Rob in New Jersey sends along these “door hangers” being left in his neighborhood, and hears a dog whistle.  Not so sure I hear a dog whistle, just desperation:

Greetings, Prof. Jacobson, I hope that this finds you well. Thanks for your good work, especially exposing that egregious fraud and hypocrite, Liz Warren, amazing and unfortunate that she nonetheless could win (God forbid! GO SCOTT BROWN)!

A couple of weeks ago, “Our Community Votes,” according to a google search noting a 2006 NJ Republican FEC complaint (dunno how it was resolved), a murky Memendez/Democrat front organization, plastered my (fairly heavily African-American/Latino) neighborhood’s lightposts, telephone posts, etc. with “Vote Menendez/Support Obama’s Plan/Stop the Tea Party” posters. We’re talking North Korean saturation levels; luckily it didn’t last long.

I also found the depicted doorknocker on the ground (please see two attached photos). A “dog whistle” if I ever saw one…maybe worth posting on your blog?!

Thanks, best regards, and God willing, we’ll have lots to celebrate soon; am off to VA for Election Day volunteering!