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My continuing effort to Get Out The Bumper Stickers prior to the election.

From Barry, an interesting juxtaposition:

I saw these two vehicles parked outside the Democratic Party campaign office in Mason, OH. The green truck has Obama-Biden posters blocking the rear window. The truck parked in front of it says NoBama – No Socialism. The signs in the window above the office are for Romney/Ryan.

I laughed all the way home.

From Jerry:

Attached is a bumper sticker photo I caught in Zionsville, IN, an Indy burb.

The best sticker of the four, “Obama Score Card” is the least clear unfortunately. The Score Card bumper sticker has two columns for scoring, one titled “Problems Fixed” and the second column titled “Blamed on Bush”. The Problems Fixed column is blank and the Blamed On Bush column has many scores.

I enjoy your blog very much.

From Lynn in Colorado Springs:

From Scott:

Greetings once again from Raleigh, NC. I’m sure the driver probably meant $5T, but what’s a trillion to this administration or the MSM anyway?

One huge trend I’ve noticed in 2012, the frequency of Obama stickers around town have diminished greatly this go around. As a wise president from Illinois once said, “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt”.

Thanks as always for the fantastic work you and your team do everyday.

From Thomas:

During the Puyallup Fair in Washington state.

From Jeff:

I found the attached sign in a rear window outside my favorite coffee shop in Longmont, Colorado.

From Helen:

Taken in Sun City Grand, Arizona….in light of the Benghazi scandal, thought it was quite appropriate! Thank You!

P.S. It does seem to also incorporate Eastwooding…not sure if they intended this, but it certainly fits. Thanks for all you do Professor Jacobson!

From Terrill:

I took this picture in the parking lot of Menard’s on 9-4-2012 at 5pm or so. This is in Peoria, IL the “supposed” Land of Obama! Hope you will use it.


From Cari:

My niece, a sophomore at Baylor University, created this bumper sticker. It reflects perfectly how I’ve come to feel about Mitt Romney- growing admiration and trust in his competence. I wasn’t at first, but I too have become “sMITTen!”


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All of ’em are great!

Meanwhile, the next two days are gonna be on pins ‘n needles…

    Go easy with those “pins ‘n needles.”
    1) they’re hard on the backside
    2) they’re not good for the posture
    3) we need you to be in good shape for the hours ahead, as well as for the anticipated celebration!

The “LOOK…Something Shiny!!” is PLUPerfect..!

Thank you, Lynn in beautiful Colorado.

I want to get a bigger car and put all of these awesome stickers on it! 🙂

Obama held a rally here in VA a couple days ago at the Nissan Pavilian. He did the same thing late in the campaign 4 years ago and drew a vastly larger crowd.

This time, the business next door, S.W.Rodgers, put up a billboard next to the entrance to the stadium. It read, “We built it, You broke it, We’ll fix it, You’re Fired”

Sorry, I don’t have any pictures.

Also, some reporters apparently tweeted that there were “streams” of people leaving halfway through Obama’s speech.

I work for the power company that supplies it and was sorely tempted to trip the breaker on the circuit feeding it. But, in the Obamaconomy, jobs are hard to come by.

After work, I was eating dinner at a Ruby Tuesday a mile or so from Nissan and an Obamabot walked past my table wearing his Obama sweatshirt and a winter wool hat with an Obama button attached right on the front over his forehead. I burst out laughing. He was shocked and stopped. I called him an imbecile and several tables full of people started laughing. He turned red and fled.