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NBC covers for teachers union at Northwestern Marxist conference

NBC covers for teachers union at Northwestern Marxist conference

NBC Chicago’s Charlie Wojciechowski ignored and lashed out a reporter who covered the Northwestern University Midwest Marxism conference over the weekend, in particular referring to reporting of Teachers Union VP Jesse Sharkey’s presence there as “full of sh*t.”

The conference was notable not only for its radical content and secretive nature (I was booted after being discovered as “not in solidarity”), but also for the large contingent of teachers present. Chicago Teachers Union t-shirts were for sale in the lobby and, in addition to Jesse Sharkey speaking to a breakout session, much of the content was dedicated to revisiting the successful partnership between the International Socialists Organization (ISO) and the CTU, and how they plan to collaborate even more closely in the future.

None of this fazed NBC’s Wojciechowski, who was covered an ISO/Action Now protest in downtown Chicago yesterday. In fact, he seemed quite irate that he was being clued in to actual news. From Rebel Pundit:

Rebel Pundit writes:

Wojcieckowski told me, “I’m working… We are doing something here… We are covering a protest.”

I questioned Wojciechowski further as to whether he was actually covering the protest, or covering it up? Wojciechowski replied, “If Breitbart was a legitimate organization, I would talk to you, but it’s not, Breitbart is full of shit.”

Wojciechowski went on apparently, to cover up who the leaders of the protest were and filed a report of which the protest leaders approved. While I did see and film Wojciechowski interviewing Mr. Sharkey, that interview does not appear in the story Wojciechowski filed, and remains unclear whether or not he ever asked Sharkey about his involvement with the Marxist organization.

Andrew Breitbart’s call to hold the media accountable remains truer than ever. You can find NBC Chicago on twitter here.


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Not to be too pedantic – “None of this phased NBC’s Wojciechowski” – but, I’m pretty sure he wasn’t fazed either.

Anne-so glad you went to the conference. Chicago has been Ground Zero for the Marxist Theory of the Mind since Joseph Dietzgen, the actual creator of the phrase, Dialectical Materialism, moved there in the late 1800s.

Plus there is George Herbert Mead’s work and the creation of the Behavioral Sciences there in the late 1940s.

I worry though that people assume a Marxist teacher is about what is taught. It is actually how. What it takes to have a mind dominated by emotional impulses instead of the rational, abstract capability. lays out this very important point.

It absolutely dominates Obama’s ed reforms for both K-12 and higher ed. Also the Standards for Teaching and Learning which is what Obama refers to in his speeches as the real common core was created in the early 90s in Chicago. With Joyce funding (where he was on the board) and then later funding from the Chicago Annenberg Challenge that he directed.

We make a mistake not appreciating how much a Marxist, openly acknowledged or not, wants being to dictate thinking. And the mind to be weak in comparison to the heart as the driver of action.

    MaggotAtBroadAndWall in reply to Robin. | November 15, 2012 at 12:17 pm

    As Plato noted 2500 years ago, the two most important factors that shape a society are: 1) who teaches the young and 2) what they teach.

    Parents have chosen to let our our schools become left wing indoctrination camps. It’s the parents responsibility to hold school boards and teachers accountable. That they have allowed this to happen means it’s what the parents want their kids to learn.

    We lost.

It has been said that the pendulum swings one then the other.

If this is in anyway true, there might be a Joe McCarthyist figure in our future and it appears to me that such while draconian might save us from an armed revolution.

What is happening now defies all logic, common sense and general sensibilities. It cannot continue because if it does, this nation will be in pieces before my lifetime closes out.

The honest hard working loyal citizens have now lost nearly all control of their destiny to the hordes of parasites, whiners, taxers, regulators etc.

How much time…

WOW..! Looks like that stalwart, gutsy, dogged, determined NBC-Chicago reporter, Chucky Wojciechowski, is due for a BIG promotion at Lapdawg HQ!! Congrats..! No, really, Congratulations, Brave News Dude.

“A World Turned Upside Down” by Melanie Phillips: REQUIRED reading for anyone with a brain and the stubborn ability to critically think. Trust me. Oh, and Robert Conquest’s great meditation on the 20th Century: “Reflections on a Ravaged Century”. Again, Trust Me.

Within easy living memory of 100+Million Dead due to the Left’s Views-Policies, our ‘Free’ contemporary culture has made the ideological Left not just acceptable, but In-Vogue.

I Fear & Grieve for my country.

It’s too late, looks like.

Rebel Pundit should’ve presented his alter ego, Marxist Rebel Pundit, to the full-of-sh*t reporter from full-of-sh*t NBC.

NC Mountain Girl | November 15, 2012 at 11:57 am

Charlie seems a bit touchy. I would be too if I was being paid way too much money for mediocre work in an industry with an ever shrinking market share.

A definite candidate for the Walter Duranty Award.

Just following in a long, infamous line of liars who love the Collective.

Most people in the Chicago area, even people with children in the Chicago public schools, have no idea how left-wing, socialist, progressive and Marxist the CTU is. They simply do not know.

And Charlie isn’t going to tell them.

And NBC will keep it under wraps.

What I find even more disturbing is a TV commercial that’s been airing since the election. I don’t remember who the sponsor is – some Chicago blah-blah-something Union something – but the commercial is full of Union rah-rah stuff: We’re fighting for the middle class, these other guys want to destroy the middle class, your union brothers have fought long and hard for the middle class and some have even died in the fight, and we’ve only just begun to fight.

Maybe I’m just being paranoid, but I see this as their way of foreshadowing trouble, and it won’t be only talk –

Ah, of course,to quote NBC, or MSNBC, nothing to see here, or to hear here, just ignore it till it’s too late!

Of course, it might well be too late now, about 9-days too late!