Some women are getting upset at how Paula Broadwell is being portrayed, A Scarlet Letter—the Monica Lewinsky-ing of Paula Broadwell (h/t Hot Air):

Women have long been unfairly assigned the role of gatekeepers of sexuality morality, a designation that makes them easy to blame when men fall short, said Occidental College professor of politics Caroline Heldman. “The onus should be on Petraeus,” she said. “He has a lot more to lose and he’s a lot more to blame in that breach.”

Instead, said Heldman, media coverage give “the impression that Broadwell’s the bad woman, the slut, manipulative and conniving, a climber.” …

Lewinsky “is shamed to this day. The affair changed the trajectory of her life, made her notorious and limited her life in many ways,” said Heldman. And Broadwell likewise will “wear a scarlet letter on her chest,” Heldman predicted.

Henry Kissinger reportedly coined the phrase “Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac.”  That might explain why women threw themselves at the Generals.

I hear powerful male bloggers have the same problem.  Reportedly.  But I wouldn’t know about that, because I’m not powerful.


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