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You can’t fight prejudice if you engage in race-bating, Marc Lamont Hill

You can’t fight prejudice if you engage in race-bating, Marc Lamont Hill

Another post which cannot wait for the Saturday Night Card Game.

Mark Lamont Hill, The 15 Most Overrated White People:

Today, our nation engages in one of its most bizarre cultural rituals: the celebration of Columbus Day as a national holiday. Although history proves that Christopher Columbus was an immoral treasure hunter who merely stumbled upon a region that had already been “discovered” by indigenous non-whites, we continue to praise the vicious conquistador as a hero.

To honor the true spirit of Columbus Day, I have created my own list of overrated white people. Of course, this list is not exhaustive, as there are countless other White people who are equally underwhelming.

Here’s his list (with his descriptions removed, read them yourselves)

Elvis Presley
Ronald Reagan
Justin Bieber
Donald Trump
Prince Harry
Tim Tebow
President Obama’s Economic Team
William Shakespeare
Babe Ruth
Kate Middleton
Joel Osteen
The Whole NHL (except Wayne Simmonds)
Bill Clinton
Bill Walton
Sarah Palin

Who would you add to the list?

How about we add Marc Lamont Hill to the not very funny Race Baiting Hall of Fame?


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This is clearly a stupid and ignorant man.

But like a broken clock, even this guy can be right twice a day (re Justin Beiber and Prince Harry).

    You are wrong about Justin. I watched a film with my granddaughter about him, called Never say Never and it is a Horatio Alger story. I dare you to call him an overrated “white boy” in front of a standing room only crowd of girls and women in Madison Square Garden. You would get “chastised” in a way that you and that racist professor deserve.

      “He’s an overrated “white boy” in front of a standing room only crowd of girls and women in Madison Square Garden.”

      By the way, the same air-head mentality of the girls that swoon for him because he is famous for being famous, was the air-head mentality of the girls who swooned for another contrivance named Barack Obama, in 2008.

        LOL, but not true. My grand daughter couldn’t tell you who Obummer is and if you watch the movie, 99% of the swooners are not old enough to vote. So, you will be 3rd in line on the stage at MSG for “chastisement” because you will have interrupted the concert with an irrelevancy.

        JackRussellTerrierist in reply to | October 10, 2012 at 2:26 pm

        Young girls have been swooning over cute crooners for decades. It’s a rite of passage and isn’t political at all.

    BannedbytheGuardian in reply to | October 9, 2012 at 6:50 pm

    I could never over rate a helicopter gunship marksman -especially one that topped Her Majesty’s Army class of 2012.

    Harry has already beaten Usain Bolt on the track & Ryan Lochte in the pool.

    BannedbytheGuardian in reply to | October 9, 2012 at 7:00 pm

    Not so quick.

    Prince Harry has beaten Usain Bolt on the track & Ryan Lochte in the pool.

    Furthermore his 2012 exploits include his topping his class in Helicopter Gunner marksmanship.

    No way Harry doesn’t have world lass street smarts . Besides he could kick open the heli door take out this guy in a flash.

    Thee is no way Harry would not make SEALS.

    I am sick and tired of one way only racism. Obama did not lose the debate because he’s black and therefore so beat down he couldn’t be aggressive. I do not and ought not feel guilty, make special allowances, or let myself be insulted me because of my white color. Racism is racism white on black, black and white and any shade in-between.

    In the name of ending racism we need a list of useless black people in which I would include Mark Lamont Hill.

      Obama is beat down because he’s black? Is that seriously what the leftards are trying to trot out to excuse the unmasking of The One? They must have absolutely no idea how absurd they look.

      JackRussellTerrierist in reply to curiouser. | October 10, 2012 at 2:29 pm

      The list would be topped by obastard.

      The main difference in the lists would be that the list of the most overrated black people would include about 90% of them who has ever received a diploma and 75% of them who haven’t served time.

I cannot stand this man. He is an arrogant little twerp. I will never understand how he achieved a professorship.

Typical Collectivist racially loaded oikophobia.

Who would I add to the list…???

Barrackah Hussain Obama (the white half).

The first time I ever heard of Marc Lamont Hill, he was a professor of something or other (probably African American studies) at Temple. He was advocating for lynching the Duke Lacrosse boys, because a poor black mother of three wouldn’t lie about being “raped.” He stopped showing up on television so much after it became obvious that Crystal Gale Mangum was lying through her teeth and NOTHING had happened.

He’s as smarmy a race baiter as they come.

    Estragon in reply to AmandaFitz. | October 9, 2012 at 1:38 pm

    Ah, yes. I knew the name was familiar.

    It must be hard on him, what with Obama and Affirmative Action facing defeat at the same time.

Additionally, he speaks in bafflegab and psychobabble- why does the Democrat Party attract so many stupid people whose HUBRIS knows no bounds?

DavidJackSmith | October 9, 2012 at 11:35 am

If only SDhakespeare had written in Ebonics instead becoming the greatest writer in that dead white language English.

You didn’t ask, but I would remove Elvis and Sarah. We can replace them with Barry, Hillary and Jimmah.

casualobserver | October 9, 2012 at 11:38 am

Marc Lamont Hill is intelligent so I have to believe he is buried in a world of like-minded academics and, well, racially obsessed people in general.

DavidJackSmith | October 9, 2012 at 11:38 am

I know who tops my 15 Most Over-Rated Half-White People List.

JimMtnViewCaUSA | October 9, 2012 at 11:39 am

From a comment above “This is clearly a stupid and ignorant man.”
Agree! So let’s have a list of Most Overrated Liberals.
Oh. Wait. That’s basically all of them.

    Yes. I started on the list then realized I didn’t have enough paper on notepad. God Bless America and Sandra Day O’connor. How come the Harry Potter, the Hobbit and Star Wars films have never made a profit but earned billions at the box office and does that make Hollywood studios and actors/actresses members of the 1% or 47%. Hollywood industries need to pay some taxes.

legalizehazing | October 9, 2012 at 11:40 am

How does this garbage get published.

What a douche.

Maybe we could throw the NYT board on there for being such pathetic hypocrites.

15 most overrated black people:
1. Barack Obama
2. Mark Lamont Hill
3. – 15. See above

Henry Hawkins | October 9, 2012 at 11:45 am

File this under the heading ‘maybe if I get really outrageous, I’ll get my FOX News contributor or some other gig back’.

We’re supposed to be Outraged. That’s this article’s purpose.


    So, he’s gone from Fox? Good. Everytime this “bafflegab” (good one) started talking on Hannity, I would have to mute or change the channel. He is insufferably, intolerably racist.

      Tortuga in reply to logos. | October 9, 2012 at 12:24 pm

      I felt the same way, I quit watching Orielly and Hannity because they were giving venue to the racists to spout their spin. I watched Tucker Carlson when he replaced Hannity one night and he took the program off the air to shut up a blonde pinko commie bitch that was spouting so many lies and wouldn’t let anybody else speak. He is now my hero.

      TrooperJohnSmith in reply to logos. | October 9, 2012 at 6:38 pm

      But Hill is so clean looking and speaks so well.

      Oh, sorry, Harry. I read your line.

I want to be positive here so I will nominate my favorite black person:
George Washington Carver: He invented peanut butter, the greatest elixir of life

DavidJackSmith | October 9, 2012 at 11:49 am

Some news of Babe Ruth Marc Lamont-Shill might want to consider…

“Near the end of Dec. 1942, the Christmas Declaration by men and women of German descent ran as a full-page ad in the New York Times and nine other major newspapers. It condemned the Nazi’s actions and urged the overthrow of the German government.

Heading the list of signatures was that of George Herman Ruth.

Ruth used his status as the greatest player in the history of the game to make America aware of events in Germany.

The timing of the Christmas Declaration was crucial because U.S. officials hoped that the “problem” would go away. Ruth wouldn’t allow that to happen.

The New York Yankees have set aside Apr. 27 as Babe Ruth Day to commemorate Babe Ruth, the ball player. This season, Ruth’s efforts to help Jews in Europe as well as black Americans was celebrated as well.

During the off-season, Ruth led players on barnstorming tours. Players from the Negro leagues were part of the groups. He played against black players when they were not allowed in the major leagues.

Ruth’s granddaughter, Linda Ruth Tosetti, said it best:

“My grandfather made a powerful statement against racism,” Tosetti said. “Many people resented his actions—but they couldn’t lynch Babe Ruth. He was an American icon. And he used his status to demand equality for blacks.”

But there is more.

Ruth helped the Women’s Baseball League, which became known to younger fans in Tom Hanks A League of Their Own.

Ruth’s contributions cannot be overlooked. When there was much doubt about the Jewish people’s plight in Europe, Babe Ruth spoke out to break the silence.

Dr. Rafael Medoff, the director of the David S. Weyman Institute for Holocaust Studies, said Ruth’s willingness to participate in a protest against the persecution of European Jewry was “a welcome contrast with today’s athletes, whose off-field activities are too often sources of scandal and embarrassment.”

    Great info. I know you were writing for us instead of “them” because Marc Hill and his ilk are toooooo far gone to listen to logic, morality, ethic, principle and uncommon sense.

      Spiny Norman in reply to Tortuga. | October 9, 2012 at 1:26 pm

      Prof. Hill is typical of today’s “soft science” academics, dismissive, shallow, and clichéd thinking about subjects outside their own narrow interests.

      He’s an Associate Professor of English Education. Really? Is that another “critical thinking”/”social justice” exercise?

        AmandaFitz in reply to Spiny Norman. | October 9, 2012 at 4:59 pm

        Columbia Teacher’s College (where he’s a “professor”) is the home of the black female professor who alleged finding a noose on the door of her office- small problem, she was lying and the security cameras showed that SHE had put up the noose- she had been in trouble before the incident for something about her teaching. I think she finally got fired.

Which of these things is not like the other? How did Shakespeare get on that list? No, I don’t think Shakespeare is overrated. The tragedy of our current college educational system is that you can be a English major at many colleges and never have a course in Shakespeare.
Another one of those “irrelevant” dead white men. Sigh.

Math is clearly not his strong suit, notice that there are 16 names on his list of 15.

Thanks to the comment section on the original article, I’d also like add that the astute author of this Huffington Post article included 16 people (or collections of people) in his top 15 countdown.

Good Lord. I could have come up with a better list of overrated white people than that. It’s like he wasn’t even trying.

My first exposure to this guy was about 5 years ago on O’Reilly when O’Reilly began pressing him on his (Hill’s) blanket declaration that America is still a racist country, and O’Reilly wanted specific instances.

So what was Hill’s proof that unbridled racism against black people is still omnipresent and ubiquitous in America? No problem. Band-Aids. Band-Aids makes their band-aids the color of white people, not black people. There it is, proof.

American Freedom Fighter | October 9, 2012 at 12:28 pm

Yeah, that article wasn’t racist at all (end sarcasm).

My 15 Most Overrated Black People list starts with:

– Barrack Obama
– Marc Lamont Hill
– JZ

In the interest in being “fair and balanced,” let’s a look at the list:

Elvis (did really do much besides shakin’ those hips?)
Reagan (starred in a lot of B-movies, Governor of a loony state, and somethin’ about tearin’ down a wall)
Beiber (is this the guy that gets on stage and throws up?)
Trump (man, a guy with hair like his has to be over-rated)
Harry (this one I’m not sure, because any guy who can pull off some of the stuff he has and still remain a prince ought not be under estimated)
Tebow (isn’t he some football player that prays a lot while he’s on the field?)
Obama’s Economic Team (I don’t know how this could be over-rated, since I didn’t even know he had one)
Shakespeare (the whole “Romeo, Romeo” bit never did exactly interest me)
Ruth (question this.I always thought they were one of the better candy bars)
Middleton (how could she be over-rated. man, have you seen the photos!)
Osteen (got to agree, here. there’s somethin’ “too” about this guy)
NHL (actually, got to disagree with him here. sounds like he’s guilty of “skate” envy)
Clinton (yea, when you’ve been president for eight years and they’re still talkin’ about a dress, cigars, and a female intern, you’re over-rated)
Eminen (man, I just don’t know how he could put these on the list, ‘cause if you got to go and can’t they really come in handy)
Walton (yea, the black players made him look good)
Palin (this one he’s definitely wrong about. she’s the most under estimated woman in the world. be still my heart. i think I’m in love!).

There you have it, “fair and balanced (well, mostly balanced. okay, okay. only, slightly so. alright, alright. There you have it, biased and unhinged!)

Went over to the original article to see his reasons and read some of the comments. Best one? This!
“Another of those things which I’ve always liked about the white skinned folks is, that their light skin seems to be quite resilient, thicker, tougher, able to withstand slings and arrows without withering or losing its elasticity.”

That was great!

Can we have a list for every tribe?!

Eff you, E pluribus unum.

Here’s my list of overrated White AND black people (I don’t discriminate, heck, I’ll even add indians, chinese, japanese, eurasians, or anyone else I feel is overrated):

Mark Lamont Hill
Chris Matthews
Dan Rather
Jesse Jackson
Al Sharpton
Kat Williams
Snoop Dog (whom I like to refer as Scoop Doggy Do!)
Barack Obama
Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Che Guevera
Mao Tse Dong
Elizabeth Warren (had to include the indians in this list to, so as to not be discriminatory)
Anyone who makes lists of overrated people (Including myself)

FreshPondIndians | October 9, 2012 at 1:27 pm

He put Bobby Orr in that group? BOBBY ORR!

Henry Hawkins | October 9, 2012 at 1:28 pm

If you check out his Wikipedia entry, it reads:

“Dr. Marc Lamont Hill. Black racist.”


A combination of lisinopril and atenolol still fail to prevent my blood pressure from rising significantly when (more likely, if) I read absolute horsecrap like Mark Lamont Hill’s ramblings. It’s why I seldom peruse sites like PuffingtonHost. I’ve not waded through all the 40-odd comments here, so perhaps this point has already been made, but _obviously_ any list of the “Fifteen Most Overrated Black People” would be seen as “Racist” by 100 per cent of democrats/progressives and the whole of the MSM. I’m sick of the one-way street that the left calls “Racism” in this country. We owe a huge debt to fellows like Bill Jacobson for wading through the writings of leftist morons like those inhabiting PuffingtonHost, and reporting about them to us, so we can avoid a stroke.

Mark Lamont Hill: This Grand Wizard of Bile should keep an open mind and a closed mouth.

[…] PJ Tatler, The Jawa Report, The Hinterland Gazette, blogs, Weasel Zippers, Le·gal In·sur·rec· tion, normblog and Riehl World […]

Either Hill does not understand the cause and significance of prejudice or it is his desire to manufacture and promote it. And why not, when it is an especially effective means to exploit vulnerable individuals to advance your own political, material, and social standing.

The communists use this strategy. The socialists use this strategy. The Democrats use this strategy to great effect.

Unfortunately, it is only effective to manipulate individuals who are predisposed to emotional extortion or are exposed to physical coercion. Otherwise, it only serves to expose the opportunistic nature of its author.

America is Americans’ to lose. Our Achilles’ heel is not a select history, science, or reality, but the normalization of policies which denigrate individual dignity and behaviors which constitute evolutionary dysfunction (e.g. generational suicide). It is a result of dreams of instant gratification, which are progressively held by both men and women equally.

Oh, one more thing. Sarah Palin had more executive experience, and was arguably more successful, than both McCain and Obama combined. And Reagan… Well, his stand against the proliferation of left-wing regimes was taken at the cost of progressive compromises with left-wing ideologues.

Marc Lamont Hill is third on my list of People Who Cause Me to Immediately Change Channels When I See Their Face on My TV Screen. The only two who outrank him on said list are Alan Colmes and Bob Beckel (or Becktel or whatever his name is).

Let me guess: a list of the 15 most overrated black people would be “racist” right?

They name streets after liberals: ONE WAY.

Who is Marc Lamont Hill?
Why does anyone care what he thinks?

[…] you want to see the list and its shoddy reasoning check it out at Legal Insurrection (I’m not giving Huffington Post the link, and thus undeserved traffic on this race-baiting […]

Well, I’ve at least heard of those people on the list.

Can’t say the same about whoever this guy is.

Mark Lamont Hill is one of the insults to the US that the Obama administration offered and people took quietly because they didn’t want to offend black BS artists. One of the worst things about the liberal media is that they have protected clowns like Hill because they didn’t want to make waves for Obama. Answer? Put the MSM out of business. Let their advertisers know you’re not going to do business with them.

He forgot Barack Obama.

I would love to see a trial in which Professor William Jacobson and Professor Mark Lame Hill were the attorneys on opposing sides. It would be as enjoyable as watching Romney debate Obama.

    I don’t believe Mark Lamont Hill is an Attorney. He’s just a professor of Race Baiting. As sharks defer to attorneys as a professional courtesy, Cockroaches defer to professional race baiters as a professional courtesy.

    It would depend on the jury. Nullification, as in the OJ trial; is a mantra with Lamont Hill and his ilk, as is repatriation for slavery and affirmative action.