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Read my Enough

Read my Enough

From Jamie, who photographed this sign in Waycross, Georgia:

My mom @wheeekmom told me to send them to you cuz you do bumper stickers 🙂

Be sure to check out Jamie’s endorsement of Mitt Romney, Can we afford?


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    I just read that article. “The teacher told us it was a joke”? There has been a huge push recently to stop bullying, and now we read about a bully who’s a teacher. I hope a big freakin’ stink is made of this in the news!

No pictures are opening.

Sorry, can’t see pics either.

I think this is the missing sign. Front. Back.

I thought it was my iPad–I can’t see them either. Withdrawal symptoms setting in…I need my bumpersticker fix!

please note the stains on the sign…..eggs have been tossed at it. boy, those Obamabots sure do have “tolerance” don’t they?

In my hometown of Bennettsville, SC there was a scandal a few years ago….a local D that was running for office was caught red-handed pulling up her opponent’s campaign signs. She claimed she was encouraged by the SC Democratic chairman!

“That’s all I can stanz. I can’t stanz no more.”

(Time for some spinach to be strong to the finish.)

I have scoured the web this morning, peeking in on liberal blogs, liberal-biased websites and liberal friends on Facebook and I have noticed a new meme propagating from the left…..all politics are subject to being ridiculed. In other words, the left is now viewing politics as comedy, trivial and worthy of satire. Many on the left are saying they will not vote this time….. “why? it is worthless to try to make my voice heard what with all the big money in politics”….and this sentiment tells me that the debate performance has done great damage. I am ready to start calling out the MSM with great volume come November 7.