The debate Tuesday night is a “town hall” style.

While the prevailing wisdom is that this will help Obama, I’m not so sure.  While it will give Obama the chance to give hope and change type mini-speeches, it also gives Romney the chance to push the American capitalism versus European nanny government theme.  Romney has been quite good on the stump speaking of American exceptionalism and the freedom and free enterprise society.

Obama reportedly also is planning an assault on Romney’s Bain background, but I predict a backfire.  Romney will have the chance to explain to the nation without media filter his side of the Bain story.  Romney will frame the issue as one of the private sector versus “trickle down government.”  It puts Solyndra in focus.

At the Town Hall debate in 2008, Obama did okay, but I wouldn’t call it a home run.  Polling showed Obama won, but not overwhelmingly.  Even the MSNBC commentators in 2008, while obviously siding with Obama, were not gushing, and focused on McCain’s alleged errors during the debate.

The full 2008 Town Hall Debate is here.  Here are some excerpts:

Restoring The American Dream

Government Spending

Protecting The World


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