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Richard Mourdock goes on offense against Donnelly

Richard Mourdock goes on offense against Donnelly

After a rough week, Richard Mourdock has started hitting back at Joe Donnelly’s attempt to portray Mourdock as “pro-rape.”

It’s unclear if the gaffe moved the needle much. Mourdock released a poll yesterday by McLaughlin & Associates, a well-regarded Republican polling firm, showing the race tied. That would be consistent with prior polling.  Donnelly released a poll by Democratic “message development” firm (its word) Anzalone Liszt Research, showing him up by 7, which if accurate would represent a huge shift from all prior polling.

Mourdock needs to spend the next 10 days nationalizing the race, as he has been doing, since Indiana will go heavily for Romney.

Mourdock also needs to go on offense, and turn Donnelly’s attempt to take advantage of the issue into an issue:

Donations to Mourdock would help with this last minute push.


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OK. I just sent him some additional California dollars.

Just ponied-up some dollars for the Mourdock campaign, my third contribution for his candidacy this year. I also pray for him daily.

[…] finally, Professor Jacobson at Legal Insurrection has a great post up on the Senate race in Indiana between Mourdock and Donnelly. It’s a must read today. […]

Just returned from early voting here in NW Indiana and proudly voted Romney and Mourdock! Surspisingly long, and enthuasiastic, lines waiting to vote when I arrived. From what I witnessed, including the general banter while in line, I’m feeling much more confident for Mourdock on the 6th!

BannedbytheGuardian | October 27, 2012 at 6:24 pm

When a woman /girl presents at the medical exam for testing for sexual assault they are offered the anti conception pill. This changes the chemistry of the uterine wall so that any fertilized embryo cannot implant. This generally takes up to 3 days from fertilization.

As an alternate would be to DNA every abortion so as to provide proof for future claims of rape.

Obviously the former is the best of a bad bunch of options.. If the woman is in the territory of rape / raperape it is a shitty situation but not enough to build or destroy a political result.

Women get over it.

My kids teach at Taylor University in Upland Indiana and they’ve been following the race fairly closely mainly because their mom, me, leads a tea party here in NY. From what they can gather his comments barely got a raise out of the voters and they think it’s still going to go Rep.