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They are the 45 percent

They are the 45 percent

Gallup’s Daily Tracking Poll today shows Romney leading among likely voters 51-45% and 48%-46% among registered voters.

I wonder whether the people in this video are part of the 51% or the 45%.

I’m guessing the 45%.


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Obama lied repeatedly last night.

The debate was a huge loss for the Collective, as we will see in coming days.

    Ragspierre in reply to Ragspierre. | October 17, 2012 at 2:56 pm

    Rush just said that Romney on Libya was “like a lawyer trapping a witness”.

    Hmmm… Seems like someone said that before…

1. I took the following off your Gallup link:

Oct 10-16, 2012 – Updates daily at 1 p.m. ET; reflects one-day change

Romney 48% +1
Obama 46% -1

Romney 51% +1
Obama 45% -1

Since Gallup quotes a seven-day period, I’m conjecturing that the 51-45 Romney lead is a one-week moving average (yup, see this).

2. I consider it unlikely that most of Gallup’s sampling occurs after 10:30 pm. In other words, it’s unlikely that the quoted poll fully incorporates voter reaction to the second Presidential debate.

3. My insightful fellow commenter Ragspierre is optimistic about voter reaction. Otoh, Intrade has moved in Obama’s favor since the debate.

Romney is consolidating his image as a polished and competent Presidential candidate. He’s making it easier for people to vote for him now.

legacyrepublican | October 17, 2012 at 1:51 pm

The pony tail on the man says so much. ( you have to look hard, but it is there ).

I don’t know what it is about a pony tail that screams liberal airhead. Maybe its the fact that it makes you look like a jackass … I mean Democrat … I mean vacuous airhead. [ That last observation was redundant, wasn’t it. Hmmm, maybe not so much redundant as it needs to be said again again until these people stop seeing themselves as sentient beings but rather as robots in “the know” of the One’s talking points ]

    His whole image screamed “metrosexual”. It’s a personal prejudice of mine but I tend to immediately discount anything said by a man who willingly projects that image.

      legacyrepublican in reply to Sanddog. | October 17, 2012 at 4:35 pm

      I suppose one day I will meet a man with a pony tail who is not a raging liberal with a high opinion of himself. Just hasn’t happened yet.

And I doubt post debate will show any bounce for Barack Obama. Benghazi is a political dog turd for Barack Obama. He and Candy Crowley can try to mold it into a unicorn, but it remains a turd.

    Midwest Rhino in reply to EBL. | October 17, 2012 at 4:48 pm

    what the public (not as dumb as Dem’s always assume) saw demonstrated was Obama lying, media covering, then media equivocating but still getting it wrong, favoring Obama even while trying to cover their illegal “block and tackle by a referee”.

    Candy claims she backed up Romney in real time, but she did not … it was “psychicly” impossible for her to speak truth that would help Romney, after lying for Obama. Liberalism is a mental disorder and a social disease.

    We are dealing with professional organized conspiring liars. … and they think Chavez is awesome, and have secrets to share with Russia … after the election.

When I started watching this clip, I was laughing at these idiots lying about watching a debate that had not yet occurred, and even fabricating parts they had especially liked. But the longer it ran, it just became terribly depressing. It reminds me of Charles Krauthammer’s comment the day before the debate that the press was busy right then cranking out their future columns about how Obama decisively won the debate.

Whoa! I’m to believe that there are actually people in California who commented on, made observations about, and drew distinctions concerning a debate which had not yet taken place? Are you sure this isn’t a Hollywood put-on? Sounds a bit too scripted to me.

We are now watching “hour by hour” revisions and daily “self-sacrificing” or suicide aka “jumping under the bus” by Administration officials and employees. The next three weeks (and even thereafter), threaten to be tumultuous beyond imagination.


– We have a Manchurian President, puppet of foreign masters, dedicated to the overthrow of this land, elected by fraud and maintained in office by deceit and treachery at every level.
– We have an administration and a Congress that has reached new highs in the “culture of corruption”.
– We have Media Whores or Presstitutes, who sold their souls years ago for the praise, power, glory, and money offered by their unseen yet wicked masters.
– We have Barbarians at the Gates who have defiled our embassies throughout the Middle East; burned our flags; murdered our citizens on OUR GROUND (Embassies are, by international law, DEEMED PART OF THE VERY COUNTRY WHO OWNS THEM; renounced our freedoms of speech and religion; and ANNOUNCED “HOLY WAR” to subjugate us and our posterity. {They will fail!]
– We have a judiciary which has begun to implement SHARIA, OR ISLAMIC LAW in place of the laws of our country.
– We have an ENTITLEMENT GENERATION which both wants to watch America burn and suck every last drop of unearned benefits it can obtain without regard to NEED, ABILITY TO WORK, OR RELIANCE UPON FAMILY OR OTHER REASONABLY AVAILABLE AND APPROPRIATE SOURCES.


+ We have an electorate which, after being deceived, swindled, lied to, and manipulated by all of the above has said: “WE REJECT THE PRETEND PRESIDENT; WE RENOUNCE HIS POLICIES; WE WILL SELECT A NEW COURSE, WITH NEW LEADERSHIP, AND A HIGHER LEVEL OF INVOLVEMENT FOR WE, THE PEOPLE.
+ We are returning to the God of Our Fathers—the one on our money; our Declaration of Independence; the Bible kept safe in the cornerstone of the National Monument; referenced in the Lincoln and Washington Memorials; praised and petitioned in our sacred hymns of patriotism—that Great God who established us against all odds and preserved our freedoms through centuries of strife and the wars of tyrants and despots everywhere. (This is ABOVE “points of doctrine”, it exceeds “creeds”, it eclipses “denominations”—IT IS A FUNDAMENTAL RETURN TO SHARED FAITH IN A HIGHER POWER WHICH UNITES US, HUMBLES US, AND LEADS TO BLESSINGS FROM HEAVEN ON ALL PEOPLE IN ALL OUR LAND.

The good news will “set right” the bad news–but it will be a long, hard struggle. WE, THE PEOPLE, THE PATRIOTS, THE WORKERS, THE EARNERS, THE BLOOD AND SWEAT OF THIS NATION HAVE COMMITTED OURSELVES TO THAT STRUGGLE. We shall win it.

Join us–we are of every language, every creed, every color, and every race, BUT WE ALL LOVE FREEDOM AND HATE EVIL. We are the brothers and sisters of a renewed America and the world has NOT SEEN THE LIKES OF US IN OUR LIFETIME. Don’t just watch–participate.

Contribute to honorable candidates at EVERY LEVEL OF GOVERNMENT; aid them as best we can in our individual ways; “talk up” our choices with family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, etc; PRAY AND WORSHIP; AND THEN VOTE

A group of people portray themselves as completely clueless in an attempt to show they’re not completely clueless.

Yeah, that worked out well for them.

I can relate to the guy who said “what debate”. Obama lied with a straight face. That is extremely annoying. Romney was not sufficiently assertive. However, I recognize that the format did not lend itself to a spirited debate, let alone a comprehensive discussion. I also recognize that there is a domestic and international dynamic which ensures that public discussion of certain issues cannot be comprehensive and certainly not before holding office.

Let’s hope these people also figure that claiming to have voted is just as good as going the real thing.

The FIRST AFFIRMATIVE ACTION decided Presidential debate…
Charles Krauthammer: ‘Obama wins on points’
In his privileged admissions to Columbia and Harvard, OBOZO was given AFFIRMATIVE ACTION SPECIAL TREATMENT “bonus” points for admission over more academically qualified people. Similarly, in the second debate with Romney, OBOZO was granted further AFFIRMATIVE ACTION SPECIAL TREATMENT points to help him “win” over his superior, better qualified, more capable, TRUTH -telling competitor. Remember it isn’t DISCRIMINATION when the advantage is given to the black guy.

ShakesheadOften | October 17, 2012 at 3:37 pm

This was amazing…and altogether not surprising. The real question is what’s the likelihood that these people will vote?

Romney up by 6 at Gallup. I think only Drudge is mentioning that fact. Funnyhow Memorandum has some slly unemployment number from Gallup linked but not a stunning +6 for Romney.
And of course the folks at Politico Polls Info are displaying stale poll info