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Door-hanging Democratic dog whistles

Door-hanging Democratic dog whistles

Rob in New Jersey sends along these “door hangers” being left in his neighborhood, and hears a dog whistle.  Not so sure I hear a dog whistle, just desperation:

Greetings, Prof. Jacobson, I hope that this finds you well. Thanks for your good work, especially exposing that egregious fraud and hypocrite, Liz Warren, amazing and unfortunate that she nonetheless could win (God forbid! GO SCOTT BROWN)!

A couple of weeks ago, “Our Community Votes,” according to a google search noting a 2006 NJ Republican FEC complaint (dunno how it was resolved), a murky Memendez/Democrat front organization, plastered my (fairly heavily African-American/Latino) neighborhood’s lightposts, telephone posts, etc. with “Vote Menendez/Support Obama’s Plan/Stop the Tea Party” posters. We’re talking North Korean saturation levels; luckily it didn’t last long.

I also found the depicted doorknocker on the ground (please see two attached photos). A “dog whistle” if I ever saw one…maybe worth posting on your blog?!

Thanks, best regards, and God willing, we’ll have lots to celebrate soon; am off to VA for Election Day volunteering!


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‘Progress’ the false euphemism or liberal opposite speak for communism/socialism/marxism/insanity/immorality/fiscal irresponsibility.

Better a tea bagger than a D-bagger!

You heard that here first!

I’ve always thought the media reaction to the Tea Party to be a bit over the top, but maybe they are right. Maybe we are the enemy of everything they hold dear. Maybe lower taxes and smaller government are their version of Armageddon. If so, all the more reason to join up.

Dogwhistle. No whites allowed unless a member of the protected minority, a woman, and then no blondes. Or, if a white guy is allowed, make him look like he’s gagged. The dogwhistle is anti-white and appeals to the racial sensibilities of the black and Latino neighborhood.

Obviously this group is part of the 47% that pay no taxes …. they simply cannot understand the frustration of the rest of us who are “Taxed Enough Already”, and they simply want to continue the free ride of government-provided benefits and services paid for by others.

The fair solution is a complete overhaul of the tax system that closes loopholes and adoption of a flat tax system for everybody where everybody pays taxes.

    RDA in reply to walls. | November 5, 2012 at 3:03 pm

    I don’t understand why someone would have a problem with simplifying and flattening the tax code in this country. America has the most steeply progressive income tax in the industrialized world. It is manifestly unfair to the most productive in our society, it impedes our ability to contain the growth of government and hinders the accumulation of private capital to grow the economy. At the very least *all* citizens below a certain income level should participate in paying a surtax targeted at retiring the federal debt so everyone has some skin in the game when it comes to shrinking the size and scope of government.

“The American Dream is under attack.”

I wish someone had told me that the American Dream was unemployment, food stamps, and welfare. I wouldn’t have worked so hard.

“We’ve come too far to allow them to deny our progress and steal our pride.”

How does someone’s pride get stolen, anyway? Is it something you can leave in an unlocked car? I don’t get it.

OT, tell me, when Romney wins does the Seal of the Office of the President-elect get passed to him? I’d love so see him appear behind a lecturn displaying that seal during his acceptance speech.

    Dimsdale in reply to K. | November 5, 2012 at 9:06 pm

    I, too, wondered where the pride comes from finding meaning in being on the government dole as a career. That, and voting for a guy simply because of his race.