In a race that has long been dubbed the closest Georgia Congressional contest, new developments suggest it may be slowly tilting in favor of incumbent Democrat, John Barrow.

The Rothenberg Political Report is now handicapping Georgia’s 12th District congressional race as “toss-up/tilt Democrat” – with an assessment that U.S. Rep. John Barrow, D-Augusta, may yet again escape Republican attempts to re-district him out of Congress.

The explanation is behind a pay wall, but Georgia Tipsheet says it includes this sentence:

“This district is one that should have never been a headache for the GOP, but after getting a weak nominee in state Rep. Lee Anderson, reality is setting in for many Republican operatives.”

Barrow has also been the beneficiary of a well-crafted TV campaign, emphasizing his dedication to gun rights and also focusing on Anderson’s refusal to meet him in debates.

Anderson opting not to debate John Barrow until he admits that he’s voting for President Obama may prove to be an ill-fated decision, as Barrow has already used the opportunity to take shots at Anderson and engage the press corps one-on-one.

Democratic U.S. Rep. John Barrow attacked Republican challen­ger Lee Anderson for supporting a national sales tax during what was to have been a debate Sunday.

Anderson didn’t show up; he had said repeatedly that he would not. Instead, Barrow took questions from journalists in a forum held by the Atlanta Press Club.

He used the first question to vow to protect the middle class and to tar Anderson for backing a proposal by failed Re­publican presidential candidate Herman Cain dubbed 9-9-9 for its rates on corporate, personal income and sales taxes.

Barrow said 84 percent of Americans would wind up with a tax increase if such a proposal became law.

Despite all this, GA-12 is still a very winnable race for Republicans. A recent poll sponsored by the Democrat organization, House Majority Pac, shows Anderson and Barrow in a statistical tie among likely voters just 10 days before the election.

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