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Cool tool to help keep me in the bubble

Cool tool to help keep me in the bubble

As is obvious from my posts, I never read what people outside the conservative bubble say. 

So when you see me critiquing almost daily what liberal (and even worse, libertarian) pudits are saying, it’s all an illusion.  I’m deep in the bubble.  So deep, I don’t even know I’m in a bubble.

Here is a truly great tool to help keep me in the bubble, the Conservative Search Engine, from the Western Center for Journalism:

The Conservative Search Engine searches a large number of conservative blogs and conservative websites. As part of the Western Center for Journalism’s mission to equip conservative citizen journalists, we have created this search page to be a research tool for conservative bloggers and other citizen journalists who need the news without all the left-wing propaganda attached.

Legal Insurrection is in the search engine, and I just submitted College Insurrection.

It’s worth a bookmark, for those times when you just can’t deal with the nutroots.


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Did you ever see the old VH1 “bubble” videos where they would take a video and add bubbles that would appear with trivia about the band, or the video, or just random stuff?

You seriously need to make a musicvideo-style clip with those bubbles popping up, illustrating your points with text as you talk/walk. Gotta be someone at CI who can do it.

BannedbytheGuardian | November 30, 2012 at 4:53 pm

I am liking The Sealsand Croft vids & this song I did not know. These guys were seen as conservative in their day . I remember that they were anti abortion but ipeople accepted it quite happily. Thedywere aboutlove & family .

I am pleased to see the Conservative Search Engine from the Western Center for Journalism. I found a similar annnouncement and link for the WCJ page at another site earlier today, and I’ve tried several times to use their new search engine. It is NOT working for me at all. It is not even displaying anything except Western Journalism’s page announcing the new search engine. No field for entering a search term (except the one at the upper right for searching their own site), no link to another spot where the engine is really located, nothing. The word “Loading” does display in the lower left corner, but it appears to be dead. Nothing in my browser indicates that anything is loading, and allowing the page to work away for more than 10 minutes did not produce anything.

Is it just me? I am using Firefox 14.0.1 on an iMac using OS 10.6.8.


2nd Ammendment Mother | November 30, 2012 at 6:33 pm

It worked for me okay, but I wasn’t doing anything strenuous. Here’s why I think I will use it frequently: You know that moment when you’re commenting somewhere and you just read an article on the same topic and would like to quote it, but you can’t remember where you saw it. Bingo! And better, yet, you will see other articles on the topic you may have missed reading.

There used to be a liberal blog search engine, but it was just a link to the monkey cage at the San Diego zoo.

Is the Kudlow Report inside the bubble or outside the bubble? Are the stock market indices in the bubble or outside the bubble?

At the risk of stating the obvious and deflating the mirth bubble, I’ve long noted Liberals’ go to defense of their sins is to issue dictums to their bubble dwellers to execute “I know you are but what am I?” dictum ac factum counter-offenses.

It is quite sophomoric yet the Liberal Media-Political Complex issues these dictums with full confidence knowing their liberal mind-slaves will echo whatever they are told to echo… echo… echo…

Example: The Liberal Media-Political Complex attacking the grassroots legitimacy of the Tea Party as AstroTurf thus signalling their liberal AstroTurfers to execute the on-demand attack in unison.