I wrote off Politico a long time ago.  Remind me not to look at the Politico links you send.

Sure, just like NYT and WaPo it’s hard not to look and link, because it covers so much ground.

But really, nonsense like this article written from three of the biggest names at Politico, forwarded by a reader,  is why I can’t stand to read Politico anymore, How President Obama’s debate strategy bombed (emphasis mine):

Obama has never been the nation’s most forceful debater, and he makes no secret of his disdain for the theatrical side of politics. If his conduct on the debate stage with Romney seemed oddly passive, it was in some ways just another manifestation of the president’s restrained approach to communicating with the electorate, whom he seems to believe — in the face of all existing evidence — are not swayed by electoral artifice.

Disdain for the theatrical side of politics?

His restrained approach to communicating with the public?

You can still forward Politcio links, but please include an NSFS (Not Safe for Sanity) warning in the “subject” line.


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