The U.S. Census, always seeking ways to go above and beyond its constitutional role of counting the number of people in the United States, may be planning to ask questions regarding sexual orientation in the 2020 Census community survey.

A national advisory committee has been tasked with the question of how to address hard-to-count populations, including the LGBT community:

The U.S. Census Bureau announced Friday that it is seeking advice on how to address lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender populations in implementing the once-a-decade census.

The census, which has never counted LGBT people directly, has indirectly referenced gay people through its count of same-sex married couples and “unmarried partner” households in the past.

Why not add another question in? We already have an obscenely intrusive “extension” of the census in what Daniel Freedman of the Soufan Group, writing in the Weekly Standard, referred to as “The Orwellian American Community Survey.”

It could be interesting to see just how large–or small–this population is, but the fact remains that the census is once again growing too big for its britches.


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