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Election Day – Daytime Live

Election Day – Daytime Live

There are way too many events today for me to post separately.

This is a trial run of what we will do tonight starting at 6 p.m. Eastern, which is a Twitter feed using accounts I selected for today, together with a WordPress “live” feed for me and the other Authors to update (once we reach a certain critical mass of updates, you should be able to scroll through. (I’m also exploring Scribble Live, so we may use that tonight.).

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William A. Jacobson
November 6, 20124:16 pm

Adrian Gray‏@adrian_gray

VIRGINIA: 46k absentee ballots issued, but not returned. 41% of those were from age 18-25 voters (they went 63-34 for Obama in 2008).

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Fuzzy Slippers
November 6, 20124:04 pm

Voted in about 15 mins total, no line but plenty of people coming and going. The poll guy said that they were slammed early this morning when the polls opened. I imagine they will be again when people start getting off work.

All of the signage was Romney/Ryan and Connie Mack #FLsen (as well as many local GOP candidates), and I heard a man tell his companion that they’d probably be “kicked out for voting for Obama.” Maybe not kicked out, but pitied.

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William A. Jacobson
November 6, 20123:20 pm

Tim Miller‏@Timodc

Low, low turnout in Athens Co, OH. Dem stronghold

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William A. Jacobson
November 6, 20123:03 pm


Crunching the #Colorado early voting numbers – a big swing towards Republicans foreshadows an easy #Romney win #tcot

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William A. Jacobson
November 6, 20122:27 pm

Dana Loesch

We have reporters on the ground in MO and from their account and many, many others, turnout is MASSIVE.

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William A. Jacobson
November 6, 20121:32 pm

Pennsylvania: Romney’s Inchon Landing?

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William A. Jacobson
November 6, 20121:21 pm

It’s starts —

Bad blood? Christie blasts “know-nothing, disgruntled Romney staffers.”

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Bryan Jacoutot
November 6, 20121:15 pm

Just returned from the polls in a Northeast Suburb of Atlanta. Very light turnout. About 20 minutes to do the whole thing. There may be long lines elsewhere in the country but from what I’ve heard around here the turnout is pretty light with the exception the early morning voters.

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William A. Jacobson
November 6, 201212:38 pm

Josh Kraushaar‏@HotlineJosh

@JakeSherman @BuzzFeedAndrew that Ohio is awfully close, the margin is much closer than the public polls statewide suggested.

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William A. Jacobson
November 6, 201212:37 pm

Wow, check this out Josh Kraushaar‏@HotlineJosh

Between EV numbers and Biden surprise stop, theres something happening in Ohio. Hunch is early voting skewed polls in O’s direction.

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William A. Jacobson
November 6, 201212:13 pm

Worry about Philadephia — Drudge has links to Republican poll watchers being kicked out, then reinstated by a judge.

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Anne Sorock
November 6, 201211:48 am

Illinois voters have surprised with a third ballot initiative that no one knew about to amend the US Constitution. It reads: “Should the United States Constitution be amended to clearly state that only individual persons, and not corporations, associations or any other organizational entities, are entitled to the rights enumerated in the Constitution?” and many are concerned this is an attack on Churches and their religious liberty. Where was the media to cover this?

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William A. Jacobson
November 6, 201211:44 am

Hearing from many readers that there are long lines

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Anne, isn’t proper notice requied to place an initiative on the ballot? If so, how could the third one be legal?

Anne, I see that non-binding, do-nothing initiative as a Collectivist hissy-fit.

Ain’t gonna happen.

Submit now. All is lost.

Nate Silver … Obama at 86%.

First: The US Constitutional Amendment surprised me as well. Definitely a No on that one.

Second comment: There was a LINE at my polling place today (Rahm’s old district). There’s never a line there. I’m usually something like the 10th one to vote. This morning the counter was over 80. I can’t believe all those people turned out early to vote for Obama. Not in Illinois. The Illinois Surprise…what a tease!

If ANYONE wants evidence of voter fraud caused by our lax voter identification rules, we had three. Serving as a poll observer in Winston-Salem, NC.

1. A man came in a 7:30 to vote. He correctly gave his name and address. When told that someone had given his name and already voted, he was upset. He said he had just gotten off his shift at work and come directly there to vote. Obviously, since he was at work, it could not have physically been him who cast the earlier vote.

2. An older woman (I think 87 yoa) came in to cast her vote. The records showed that someone had requested, filled out and submitted an absentee ballot in her name. She was VERY upset and the Chief called down to BOE Headquarters. She did not cast a vote and later came back with her daughter / granddaughter and they made quite a fuss. Threatened to call the TV stations and announced that they had contacted someone who was apparently well connected to complain.

3. At about 10:00, we had a curb side request from an older woman who was so infirm, she could not make it into the polling place. When the worker looked up her name, it reflected that she had already voted earlier in the day. She also left without voting.

So, in a matter of 3 1/2 hours at as relatively slow precinct, we had three different cases of pretty obvious voter fraud. As if it needed to be pointed out to those silly Democrats who claim that voter ID laws disenfranchise poor or minority voters, all three of these victims of fraud were black voters.

Uh oh. Latest electoral vote prediction from Nate Silver:

Obama: 538

Romney: 0

I was waiting in line to vote today in Brookline, MA, and one of my neighbors struck up a conversation with a woman who was in line between us dragging a suitcase behind her. She said something about living in NYC, but her area was not affected by the hurricane. I asked her if she was a student, and she said she wasn’t and had moved to NY two years ago, but kept her registration here, at her father’s house in Brookline, just so she could vote for Elizabeth Warren. She said she had heard two years ago that Warren might run, so she wanted to make sure she could come back here and vote for her. She also said she planned to get a NY driver’s license next week, now that the election is done. I listened for her name and address and reported her to the cop on duty afterwards, but I doubt anything will come of it. I also called our secretary of state’s office to report it, but was told that maybe she still considers this her residence. I said she told me she was registered at her father’s house for the express purpose of voting for Warren, even though she admitted she hadn’t lived here for two years. The woman said she would report it to the town, for what that’s worth. Just one more example of how democrats think it’s okay to cheat if it helps their candidate.

I was also surprised by the constitutional amendment on the ballot (I live in a suburb of Chicago). Didn’t know anything about it until I pulled my sample ballot to see who was on it. When I read it, I thought that they were trying to overturn Citizens United rather than attack religious liberty.

By the way, I arrived at my polling location 5 minutes before it opened at 6AM and there were approx 30 people in line already. The line did not go down by the time I left and the parking lot was filled already with cars.

Mark Halperin ✔ @MarkHalperin

Chicago supreme confidence doesn’t mean O will win but it is historic fact that even to inner circle, re-elect projects 270+ in the bag


Can anyone translate this into English?

Midwest Rhino | November 6, 2012 at 2:03 pm

I’m downstate IL … nothing about a constitutional amendment on corporations here … just the concealed carry thing. (unless I’m blind … only 1.5 pages).

Admittedly this is anecdotal evidence, but for what it’s worth, I’m wearing my lucky patriotic boxer briefs today.

Here come the fresh reinforcements!

Texted my daughter, “Don’t forget to vote!”

She just replied, “Whooa, a bunch of us [Kappa Alpha] Thetas are taking the metro to go vote!”

She assures me the whole Greek row is for Romney/Ryan.

Remind your kids to vote! (But only if they’ll vote Romney/Ryan.)

Latest Nate Silver:


Romney: 0

At the risk of sounding like Archie Bunker … Oh, Jeez …

Christie says he wept when, during a phone conversation with President Obama, Obama handed the phone to Springsteen.

So, Christie is crying because “The Boss” (that sure reeks of 1%) finally, finally acknowledged Christie’s existence.

How about saving some of those Tiger Beat tears for people in your state who’ve lost loved ones/their homes, etc.?

Thank God this is all almost over. Comparing 2004 Kerry/Boss turnout with 2012 Obama/Boss turnout … if this went on much longer and you approached an Obama/Springsteen rally without your glasses, you’d be easily forgiven for asking one of the dozen or so others in attendance, “What is Sandra Fluke doing with a guitar?”

    Browndog in reply to LukeHandCool. | November 6, 2012 at 3:35 pm

    Christie played his hand, subsequently his prospects for national office are the same as Charlie Crist’s.

    Christie/Crist 2016….sponsored by Krispy Kreme..

      ALman in reply to Browndog. | November 6, 2012 at 4:28 pm

      Demonstrates why he wouldn’t have been a good choice for VP. It’s okay to use that “flame-thrower” that he has, though he tends toward a scorched-earth attitude. That’s not good.

Henry Hawkins | November 6, 2012 at 3:23 pm

Luke? Hold me. I’m frightened.

Hearing from the folks in coastal Deerfield Beach, LTC West’s former district and a lot of Republicans. Lines are long. The machine that counts the bubble ballots has broke, so poll workers claim that they will enter the ballots into another machine after 7 p.m. This is very disturbing. My dad is going back at 6:30 p.m. to watch, ask questions, and try to verify.

Of note:

WilliamJBennett My election prediction in brief: @MittRomney wins with 305 electoral votes. @CNNOpinion #TCOT

Come on, Pennsylvania!!

“MOON TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Mitt Romney walked out of his campaign jet at Pittsburgh International Airport here Tuesday afternoon and was met by an unexpected sight: hundreds upon hundreds of supporters packed into the top and middle levels of a nearby parking garage, cheering the candidate’s arrival.

A visibly moved Romney, clad in a white shirt and slacks, stepped into the late afternoon sun and walked across the tarmac to a spot near a metal fence separating him from the supporters in the garage.

Press entourage in tow, he waved to the crowd for several moments, saying nothing.”

Latest Nate Silver:

Obama:(two words) one point trillion

Romney: hasn’t gotten a vote in past ten years
(According to Harry Reid’s friend)

Have a good evening. Got a call from friends for a Romney victory celebration. Asked them what they knew that I didn’t. They’re just convinced that he’s our next President! We’ll see.