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Branco Cartoon – Drip Drip Drip

Branco Cartoon – Drip Drip Drip

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Branco’s Facebook page is Cartoonist A.F.Branco


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That’s a good one.

In dingbat pelosi’s town, lunatic-left-ville San Francisco, the d-cRAT socialists in charge are ready to “capitalize” (ironic word here, isn’t it?) on Romney’s landslide. They’ll be selling spots on the Golden Gate for the socialist extremists who can’t live without their Dear Leader to use for suicide jumps into the bay. If the demand warrants, they’ll let the d-cRAT losers jump off in groups of up to 1000. With luck, SF should be able to accommodate at least 250,000 leftists Nov 6 evening through Nov 7. Of course, by then, the socialists will be so depressed and despondent they won’t be able to wait for a jumping slot and will find other means to off themselves. All in all, these events should prove to be the best contributions to America and to humanity that the lunatic-left has ever made – and I thank them, in advance, for that. I wish them the best for their eternity in hell.

Great cartoon.

One question though. Why does every scandal have to have “-gate” added to it? I know it fits in well with the cartoon in this case but every time we throw in “-gate” it makes it seem less like a scandal and more like a “scandal du jour.”

Both Fast and Furious and Benghazi are vastly more heinous than Watergate ever was. By comparing the two to Watergate, it actually makes them seem less evil than they really are.

You left out the nose…

Otherwise, perfect!

Even Leno mentioned Benghazi-gate in his opening remarks.

It is simply amazing. The JournoLists made a greater fuss about Abu Graib and the simulated torture of a few terrorists, than the murder of three dozen soldiers in Afghanistan (mostly Americans), four men in Libya (all Americans), a dozen soldiers+a baby in America, and the invasion of American sovereign territory in Egypt.