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I already live

I already live

in the country you fear America is becoming.

Spotted in Ithaca.



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When the whole country becomes Ithica, Ithica won’t be Ithica. A parasite can’t survive without a host.

I enjoy telling Lefties that most states and cities could benefit their taxpayers and students by making significant cuts in education since they are almost all well past then point of diminishing returns. This is normally not well received.

DINORightMarie | November 11, 2012 at 7:58 am

What is the “Water is Life” sticker all about? Is it implying that our water is being polluted or fouled by fracking? Or that we somehow don’t have enough water? Or maybe that we need to fight Global Warming/Global Cooling/Sky-is-Falling-Enviro-Fraud du jour?

Last time I looked, the US had the cleanest, most accessible drinking water available to any civilized country.

But they continue to fear – why? ……habit?!

In Ithica, the owner of this car would be considered a reactionary conservative.

I am waiting for this bumper sticker:

Snack On The Rich

The Liberal Media has this country by the throat… and in four years when the crap has hit the fan, they will chant it was Rich Christian White Racists who caused it all so vote Liberal for a better economy.

Why are those bumper stickers on a car and not a horse drawn carriage? I mean, they want to save the planet, right? All that fracking?

The typical ignorant and utterly clueless moron that has no idea where the benefits of Western Civilization come from.

I see a car like that and I get this strange urge to go buy an old High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle!

Perfect Prius. The one’s which Dr.J has shown in the election lead-up were ANOMOLIES. No Prius is allowed into America unless it is equipped with Obama-Climate-Peace-Hug Yourself stickers. This is well known.

I got a truly wonderful bummper sticker on-sale at Patriot Depot about a month ago. It’s red & yellow and says: Obama-USSA with a Hammer & Sickle insignia. In my current mood I’m thinking I’ll put it in one of the rear-side windows of my treasured, pristine RX-300…However, a person of tolerance and diversity almost certainly will find it too provocative to leave unanswered..say with a key or can opener gouged in my Blue Vapor paint. Here in Florida it’s legal to carry loaded pistols in one’s car–which I certainly do–and to protect yourself from brigands & thugs. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm……

Just a tiny, atom-sized ‘Tell’ yesterday outside the entrance to K-Mart where I was going to buy men’s handkerchiefs for this hellacious post-debacle cold I’m suffering: A Fat, Female-25-yr old with some adorable ‘toos on her ample chest, exiting as I was about to enter, had just popped something in her mouth and tossed the balled up wrapper in the general direction of a trash receptical. It missed and bounced to a halt on the sidewalk. I watched as Leteesha or Ronoosha or whatever kept walking her vast buttocks to her car. I looked over at a gentleman in his seventies nearby, watching as I had. Our eyes met and he shook his head. I said,”Obama voter.”, and he nodded. Dont’cha give it another thought(not that you would), Bethoosia, SOMEBODY ELSE will pick it up,’Yo. They always have and they ALWAYS will,’Yo.

I grieve for my country.

“Ina nation of children, Santa Claus wins.”

They are fanatics. They subscribe to a policy of out-of-sight and out-of-mind. They don’t believe in accountability, so they demand more money to compensate for incompetence or dysfunctional behaviors. They don’t respect individual dignity — other than their own. They don’t recognize an intrinsic value of human life — other than their own. They are philanthropists through redistributive change and environmentalists with respect to their own backyard. They avoid addressing causes, because treating symptoms is perpetually profitable.

Subotai Bahadur | November 11, 2012 at 1:31 pm

Let it burn. The situation is self correcting. Most of them live in urban areas. And towns over 30,000 [and less in a lot of areas] are not survivable if the infrastructure collapses. And almost all of the Eloi are incapable of physical survival if they leave the city and its infrastructure. Give them exactly what they want and put on their bumper stickers, and things will collapse.

Defend your homes outside the cities, and let Darwin have them.

Subotai Bahadur

Like Professor Jacobson, I live in Ithaca, and I believe I have seen this very Prius on the street.

While those who live in Ann Arbor or Berkeley will be inured to this sort of thing, Ithaca comprises little more than Cornell University plus Ithaca College plus half the leftover and would-be hippies in the country, so out-of-towners might be a little startled to note the ubiquity of such traveling billboards for the far left.

Another bumper sticker which is fairly popular here says, “Ithaca NY: 10 square miles surrounded by reality.” One would hope that a glimmer of self-awareness lurks behind the hipster irony. One would be disappointed.

What a dolt. If he’d had those signs on a bicycle, I wouldn’t mind, but on a car?!?!?! Now we know he doesn’t think, can’t think, and has no ambition.

My kid is at Cornell. I was shocked at the leftist colony that Ithaca is and I live in NJ and WA. Neither known to be conservative strong-holds. The finger lakes region is quite depressed those areas usually are for gov. programs, big union control. They are Democrats, not going to change. Republicans have to GOTV. They left 7 million votes at home. Not going to win without a smart ground game. Maybe next time.