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“the president’s restrained approach to communicating with the electorate”

“the president’s restrained approach to communicating with the electorate”

I wrote off Politico a long time ago.  Remind me not to look at the Politico links you send.

Sure, just like NYT and WaPo it’s hard not to look and link, because it covers so much ground.

But really, nonsense like this article written from three of the biggest names at Politico, forwarded by a reader,  is why I can’t stand to read Politico anymore, How President Obama’s debate strategy bombed (emphasis mine):

Obama has never been the nation’s most forceful debater, and he makes no secret of his disdain for the theatrical side of politics. If his conduct on the debate stage with Romney seemed oddly passive, it was in some ways just another manifestation of the president’s restrained approach to communicating with the electorate, whom he seems to believe — in the face of all existing evidence — are not swayed by electoral artifice.

Disdain for the theatrical side of politics?

His restrained approach to communicating with the public?

You can still forward Politcio links, but please include an NSFS (Not Safe for Sanity) warning in the “subject” line.


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Doublegood DoubleSpeak.

And, if we still needed blatant evidence of Administration coordination of the Mushroom Media, Axlerod provided the smoking gun yesterday…in broad daylight.

Hey, Politico, The Onion already has political satire down pat. You don’t need to try it, as well.

casualobserver | October 5, 2012 at 9:40 am

What utter nonsense. Good grief. Politico has resorted to writing clearly untrue things to perhaps even the least ‘engaged’ of the electorate in order to prop up their man. Has anyone ever watched a campaign speech? As long as his audience is loudly receptive, he is in his element with theatrics.

I suppose next they will want us believe that he abhors the idea of increasing taxes but succumbs to it simply because the situation demands it………

I can’t wait to see how they gloat over the new, mysteriously ‘wonderful’ employment numbers…

The One’s “restrained approach to communicating with the electorate.” Huh? What’s this guy talking about? The president uses lots of words, but says little. I really wish he were restrained; he could learn something from Cal Coolidge.

In 2010, at a town hall meeting, a woman made a simple 6-word declaration, “We are overtaxed as it is.”

Our pathetic-excuse-for-a-president took 17 minutes in delivering a 2500-word “answer” to her. And said nothing of substance.

When ya can’t dazzle ’em with brilliance, ya baffle ’em with bullsh_t.

Many frequent contributors here must either laugh or weep at the patent dishonesty of the PRESSTITUTES. BO has always been an “imitation president”. NO SECOND TERM FOR YOU!


It was not so very long ago, that the Great Pretender came.
He had an “air”; he had “flair”; but he didn’t have a name,
He had often just said “present” when the time for voting came*.

He was the perfect Manchurian Candidate*, his past shrouded and obscure,
He seemed articulate, so “bright and clean”*, and so willing to “endure
The sacrifices” * of the Presidency”—OF THAT HE WAS QUITE SURE!

He conquered the fools; ignoring the rules which had served us in the past—
A “vetting”* process with power to weed the good from the evil and crass.
His “handlers” learned that the cry of “RACISM” ended all questions, FAST

A few of us warned, but were so quickly scorned, when we cried “IMPOSTER AND SHILL”
But the facts were free, for any to see, HE HAD TRUMPETED HIS UNHOLY WILL:
“I am a blank screen” * for you, he had written, project on it as you will.

There was pomp and celebration when he pulled the wool over our eyes.
He mimicked Lincoln; FDR and King—“I am Reagan” he once lied*.
“I will heal the land and calm the seas”—such brazen, blasphemous cries!

At “four years in”, our world’s in a spin, and his flaws have “come home full bore”.
He has squandered our fisc*, we’re a nation at risk for bankruptcy, chaos and war.
And the only plan we hear from this man is “I HAVE TO BORROW MORE”.

There were so many lies and he’d the perfect disguise to betray us and our land.
“Muslim hostility will ease” he claimed, the FIRST DAY I take command.
But our flags now burn; our envoys are dead; our embassies gutted in Islamic sands.

[I can’t get FOOTNOTES to carry over. Facts and sites below–the’re pretty self-explanatory.]
As a state senator in Illinois, BHO voted “present” about 129 times over eight years—often on key issues. See,
“Manchurian Candidate” = originally the name of a movie from 195_, the term now means “a mind-controlled slave”or puppet.
Joe Biden on Obama in 2007: “”I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy,” Biden said. “I mean, that’s a storybook, man.” See:
Conga lines in the White House; wagyu steak @ $100-300/lb; AND THOSE VACATIONS; GOLFING…
“Vetting” = to subject to usually expert appraisal or correction. See,
“Obama has told us there is no there, there. In his book he wrote: “I serve as a blank screen on which people of vastly different political stripes project their own views.” So perhaps searching for Obama’s “core” is a fool’s errand. He is glib and clever and seized upon a clever formulation (Agent of Change) to attract young and idealistic people longing for meaning. But perhaps that is all there is.” See,
See, [also FDR; King; and Lincoln]
Fisc = national treasury. “Since the president took office, our debt has exploded from $10.6 trillion to $16 trillion.” See,

O harbors “disdain” all right, but I think it’s for our country.

Follow-up notes of the debate (NSFS):

No, Johnny, the man doesn’t dislike Big Bird. He just wants Big Bird to pay his own way.

So, Al Gore suggests that O did so poorly because he hadn’t become acclimated to the altitude. Hmmm. O did poorly, Mitt did well. Well, then, the next debate ought to be held atop Mt Everest!

Andrea Mitchell says, “Take calling Obama ‘lazy’ back!” Mitt, “Okay, okay. He doesn’t work as hard as he should.” Mitchell, “That’s better.”

That “thud” heard in the background was an omen signaling the “fall of a presidency.”

The reason Mitt didn’t go for the “knockout blow” is he really doesn’t like doing “battle” with those who are defenseless.

Note has been made that Mitt kept using “you” instead of Mr President. Well, he was only being polite and considerate. O uses “I” so often that Mitt thought it only appropriate to use “you” in order that Barack not get confused.

So, Michael Moore says that O’s use of John Kerry as a stand-in for Mitt is why Barack didn’t do better. What Dem would he have used that could match Mitt’s stature?

Bunker Hill where the “shot heard ‘round the world” was fired. Denver where the “smirk seen ‘round the world” was broadcast.

There have been some complaints that Mitt didn’t show the proper respect to the President. What they fail to understand is that Mitt came to the debate not to “kiss butt,” but to “kick butt!”

With regards to the photo of Mitt, O and Michele on stage following the debate: the reason Michele is leaning in the direction of Mitt is a secret service said to her, “You and the President come this way, please.” Without thinking, she started in Mitt’s direction.


    Benson II in reply to ALman. | October 5, 2012 at 1:54 pm

    There was no way I could top any of your comments they were not only right on they were hilarious to boot.

    My favorite.Romney didn’t come to kiss butt he came to kick ass.

    Next favorite. The reason Mitt didn’t go for the “knockout blow” is he really doesn’t like doing “battle” with those who are defenseless.

      ALman in reply to Benson II. | October 5, 2012 at 3:38 pm

      It’s being circulated that the reason O did so poorly during the debate is that he was having trouble keeping up with all the lies Mitt was telling.

      Well, there you go. Not only do we have this about the debate, we now can understand why he’s acommplished so little with Congress. The Dems are so busy spinning lies to him he just can’t keep up. I’d say the man needs a rest, a long one.

Are you sure that wasn’t an Onion parody?

Midwest Rhino | October 5, 2012 at 10:23 am

Emperor Obama did a rhetorical full monty in the debate, exposing he had none of the trappings of intellect attributed to him.

That night, his peeps were apoplectic or dazed. The next morning came the excuses, but then they seem to have settled on going full Orwell.

War is Peace
Ignorance is Strength
Facts are Lies

The DNC’s own spokesman says everything out of Romney’s mouth was a lie. Apparently the leader of the free world was bamboozled … stunned … bewildered … under a Romney spell.

So they are back to the $5 trillion tax cut for the rich that they are heavily invested in. Obama, who couldn’t confront Romney to his face, is out energetically telling everyone that Romney lied, and getting his crowd to laugh along at what a liar Romney is.

If there is one dishonest theatrical trick that Obama pulls more than anyone, it is to accuse the other guy, of doing what he is doing. It is a tactic to preempt, or “obviate the objection”, (as Dale Carnegie would suggest, iirc).

Obama’s team recognizes Obama can’t win on his record. Now his debate razzle dazzle capabilities have been punctured, showing Obama to be an empty suit. They have nothing left but to go full blown “kneecap the opponent”, as Obama has historically done. They will depend on the media to back up their “liar liar” screams.

C’mon, give Obama a break. It was the altitude, it was Bush’s fault, it was a YouTube video’s fault, it was a corporate jet’s fault, it was his mother’s fault for calling him a Cherokee…the deck was stacked against him.

MaggotAtBroadAndWall | October 5, 2012 at 10:32 am

It’s not like he ever said anything so absurdly “theatrical” that because we have the good judgment to elect him the oceans would stop rising and the planet would heal itself. Oh wait. He did say that. Never mind.

Apparently “professorial” is the left’s new synonym for “unprepared and befuddled.”

Funny how you often see parallel sentiments expressed in the MSM.

David Gregory tweeted: “David Gregory ‏@davidgregory Seems Obama team made decision to stay low key and avoid feisty exchanges. Stay above the fray. ”

WaPo (Cilizza): “Obama’s debate performance seemed purposely restrained

Even the Australian news said “Mr Obama’s restrained debate performance flummoxed supporters”

So, you can kind of guess there are DEM talking points being circutlated pushing the idea that Obama did not suck, but he purposefully and deliberately took a restained appoach.

What a load of hooey. BO was terrible. That was not planned.

Debate performances, including “theatrics”, or whatever you want to call it, are very important in helping us choose our leaders. How well a presidential candidate communicates is important because skilled communication is an important part of the job. I believe that it is probably the most important characteristic we should be looking for. The President can’t do much unless he can persuade others to go along. In fact, often, he can’t do anything and it’s important that he help the country get through a difficult period by making us feel better. If a debate performance falls flat, whether by design or not, it’s a black mark against the performer.

Although I had no illusions on what a Democrat such as Obama was going to do to America, I was certain it would be very bad when they put up those faux columns for his speech.

No one. NO ONE. With and ego that large that they would think nothing of the garish embellishment that was put on that platform with them would do anyone any good.

He didn’t even do himself any good. (yeah he’s got a sinecure for life now and a lavish home in Hawaii but he’ll forever be known as a reject, a has been that never was. Another self important over hyped blow hard who couldn’t get anything right.)

Romney’s best line: “you pick losers”.

I also, long ago, wrote off Politico. I even go so far as to check the target of links so I don’t inadvertantly add to their traffic. As well as others like The Hill and National Journal. These aren’t as bad as Politico, but they’re both members of the (Dim) Palace Guard.

Maybe Obama should bring out the faux Greek Columns as backdrop for the next debate. Get back to his roots so to speak.