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“If you’re tired of being tired”

“If you’re tired of being tired”

I heard most of this speech live via Fox News.

Great closing argument via The Right Scoop:


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Another contrast between Obama and Romney:

Obama – hustles to get the job, gets it, plays golf/vacation/TV appearances
Romney – hustles to get the job, gets it, hustles getting the job done

I flipped over to C-Span after the rally, and so many Democrats called in that were switching to Romney that I couldn’t keep count.

Texas is a solid red state and I voted early last week.

I think that we’ll know before midnight on Tuesday of the impending Romney administration that will work to solve the goals of this country.

Sitting at work, plugging away at emails that need to go out, head set plugged in and listening to a great speech…

By the time it was over, I thought maybe I had overslept a few days and missed the election, because what I listened to sounded so much like an acceptance speech!!

Way to go! Way to go!!