Obama, but it would be hard sell. She might not want to go into such headwind.

MD’s Gov. O’Malley is in the game. He’s just finished raising taxes on MD and run the table of 7 referenda decided in his favor. Plus he said that it’s too easy for people to call for ballot questions and thinks it’s a good idea to restrict the people’s ability to challenge the authority of their elected officials. (One of the questions validated the state’s obscene and anti-democratic redistricting plan that changed the balance of power to 7 Dem Reps, to just one GOP Rep; even though the D:R ratio is only 2:1.)
And if this sounds familiar: last session he couldn’t pass a budget in the regular session despite having veto proof majorities in both legislative chambers.
In short: O’Malley believes the bigger government the better, the more taxes the better, the less individual freedom the better AND he can’t even preside successfully over a legislature of his own party!
(Plus he is extremely telegenic. Vacuous, but telegenic.)
O’Malley would be the perfect successor to Obama. God help us.

Once Obamacare gets implemented in full, it won’t matter who wins. Look what happened to the UK after they passed their NHS. Year after year, they became further and further dependent on the government. It marked a dramatic, and continuing, shift to the Left in the whole outlook of the populace.

Today, its pathetic. They have 3 major Parties, ALL of them are statist. The only difference is in the type of background, and rhetoric, used by the politicians: The Lib-Dems are statists from Academia and the noveau-riche // Labour, of course, are statists from the unions // The Conservatives are statists from the old gentry. No matter who you vote for, you get a socialist government.

We have one hope here in America: That Obamacare is so god-awful bad that the whole stinking mess quickly collapses and even Democrats have to vote to repeal it.

That’s it.

If Obamacare stays, it will no longer matter which Party wins elections. We will no longer be a center-right country. We will no longer be free citizens of a Republic with limited powers. We will no longer be a nation that values self-relience. Instead, we will be indistinguishable from every other European lib/dem government.

What’s the point of speculating which politician will run in 4 years? If Obamacare doesn’t collapse by then, what difference could it possibly make?

Hillary won’t be the nominee. The Democrats never nominate the guy (gal in this case) who’s turn it is. Never. The GOP always nominates the next in line, no matter how awful. Dems always go for “someone else.”

    Mary Sue in reply to Same Same. | November 9, 2012 at 2:40 pm

    I think that was a big part of the bargain though – clear field for Hillary. The only serious contender they have other than Hillary is Cuomo. He’s waiting to see if she gets in but he’s not going to tread on her toes. It will be Hillary and a field of Joe Bidens. Nor

The way it is going with our elite Republican leadership, Hillary might run as a Republican in 2016.

I’m guessing Andrew Cuomo. By 2016, Hillary’s Helen Thomas impersonation will be compellingly real.

So we’ll have fun hammering an incompetent, corrupt boozer named Hillary Clinton for three years. Worse, she’s a clown. She’ll never win.

But Professor Jacobson, I think you’re wrong on this. We should worry way more about Elizabeth Warren: she is ten times smarter and more talented than Hillary Clinton (though who on the national scene isn’t?)and she is rabidly driven, with titanic delusions of grandeur. She is also ten times more malignant. Remember, Warren operated in the real world — fraud as she is, she did hoist/scam herself up to the position she is in. She has skills where Hillary Clinton is clueless. Warren against Clinton? — Warren will blow her away. And Clinton will be too old — she looks it now.

Warren will follow her winning formula and agitate white street violence, as she did with ‘Occupy,’ and will she will be the apparent heir to the Obama throne. (IF there isn’t a drive to change the Constitutional limit on president’s terms in office. Watch for that one coming.)

With her successful Senate run, and limitless money from Hollywood, this madly egocentric woman’s head has to be is in the clouds. We’ll be hearing a lot of noise from her.

MaggotAtBroadAndWall | November 9, 2012 at 2:44 pm

Mark Warner and Andrew Cuomo both have the “been governor” box checked. Both are ambitious enough to want it.

    Tim Kaine will try too. Went from Richmond Mayor to Lt Gov, then Governor of VA, then head of the DNC and now Senator.

    If the D’s think they need someone that can appeal to moderates after 8 years of Obama’s radicalism, they might pick him too.

I am preparing myself for such a possibility:
During the next four years I am going to apply for the position of Bureaucrat Czar. I will have to steal, lie, cheat, blame Bush, close my eyes to Americans being killed overseas, redistribute other people’s money, deliver guns to narco-terrorists, spout pretentious blather and pretend to be an Eskimo first, though.

What I really want to know is…Will Hillary Clinton come down the chimney like Obama Claus?

In 2016
Look for Kristin Gillibrand.
Hillary will plotz!

Forgive me but I know today who the 2016 Dem nominee will be:

Elizabeth Warren.

Yeap. The already-disasterous Senator-elect will get the nod. Why?

Because she’s just like Champ.

She’s a hard-left, inflexible liberal. She’s a lawyer and an academic. She’s been noodling around government for a long time without having accomplished a lot. She has a shady background. She says stuff about herself that isn’t true (‘Dreams of my Cherokee Grandmother’?).

She takes all the right positions, she has all the right Ho’wood and east coasters lined up, and most importantly, she’s considered ‘one of them’.

Warren ’16. It’s coming.

Look at Democrat governors. Hillary is spoiled goods, even after she resigns in JAN 2013, Benghazi will take her down.

Look at Democrat governors.

[…] we're at it, Let's unravel another recent conspiracy theory, the senseless one of a Bill Clinton deal with Obama to make Hillary the no… in 2016. This conspiracy theory is buttressed with results of the first 2016 Iowa poll: Hillary 58, […]

Paul, whats Bengazi? Seen anything in the news about it?

First, while Roberts did us no favor with the mandate part of the ruling, the Obamacare structure is not ready for prime time. The exchanges won’t be set up, there is a drafting error that only applies the company penalties to those setting up state exchanges etc. States cannot be penalized for not setting up exchanges through Medicaid cuts.

Second, Tenncare state level system when implemented, crashed and burned and damn near broke Tennessee. Essentially repealed as no one could find doctors. Don’t assume that all of Obamacare will survive his term in office. Class Act is dead letter, few are signing up for the high risk pools, everyone is getting double digit cost increases in health insurance, mandate is unpopular.

If Obama had got through something like Medicare–I would agree that it would be impossible to get rid of. Obamacare is so poorly put together (because it was never intended to be passed without amendment by the Senate) that it will begin as a failure and then go from there.

If Boehner was smart, the House would take the position of mending it–get rid of Class Act that even Sebelius says can’t be implemented, get rid of mandate, get rid of medical device tax. As all of these parts are unpopular but necessary to fund it, let the Dem’s in the Senate kill these bills and then in the 2014 midterms ram these issues down their throats.

We are not doomed to impotence. First, the youth vote split–from the exit polls white youths voted for Romney, second, 2014 midterms highlight unappealing and aging Dems, many in red states. The 6th year is brutal on incumbents. Third, we will probably be back in a recession and Barry saying the economy is fixed won’t be able to blame increased unemployment on Bush. Barry owns the economy from Nov. 6th on. Assuming that we concentrate on popular policies that are consistent with conservatism in 2016 and get better candidates to run, we will be all right.

Actually… I don’t think Hillary will ever run for presidency again. if she does she’d have to run as a republican. Although I don’t doubt bill clinton has been prodding her to run for a least several years still so that he could maintain some level of substantial sway, control, and power over the presidency.

but you know who else may run in 2016? Michelle 0bama, you think 0bama would want to be done with America after 8 yrs? …if he got Michelle to run… He’d get potentially another 4 to 8 yrs and probably most of the say in what the country turns into under her.

0bama now says his win is a mandate on higher taxes for the rich. …it’s either pass a bill with taxes hikes or fiscal cliff for the USA.

I say Republicans should sideline the bill (just like Harry reid sidelined a lot of senate bills like the one to repeal 0bamacare.) til Democrats/obama agree to extend them.

give the option to 0bama of either extending the bush tax cuts or we head over the fiscal cliff and into ruin – then let the democrats decide. if no bill is signed and they expire on their own, if it ends up crippling the country: let 0bama/his party know beforehand: they own every second of it.

if bush tax cuts expire it’s tax hikes for everybody (rich, middle and poor) but the middle and poor will have to pay most of them. and the wealthy can move to singapore or thailand or china/russia to avoid them.

…so the revenue intake will be minimal and Democrats will get all the blame when some of the states start looking like Greece. Democrats will have to come back and explain why tax hikes caused the USA to go over a fiscal cliff and ruination.

I think Obama runs again in 2016. I know it is unconstitutional, but it was unconstitutional for him to run the first time. When they ruled on Obama care, the Supreme Court sent notice that the Constitution doesn’t matter anymore.

I don’t agree. Hillary is old news, she just doesn’t know it yet. The Turks on the Left will want something new, and will need it after the coming economic winter. I’m thinking Elizabeth Warren.