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Hamas fires rocket from hospital and blows up bus

Hamas fires rocket from hospital and blows up bus

Some important developments.

Two journalists have confirmed that Palestinians have fired a long-range rocket at Israel from next to Al Shifa hospital in Gaza.  Neither journalist, of course, made it the headline, it was just mentioned in passing.  The first was Jodi Rudgren of The New York Times who, in writing a lengthy article about Palestinians suffering at the hospital, noted in passing:

Suddenly, just after 2 p.m., the crowd was startled as militants near the hospital fired a missile — most likely one that landed near Jerusalem. In an instant, anticipation gave way to fear, and horror, as Israel fired back, explosion after explosion in the distance.

The second was  Phoebe Greenwood, a reporter for the London Daily Telegraph, who in a report on Canadian television mentioned a similar incident, as reported at Israel Matzav yesterday.  She said a rocket was fired from “very nearby here” just “two blocks away” from the hospital.  The video is here, it starts at 1:50.  It apparently was the same rocket reported by Rudgren, as both mentioned it was the rocket which landed near Jerusalem.

Which means that the rocket fired from near the hospital was one of the large Fajr-5 rockets.

Then this morning there was a civilian bus bombing in Tel Aviv, and celebratory gunfire in Gaza:

A bus in central Tel Aviv was blown up in a terror attack at around noon on Wednesday — the first bombing attack in the city since April 2006. Twenty-one people were injured in the bombing, three of them seriously.

Police commander Yohanan Danino said the police had been “braced for an attack of this kind,” because it was clear that Gaza terror groups were trying to carry out attacks in Israel. There was an ongoing threat of more attacks, he said. “We’re not only facing rocket attacks, that’s clear,” he said. “People need to be alert, to report anything suspicious.”

Hamas claimed responsibility for the blast, according to reports from Gaza, and celebratory gunfire was heard in the Strip as the bombing was reported on the radio.

Hamas and other Palestianian militants hide behind civilians and deliberately attack civilians with great joy.  Yet Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan, who dreams of being leader of the Muslim world, calls Israel a “terrorist state.”  That shows why Israel cannot bow to the mostly demonic “international community.”

This cartoon, which has circulated in various versions over the years, really is true:


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EVIL Juden defending themselves. E*V*I*L.

GOOOOOOD & Noble Palis for using expendable hospital patients and children for Shields. GooooooD & NOBLE.

A World Turned Upside Down…Hideously.

But, hey, Hillary’s there,’Yo.

The Gaza Prison

The Western press is packed with this, “Pali on the street” BS. Puuuurrrr babies!

Me? I’d get the fluck out, and as far away from Islamists as I could manage to get. OR I’d see what I could do about killing the bastards that run Hamas and keep poking at Israel with that stupid stick.

I have no sympathy for cannon fodder that stays cannon fodder, or stalking goats that stay on their own.

Whooopsie… Could this be the beginning of wisdom for these students…???

I know this will be called sexist by some who think more ‘progressively’, but all of this behavior reminds my of how things were years ago with my cousin and his sister. She was only a year older, but would pick on him relentlessly sometimes. For hours I could see her pick, poke, pinch, and provoke him with words over the smallest issue often tied to his just being a 10 year old boy (just existing, if you will). After enduring for so long, he would ‘strategically’ strike back, say with a strong push or a slap on the hand (never the face). Not only would she dramatically overreact, say by falling down, but she would run to her mother without fail for support. Invariable my aunt (the international community in my analogy) would chide and berate him, and sometimes would send him to his room for isolation (ostracize?).

No doubt this scenario is common to most readers. But I’m struck by how this simplistic scene between children still plays out on a grander scale in the way the world views and treats the terrorists among the Palestinians. Yes, many Palestinians/Arabs/Muslims/etc., want peace and yadda yadda. By why is that the justification for treating the terrorists – or the abusive sister – as if they are dolls? Hamas is really that somewhat defenseless young lady in need of parental protection?? I was sure for the most part my aunt knew there was some other truth about her behavior as her son claimed, but stuck up for her daughter most of the time nonetheless. At most she would simply request that the daughter just lay off him for a while. I can only hope the Erdogan’s and Morsi’s of the world know their words are pure horsesh*t in the same way, but they just want to play the game. The innocent view would be they only want to give as much power to any Palestinian group as possible by opposing Israel at every step. The more realistic view perhaps is they all seriously want the perfect demise of the Jewish state. The sinister view is they want genocide. Only in that way is this not a boy/girl game but a mortally serious situation that our current administration seems very luke warm about. In the analogy, they appear to be the aunt who simply wants to wait it out until a future date and not ‘deal with it’ for now.

JackRussellTerrierist | November 21, 2012 at 10:20 am

I am just itching for Israel to come to her senses and nuke all those bastards into martyrdom.

I really don’t see Hamas as the real problem.

They were elected by a people that have for 3 generations been infused with such hatred from birth that their goal in life is to die murdering Jews.

Go ahead, “negotiate” your way around that.

    casualobserver in reply to Browndog. | November 21, 2012 at 12:09 pm

    All reasonable people can hope for is that other people eventual become reasonable enough, at least, to see that death of innocents (children, for example) does not and will not solve anything. I’m naturally a skeptic and often a cynic, but I still believe that seeing your neighbors continually die without being directly engaged in the conflict (not soldiers, e.g.) has to eventually wear you down. It only seems human.

This whole thing just needs to get “done.”

The longer the delay the more costly the solution.

Bibi, the time has come to do the deed.

“Scraped Earth” is my preferred method…

Hamas targets innocent civilians while Israel targets terrorists … ergo, Erdo calls Israel a terrorist state.

Islamists and the “world community,” (whatever that is), are fond of such backwards logic, … ergo, Erdo dreams of being leader of the Muslim world.

LukeHandCool (who was never one for joining any sucky groups, ergo, Turkish PM, Erdo, and “world opinion” must suck)

Gee, I wonder where he learned this:

Do we know if it was fired “from hospital” (LI), “near hopital” (NYT), or “two blocks away” (DT)?

Aaaaannndddd Ding! As of right now, the Hillary Cease-Fire has gone into effect in the Gaza-Israel conflict. News reporters on the scene report the Palistianian people throwing away their bombs and embracing their long-hated neighbors.

All hail Saint Hillary and her upcoming assumption of power in 2016. Praise be that this event of peace has blotted out any action she may have taken/not taken in Benghazi among the noble Reporting Class.

“The best Jews are those who cannot defend themselves against genocide”–message from the LSM.

Dear Palestinian Arabs: You LOST in 1948, remember? You chose to NOT Live in Harmony with Israel and you LOST, remember? Everything going to you since then has been horses**t generosity. Follow me? There NEVER, EVERRRRR was a historically rooted “Palestinian Homeland”, Dudes. Still following, my bruthas? There was, however, a Jewish Homeland of Israel for 3,000+years, you belligerently self-pitying Losers. No…?? Okay, Fecal Foragers of Islam, find for me those mentions of Jerusalem in your Holy Koran. Easy, right?? NOPE. Nyet. Nada. Nein. NO F***ing Way. Now, read the Old Testament, the Jewish Holy Texts, Roman History, etc. and unscale your eyes about JERUSALEM & The Temple and ISRAEL.

Learn anything? Nope, the Unaccustomed TORTURE of Thought is potentially horrifying, is it not? Okay, in lieu of that impossibility, just lay down your weapons and there will be PEACE. If not, Sayanora, ****er****ers.

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