From Carole:

I took a picture of the message on this Tahoe yesterday at the corner of Washington and Live Oak in Dallas, Texas.

From Tim:

There are four big signs like these in eastern NC that I know of. These two are near Kinston NC, there is another like this also near Kinston and the “seals stopped one threat to America, it’s up to us to stop another in November” near Rocky Mount. (could not get pics of those)

Also this morning I saw an SUV (Wilmington NC) with the entire back window with the obama o saying “o shit change it back.”

I know a lot of people who voted for o, but I only know of one who plans on voting for him this time. I just really don’t know where these pollsters keep finding Americans who are predisposed to reelecting o.

As always, thank you for all the work you do in the cause for freedom.

From Rich, sign on gas pump in South Lyon, MI: