As with many good intentions, my pledge to address the “demography is destiny” political nonsense has fallen by the wayside, consumed by intervening events.  Consider this just a touch on the issue.

It’s not that broadening the appeal doesn’t matter, it’s just that demographic arguments are way overblown.

Here are the seven takes of Meghan McArdle, you’ll have to read the link for the details:

Some reasons for my skepticism

1. That majority sure isn’t emerging very fast.

2. Ethnic coalitions are inherently unstable.

3. We are heading for a showdown between public sector unions and taxpayers.

4. We’re heading for a showdown between the recipients of old-age benefits, and recipients of all the other kinds of benefits.

5. On social issues, Democrats are badly positioned for the future.

6. Mitt Romney was a uniquely bad candidate for 2012.

7. GOP tax cuts have enabled Democratic spending promises.

Here’s some more good news, rates of intermarriage are up as a percentage of the population, and high rates of intermarriage for Hispanics and Asians have not decreased in the past 30 years:

Try as the Democrats do to segregate people ideologically based on skin color, the concept of “race” is becoming more and more blurry, so much so that the Census bean counters are pulling their hair out and federal agencies are having similar problems.  The implications for electoral politics and the diversity industry will be profound.

We should not chase skin color and ethnicity the way Democrats do. 

We don’t need to, we just need to make our case better to everyone.