A counter protest directed at a “Stand with Israel” rally held in downtown Chicago Tuesday chanted that Israel should “end the occupation now.”

The counter group on around 30, a coalition of pro-Palestinian forces along with Communist Party USA’s Andy Thayer and others, accused Israel of being the aggressor in the Gaza conflict.

Two men I interviewed at the rally, one holding a sign that read, “Israel murders children” and the other wearing a keffiyeh scarf, both discussed the role of Iran in the conflict.

According to the first, “in other countries like Iran, we see that they are accepting of the Jewish population in that country….I think that Iran is surrounded by 42 U.S. military bases and that it poses no threat or otherwise.” The second said,  “[Iran] is being attacked because it is on the side of democracy and justice”:

Today on FOX News, Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. Michael Oren commented that “Gaza is an Iranian outpost. We are fighting Iran in Gaza.”

Clearly Ambassador Oren is not the only one who sees the influence of Iran in Gaza.

Some pictures from the two rallies:


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