I’ve received some great emails from readers, a mix of sadness and fight.

You have to understand my philosophy.

You may have noticed in the run up to the election, I refused to make a prediction based on the polls or criticisms of the polls. Because it didn’t matter as to what we had to do.

And now, the loss of the presidential election, disappointment with the Senate, and relatively good news in the House, will not change what I plan on doing. If we had done better — obviously my preference — we still would have had to fight against backsliding and betrayal.

Sure, I’m unhappy that Santa Claus and many of his progressive elves won this time.  And I don’t underestimate the continuing damage they will do.

But I’m not letting it get me down.

I’ve developed an unnatural ability to put defeat behind me. You have to be that way as a plaintiff’s lawyer, which I was for most of my career, where you ate what you killed. Getting bogged down in the aftermath of lost cases just made the situation worse. Close it out, move on to the next fight.

I don’t know if it’s healthy, but it is my philosophy.

How convenient that LukeHandCool suggested this song to me, just as I was preparing to get philosophical: