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“Obama they support”

“Obama they support”

The post title is from the 2:49 mark of this video, passed on to me via Twitter.

The broken English, which was added over the soundtrack, adds to the video.  And it doesn’t hurt that it includes a screen shot from Legal Insurrection (at 2:47).

The original video is of a Scandinavian band called BassHunter.

Consider who is supporting Obama.


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Basshunter is Jonas Altberg, not a band but a Swede songwriter, singer, very popular #1 hits in Sweden.
Interesting, because polls in Sweden support Obama against Romney whereas Swedish-Americans support Romney.
Romney very popular in Stockholm, Wisconsin and Stockholm, Maine.
I think the polls in Sweden are polling all those illegal immigrants from the African countries. Muslims vote for Obama.

that was…eerie…

Interesting; I’ll forward this to my son, who, like most naive college kids, voted for Obama in ’08. Now he’s disenchanted, and says he’s not going to vote this time. Something stupid like “remaining silent is the best way of getting his message to Washington.” I’m thinking…what the hell do they teach these kids?

Henry Hawkins | November 5, 2012 at 7:57 pm

I’m.. not… sure.. the quality of the message overcame the, uh, quality of the music.

Pretty cool! First time I’ve seen a “misheard lyrics” video for the sake for the conservative cause.

Up to now, it’s all been for amusement:
Carmina Burana:
The Clash:

Basshunter is singing in Swedish, his 2006 hit Anna Boten which a clever Twitterer then used to seem to be a political message. I had to go back to Basshunter’s video on Youtube to verify. It is NOT broken English, it is “misheard” Swedish.