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Give me Liberty, or give me Impeachment

Give me Liberty, or give me Impeachment

We still have choices.

From Linda, taken at the Lowe’s parking lot in Nashville:


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I wish that I could express confidence in an impeachment process but I cannot. At least at this point.

Certainly, there are impeachable opportunities but the strangle hold that the democrats have in the Senate, it would just be a repeat of the Bill Clinton attempt in the 1990’s.

Benghazi, Fast and furious are just a couple of scenarios.
Petraeusgate is another.

Sadly, we will be subject(s) of the anointed one for another four years unless…

“Army Mom”, too.

People I’d like to know!

Wish that collection of bumper stickers was available in a package deal. I’d buy it.

Liberty VIA impeachment? President Biden would still be a leftist, but he didn’t spend 20 years in Rev. Wright’s church.

I can’t imagine an impeachment, but if Obama were made to answer honestly about a stand down order that only protected his campaign, then a deeply coordinated coverup that involved a fabricated alibi boldly broadcast to the networks and UN … would Democrat senators really all cover for him? I think they might vote the way they voted on his budget.

Maybe some loyalist insiders can hold the evidence over Obama’s head the way he uses info, like he did with Petraeus. Of course that person would probably be Valerie Jarret, and she’s not loyal to US.


Say it loud and say it often.

2013 – Impeach Obama
2014 – Republicans take the US Senate
2015 – Republican Senate convicts Obama

repeat with Biden, Hillary and Holder.