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Piling on Chris Christie is not productive right now

Piling on Chris Christie is not productive right now

What is Chris Christie up to?

It’s one thing to acknowledge federal help, or that Obama was attentive (it is the week before the election, after all), but Christie is acting like a love-struck teenager, in other words, like America circa 2008.

As tempting as it is to lash out at Christie, understand he’s under enormous pressure because of the storm. 

He says he doesn’t care about the election, but we do.  It’s not mutually exclusive to care about New Jersey and to care about the election.  And because we care about New Jersey and the election, we should not get bogged down on Chris Christie.

Stay focused.


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The RINO affliction — it’s like a political malaria, with sporadic seizures of liberal-philia. Add to that this idiot’s penchant for self-grandiosity.

    Rush noted that this could be rope a dope. Get Obama out of a swing state and just going around New Jersey. Obama is going to posture anyway, what is Christie supposed to do tell him to say out of Jersey?

    And even Nanny Bloomberg decided to endorse Romney today, so Obama gets that news during the same post Sandy tour.

    Let’s focus on victory and not Christie.

    I am not a big fan of Christie (like fattyphile Ann Coulter). I would not want him as President. That said, he is a good governor for New Jersey. And with the news cycle all about Jersey today, maybe we should remind some voters of Obama bundler and pal, Jon Corzine? The guy who Eric Holder decided to give a pass for “losing” over a billion dollars of investor funds.

I never got the Chris Christie thing. Obviously for NJ he’s awesome, but anywhere else we’d be talking about taking him out in the primaries.

    Libertymike in reply to Same Same. | October 31, 2012 at 5:34 pm

    Why didn’t the Tea Partiers and others do the same with Mittens?

      clintack in reply to Libertymike. | October 31, 2012 at 8:06 pm

      Because Mitt Romney is credible and strong on taxes, spending, and the deficit — the issues the Tea Party cares about.

      Was that supposed to be a hard question?

        Libertymike in reply to clintack. | November 1, 2012 at 10:36 am

        Looks like you have swallowed the propaganda, hard.

        Mittens is a typical big government republican party politician.

        Are you aware of the astronomical fee increases authored by the Romney administration in Massachusetts in 2003? Everything from the filing of deeds, discharges, releases and mortgages at the state’s registries of deeds to the filing of articles of organization at the Secretary of State’s office.

        Are you aware that government got much bigger and more intrusive under Mittens during his regime? Are you aware that he did not submit a budget which was less than the prior year’s budget during his regime? It seems to me that if one wants smaller, more limited government, one does not submit bigger and bigger budgets each year.

        Keep drinking the kool-aid.

Have we heard from Ann Coulter! She seems to be absolutely orgasmic over Christie!

I figured he has to suck up to the government to any aid. I wouldn’t put it past our current administration to ignore requests from politically unreliable state.

    AmandaFitz in reply to ironghost. | October 31, 2012 at 2:19 pm

    Christie HAS TO go to Obama for a declaration as a “DISASTER AREA.” That designation opens the Feds’ wallet.

    Remember how Obama treated Texas when Rick Perry asked for the designation after wildfires ravaged the state last year- he wasn’t about to offer disaster relief. Christie knows he has to kiss up to Obama in order to get federal funds ASAP.

      creeper in reply to AmandaFitz. | October 31, 2012 at 3:00 pm

      “Opens the fed’s wallet”? To what? Moths?

      We have reached our $16 trillion debt ceiling and we are broke. If Obama is promising the affected areas financial aid he’s writing checks he…make that WE…can’t cover.

      As for Christie, he’s beneath contempt. There’s a vast difference between acknowledging assistance and kissing @ss. Christie is far over the line. If it’s so damned important that officials suck up to Barry-O, why did Bloomberg tell the Grifter-in-Chief not to come to New York?

      retire05 in reply to AmandaFitz. | October 31, 2012 at 3:10 pm

      You mean like when the Bastrop (Tx) Complex fire was raging, burning up almost 40,000 acres and 1,557 homes, plus barns, cattle, outbuildings, etc and the only FEMA reps Obama sent were two people with a Easy-Up tent to take names of those who had insurance and give them a 1-800 number to call that was either busy or gave some recording to call back later?

      You mean how those Texans, in that red state, have yet to hear back from their government after they lost everything or how money is just now trickling in after 13 months and we Texans have already taken care of our own, with the help of charity from churches and private organizations?

      Yeah, that’s probably what Christy is afraid of.

      Oh, and as the fire raged on, and over 6,000 Americans were displaced and had lost everything, Obama never made an appearance. He didn’t even to a flyover after the fires were out. Obama’s comments on the fires in Texas? NOTHING. Bastrop County, Tx. had to lose 1,300 homes before he would even declare it a disaster area.

      Obama thinks he can pander for votes in New Jersey. He knew there was no possibility of that in Texas. It is all a sham.

      I noticed Obama even put some military bases on stand by for the Eastern Seaboard. With Fort Hood less than 100 miles away, he denied help for the fire victims from Fort Hood, including Fort Hood’s ability to drop water and fight fires.

      Yeah, he’s pandering. And Christy is spineless.

    “I wouldn’t put it past our current administration to ignore requests from politically unreliable state.”C

    Yes. Remember when the Obama administration punished New Jersey for electing Chris Christie?

    Christie knows that Obama punishes his enemies.


This election is about Obama. It doesn’t matter what Obama says, does, thinks, wears…

It doesn’t matter if Obama appears on the nightly news heroically walking around the ruins of affluent ocean front properties feeling their pain…

Nothing he can at this point to win or lose the election, with or without Christy.

Come hell or high water, this election is over. We just have to wait a week to make it offcial.

Even Obama can be right two times a term.

I too believe there is tremendous pressure on Gov. Christie due to the storm.

I also keep in mind…

Gov. Christie was appointed by Pres. Obama to Advisory Committee on Trade Policy and Negotiations in fall of 2010. His term runs for 2 years.

Obama is actually doing his job for a change. That, in itself, is noteworthy.

Coulter admires Christie’s skills as an attention whore, which rival her own.

I really like my governor. And trust me, after enduring this storm, hearing his voice on the radio or seeing him on TV / online was very reassuring. I feel we’re fortunate to have a guy like Chris Christie so devoted to this state. I shudder in horror to think if we had Corzine or the other weirdos who preceded him.

His praise of the President was understandable, but it certainly wont change any votes. When Obama said, “We don’t leave people behind,” I’d like someone to ask him about Benghazi. Right now. Over and over again.

    Rosalie in reply to GoldenAh. | October 31, 2012 at 1:43 pm

    I’m not a fan of Christie but if that’s the way you feel about him that’s good. And I’m sure he’s doing everything that he can possibly do for NJ. However, I thought his praise was a little excessive, and the photo of them with their arms around each other was ridiculous. He could have worded his appreciation in another way so that he didn’t look as though he was enthralled with O. All that O has to do is to skip a campaign rally and look as though he really cares (which he doesn’t) and all kinds of praise is bestowed upon him. What is O doing that’s so great? He’s doing what he’s supposed to do for a change.

1. I agree with the post. During the emergency, Christie should get the benefit of the doubt.

Of course, his conduct should be reviewed after the crisis is over—but it isn’t over.

2. The real political danger is leftists who will try not to “let this serious crisis go to waste”. The danger is acute because calling such leftists out could backfire if not done just right.

3. Hopefully no one in the LI community, including our host’s RI residence, was seriously harmed by the storm.

4. Having spent a week sweating the approach of Sandy, I can now spend this week sweating the approach of an election that will have a bigger impact than the hurricane did.

Christie is representing the ‘best interest’ of his constituents of New Jersey. He’s ‘smoozing’ the Prez to get all he can from the federal government. What’s in his future?
Romney cabinet post?? If not, his re-election bid comes up in 12 short months…

I don’t live in NJ, but it appears as though Christie is doing his job as Governor and representing ALL the residents of his state. And, he just might be using the President’s appearance to allow him to show his bi-partisan bona fides to aid in his re-election campaign which is right around the political corner.

I am not a big Christie fan and, in fact, I consider him a political bully. However, my overall thought on Christie is just like LBJ’s position on J. Edgar Hoover in that I would rather have him on the inside of my tent peeing out than on the outside peeing in.

“He says he doesn’t care about the election, but we do. It’s not mutually exclusive to care about New Jersey and to care about the election. And because we care about New Jersey and the election, we should not get bogged down on Chris Christie.”

It’s not mutually exclusive to care about the storm relief effort, the election and note the fact Chris Christie is acting like a girl. Nobody is getting “bogged down”. Sheesh.

We have already seen how petty this administration can be, and how ostentatiously it distinguishes among its “friends” and “enemies.”

Let the man take care of his people. I give him a pass. At least he’s getting something worthwhile for his constituents in exchange for his flattery.

Gov. Christie is demonstrating principled leadership by putting aside politics in the face of an unprecedented crisis. He needs to cultivate a cooperative relationship with all stakeholders to serve the best interests of his state. There’ll be plenty of time for political arguments later. This is still a life-and-death situation for many New Jersey residents.

Chris Christie is all about…Chris Christie. That is the Alpha and the Omega of everything the man does.

I think that Obama held Christie to the fire. If he didn’t cooperate, he would make life difficult. Christie seems like the type to do what is necessary to help his citizens. Then think what Obama is offering, he will remove the Federal regulations that keep things from getting done. Why doesn’t he do that for the rest of us?

Gov. Christie’s strong point (speaking just what he thinks and feels) is also his weak point. So, when he berates liberal questioners at his town halls, he charms by clearly and colorfully pointing out biases. But, it also shows that he’s not measured and doesn’t calculate political impact. Sarah Palin pointed that out regarding his comments on Newt Gingrich.

Liberalist Extremists have all but scared off most “JFK” liberals from membership in the Democrat Party.

Thus, many went the RINO route or in the case of Senator Joe Lieberman, went from Democrat to Independent caucusing with Democrats.

Some, like Florida Gov Crist and the infamous Senator Arlen Specter, were just too obvious for their own RINO good.

I believe Gov Christie knows full well he has no future in a bid for President.

It’s very strange, considering how Bloomberg blew off Obama from visiting NY — giving Christie ‘cover’ to do so as well. And if Obama ‘threatened’ him, Christie should have made that public.

Very, bizarre and very unfortunate.

(Coulter loves Christie because he has the guts to speak uncomfortable truths, and for the fact he will confront propagandists in the ‘news’ media, as she does.)

Agreed. Christie is a big government guy. He is also a leader in bringing Muslims into government positions, especially those with questionable connections to extreme groups.