I think it was a tremendous victory for Romney at the debate last night.  Usual caveats about there being a month to go, he still may be trailing in some key states, etc.

Romney needed to take his case directly to the American people because the media is out to get him.  He did that very effectively, and thereby neutralized at least for the time being his greatest opponent.

The media will, of course, try to marginalize the victory.  Obama was so busy, etc., that’s why he looked tired and was off his game.  The fact checkers will perform as pathetically as they did during the RNC.  Blah Blah Blah.

The Obama campaign will try to spin it as well.  There was some campaign woman (not Cutter) on Fox late last night who was like a bizarre programmed robot talking about how great Obama did.  It was embarassing even for people whose livelihood is to spin.

And Obama will have his minions up the attacks on Romney.  But for people who witnessed the debates, the caricatures will not ring true and the attacks may hurt Obama.

Romney was the President on stage last night.

All in all, I’d say it’s hard to imagine a better night for Romney.