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The Libya Lie

The Libya Lie

The narrative is unraveling for the Obama administration.

The depth of the deceit and cover up for political purposes should in itself lose the election for Obama.  But it probably won’t.

This complilation by The Heritage Foundation lays out the timeline of the deceit:

Update: Via Babalu, the story has changed over at State:


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This November is our last chance to save America. Four more years of Obama’s destruction of our institutions and culture will be irreversible.

The swirling is getting faster and tighter.

The Obamic Decline will be flushed, finally, in November.

I hate to say this, but John Stewart of all people had a much more compelling video timeline of the outrageous situation in Libya.

Yeah, but..Big Bird!!! Amirite! Won’t someone please think of the children. /s

More and more people are waking up, the debate debacle helped immensely and the recent Sowell article re: the 2007 speech is difficult to overcome. The problem is getting liberals to read Sowell’s piece. O’s behavior on a number of fronts is indefensible, but we just have to get teh information out there.

The depth of the deceit and cover up for political purposes should in itself lose the election for Obama. But it probably won’t.

It should rule out Hillary 2016 too. It probably won’t.

Henry Hawkins | October 10, 2012 at 1:07 pm

Sure, Joe Biden, go ahead and bring up foreign policy at tomorrow night’s debate. Or that three letter word J-O-B-S. Or the economy. Or entitlements. Or Obamacare. Or Porkulus. Or green energy.

Obama campaign team members are sneaking out of Biden’s debate prep sessions, looking at one another, and saying, “We are so, SO screwed.”

I’m thinking Biden’s being prepped to be so nice and smiley that viewers believe they won’t be seeing any Biden train wreck, get bored, and turn the channel.

    Either that or they’re trying to lard him up with one liners. Although given how monumentally their Big Bird strategy failed, they may try just the tactic your describing. Question is, will the dude abide?

I wonder what our other diplomats think knowing that our administration will not protect them. The administration HOPES that their supporters will believe the lie that Al Quida is gone.

I think the LSM sees the difference between the Big Bird lie and the Benghazi story- their corespondents (like Lara Logan) are in the line of fire wherever the Arab Spring crops up, and Big Bird doesn’t shoot.

[…] That is not to say the State Department is in the clear. Still to be explained is the lack of appropriate security at the embassy in Benghazi. We want a full investigation of what happened. […]

This is the modified limited hangout all over again. At least Nixon didn’t get anyone killed.

The hearing is going on now-CSPAN

If you can, record it on your DVR.

It’s extraordinary.

No hyperbole here: with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama on the same team, the words ‘fraud,’ ‘contrivance,’ ‘sleaze’ and ‘scum’ are appropriate and freely interchangable between them.

What a nightmare.

Midwest Rhino | October 10, 2012 at 1:46 pm

Obama says the Middle East al Qaeda attack was really just a spontaneous reaction to an “offensive video or CARTOON …”

Obama’s Big Bird obsession claims Romney won’t take on Wall Street criminals, attacking the Big Bird instead. Oddly, Obama’s commercial lists Wall Street villains brought to justice by Bush.

There were 1100 criminal prosecutions of individuals in the S&L crisis. Obama in contrast, has spent $100 million DEFENDING the Democrat scoundrels at Fannie and Freddie.

Jon Corzine broke the investor firewall to “borrow” a billion, which he lost, but seems protected by his buddy Obama, walking scot free. I don’t know of any financial thug that has been prosecuted successfully by Obama (though Holder is pretty busy, “restating” his lies he made under oath to Congress).

Obama thought he had won the debate. He promises unicorns and control of oceans. He thinks al Qaeda is HIS friend, but America’s free speech makes them get angry about “cartoons”, otherwise they are a nice diverse Arab Spring toward hope. And Obama talks incessantly about Big Bird, as if it is the only part of Romney’s economic outline he could grasp. Obama clings to his big bird and his video.

Obama has to be talked to with puppets and cartoons. That’s because he lives in a magical world where his books are written for him, and his constant promotions are based on the magic of his race, and women faint when he reads from a teleprompter.

After four years of utter failure, can cartoon Obama and his media sycophants really send America off to a cartoon graveyard? Surely not.

    Midwest Rhino in reply to Midwest Rhino. | October 10, 2012 at 2:02 pm

    Obviously Obama gets REAL facts and updates … but in denial, I think it is really possible he can’t handle it, and functions out of his state of denial. It’s like the woman that goes on cleaning her now open air apartment, while half of the building has been blown up. (saw that image somewhere)

    POTUS may well be operating out of an altered state. His statement that he wants to fundamentally transform America, indicates he wants to take the whole world with him. Big Media cocktailers may have already joined him.

This is such a scandal and could hardly find anything about it on the NBC News website until today

There was a conference call yesterday that covered the Benghazi attack…ALL of the alphabet soup news agencies were invited…except FoxNews.

Keep in mind that this administration will throw anyone under the bus they can.

This is nothing but political on the part of the Administration.

The entire point of blaming the YouTube video is to tie it into the remarks made by Republican Mitt Romney in regard to the Cairo protests that the MSM jumped all over him.

It is now clear that neither of these protests were about the YouTube video (except perhaps at the suggestion of the Obama Administration).

Muhammed Al Zawahiri (brother of Ayman Al Zawahiri) called for the Cairo protests to get the release of Omar Abdel-Rahman, the Blind sheik, on 9-11 (as shown in this video which show a CNN report from 9/9 that CNN hasn’t shown except to it’s affiliates).

Why the American embassy decided to blame it on the YouTube video is anybody’s guess, but it was the embassy’s remarks in regard to the video that spurred Mitt Romney biting comments, which seem to have prompted the Administration to make the linkage to the video for both embassies.