It’s easy to get caught up in the Cat Fight! aspect of L’Affaire Petraeus.

The emails that Jill Kelley showed an FBI friend near the start of last summer were not jealous lover warnings like “stay away from my man,” a knowledgeable source tells The Daily Beast.

The messages were instead what the source terms “kind of cat-fight stuff.”

“More like, ‘Who do you think you are? … You parade around the base … You need to take it down a notch,’” according to the source, who was until recently at the highest levels of the intelligence community and prefers not to be identified by name.

And with the hint that this could turn out to go beyond Petraeus, who can resist a #PaulaDoesThePentagon hashtag and a cover like this:

It’s such a great distraction to what lies beneath, a failure to protect our Ambassador despite clear warnings, a cover up, misleading campaign spin, and delay in letting the Cat Fight! out of the bag prior to the election.

Fox News, with some early help by CNN, almost alone has helped uncover the real scandal.  But the real scandal is not making headlines.  How convenient.

A reader writes:

The Chicago machine sure knows how to use distraction to their advantage– they also used it for 4 months in the election when nobody laid a glove on their 4 year dismal record.

Did someone say Cat Fight! Twins! Paula Does The Pentagon!

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