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Jackson Jr resigns on the eve of Thanksgiving

Jackson Jr resigns on the eve of Thanksgiving

The astoundingly unsurprising news that Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. resigned today reveals far more about the sorry state of our local Chicago democratic leadership than the trite and pathetic story of Jackson Jr.’s downfall.

Jackson Jr., son of the Reverend Jesse Jackson, who has been AWOL from Congress since June 10, has been the subject of congressional investigations, embroiled in an affair, connected with the sale of the U.S. Senate seat, abandoned his role as representative to his district, and handled the entire situation with secrecy and derision for his constituents. Jackson Jr. had been in Congress since 1995, and recently beat out a primary challenge by Debbie Halvorson. The only question to most of us observing was when, not if, he would resign.

Had he done it prior to an October 22 deadline, his vacancy would have been chosen by Cook, Will, and Kankakee County Democratic chairmen–ultimately Cook’s Joe Berrios would have the most weight in such a scenario. Voters will now be presented with a special election some time in the next 115 days as mandated by law.

58 percent of these voters reelected Jackson Jr. over Republican Brian Woodworth, who received 27 percent of the vote. Also helpful for context: Cong. Derrick Smith  (D-IL) who was charged with taking bribes, was also reelected–with 77 percent of the vote.

The media’s coverage has been mediocre at best, covering the bare minimum. No pressing for interviews and letting Rev. Jackson get away with calling it a family matter. How much coverage of his opponent, Brian Woodworth, did they not give? And just how long, exactly, were concerns known, in particular to the democratic machine in Chicago, about Jackson Jr.’s inability to continue his job? Some news outlets even heralded the new look at “mood disorders” that Jackson Jr.’s plight was shining a light on.

It was in Crain’s Chicago Business where political columnist Greg Hinz waxed eloquently about his sympathy for the ailing Jackson Jr., writing “you gotta feel a little sorry for the guy in the middle of the carnage. Even the famous son of a famous father is only human.” Earlier this year, Hinz had written that Jackson Jr. was doing voters a favor by staying on the ballot and at least providing them the opportunity to vote for his replacement through a special election. But today Hinz wrote that Jackson’s departure is “totally without class.” So which is it? Even Hinz seems unsure.

What we can be sure of is that in Chicago, things are never what they seem, and the media can be counted on not to hold anyone *too* accountable. The fact that Jackson Jr. got reelected can be, in large part, attributed to this mediocre media.


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“The media’s coverage has been mediocre at best, covering the bare minimum.”

Eerily similar to the Palin family, in particular, Trig, eh?

Get ready for Representative Farrakhan, or Representative Jeremiah..

…and the media can be counted on not to hold anyone *too* accountable– so long as they have a D after their name. FTFY.

Well, it was a nice dodge, that “sickness”. Pity it didn’t work out. He tried though. To evade responsibility for his crimes, I mean, and to give the LSM a nice feel-sorry-for-him story.

    Chronic inability to accept responsibility leads to a pretty sad life. I don’t think he will ever find peace of mind. His family can’t feel good about any of this either. Meanwhile, the lamestream media lets him slide. Shameful all the way around.

BannedbytheGuardian | November 21, 2012 at 5:02 pm

Just in time to get the special Thanksgiving Food Stamp. Offer.

Lance Armstrong was accused of involvement in a huge doping scandal.

There ain’t no bigger doping scandal than public “education.”

I’ll take Lance any day of the week.

    BannedbytheGuardian in reply to pfg. | November 21, 2012 at 5:31 pm


    Lance went to public schools .

    in other interesting new he shares many. Similarities to Obama. -17 year old mother , father. Disappeared at 2 , took stepfather name & is a liar .

And we were in awe of the Chicago machine–why they were no where near as impressive as the Pennsylvania or Ohio machines that delivered 100% of the vote for Obama. 27% escaped-most inefficient!

I’m sure dad’s already working on bids for his successor.

OT. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

i just know jimmy ‘they spit on me’ clyburn will find a dog-whistle on that one.

DAMN! Sorry Elizabeth (and she truly is)

TrooperJohnSmith | November 21, 2012 at 5:46 pm

It seems like the worse the outrage, the more votes a Democrat in Cook County will get. No wonder Prez-O-Bama was such a political success.

It’s really funny, in a sick sort of way, that Cook County can even exist in the early 21st Century. I mean, aren’t we supposed to have evolved from the mindless, machine politics of the “Boss Such-and-such” days?

Next stop for Jessie, Jr. … USP Marion, Illinois. 🙂

A criminal-minded electorate elect criminals.

The rumor is that R. KELLY (!!) wants the job; as does Mel Reynolds, convicted pedophile. Seriously, what a slap in the face to the voters. Mel held the seat before Jesse, he went to jail. I find it stunning that the machine won’t at least put someone in who has a modicum of intelligence.

I’m sick of Chicago, and sick of having THREE convicted felons represent me–or profess to represent me. They are in solely because of color.

This too was probably causing a distraction for PBS and Sesame Street, not to mention the Mostly Reverend Jesse Jackson Sr.

Liberal Entitlement lasts until it ends. His time was up.

At least we will never see JJ Jr nominated for president.

That’s good. One less thang.

Where in the press coverage is any evidence that he was diagnosed or actually treated at the Mayo Clinic for a bi-polar disorder? The NYT featured this paragraph Wednesday evening:

“Mr. Jackson, 47, has been treated for bipolar disorder, and cited ill health as his reason for leaving. He also acknowledged in a resignation letter a continuing federal criminal investigation into the possible misuse of campaign funds and said, for the first time publicly, that he was cooperating with investigators.”

Now, is it self-evident that he has been treated, or is this just a press release from Cong. Jackson’s office that the NYT chooses to swallow whole hog? How do we know he has been treated for bipolar disorder, other than as announced in his press releases?

I’m calling bullshit on this. He has been using he medical excuse to develop a sympathetic reaction to his other predicaments. Since he knows medical privacy laws prevent the providers from saying anything about him (if he were not a patient at the Mayo Clinic, the Mayo Clinic would be prevented from pointing this out), he has been playing this like a violin.

It’s Chicago.

Who cares?

Nothing will change but the name.

The good news is he put choosing his replacement in the hands of the voters. The bad news is he put choosing his replacement in the hands of the voters.

He only “ran” so that he would have something to offer to the prosecutors as a plea bargain. “I have to give up the job I love best”, boohoo, sniff, sniff.

A slice off the old ham.

Im sure Mr Jackson’s timing just happens to ensure even more rension money, and his disability $ has been approved.
The poor man with a sudden bipolar disorder is supposed to be excused in our minds because …well..he was just sick.
Okey dokey.
And Jeffry Dahlmer was just a misunderstood dietary consultant who lost his way.