Attendees at a Racine, Wisc., Tea Party rally Saturday were met with a parking lots full of nails deliberately placed there early in the morning before the event, which I attended.

This incident adds to a week where a gay Republican campaign worker was brutally beaten and, in a separate incident, a son of a local state senator was hospitalized after defending his Romney sign after two people attempted to remove it from his yard.

Saturday’s Tea Party rally, which featured senate candidate Tommy Thompson (former governor),  Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI), Senator Pat Toomey (R-PA), and Breitbart’s Rebel Pundit, was held in one of the state’s most contentious areas.

Nancy Milholland, one of the organizers of the rally, said she was shocked to find the nails littering the lots when she arrived early to set up. A man caught the license plates of a van covered with Obama stickers leaving the scene, but police reportedly refused to take the information because there was no evidence of the van actually being connected to the incident.

The Tea Party attendees picked up as many of the nails as they could, although many of their tires had been punctured, and left the pile for all to see:

The rally continued, with 2,500 activists filling the venue, which is located not far from Paul Ryan’s town, Janesville. Tommy Thompson, who is running against one of the most extreme members of the U.S. House for the senate seat, Tammy Baldwin, gave a spirited speech calling on Wisconsinites once again to fight for their state and their country’s freedom.

Thompson himself had recently received the rousing endorsement of former New York City Mayor Rudy Giulinani in a conference call last week. Giuliani spoke of Thompson’s aid to New York in the hours and days immediately following the September 11 attacks. Baldwin, meanwhile, was one of 11 representatives to refrain from voting in favor of a resolution to condemn Ahmadinejad. The choice between the two could not be clearer.


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