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One word: Creepy

One word: Creepy

I have one suggestion for the Obama campaign and supporters thereof:

Moratorium on the creepy campaign ads with choirs of children singing about how much of a savior President Obama is.

There have been a few questionable ones in the past but this one, I think, reaches a whole new level. Please pay close attention to the lyrics, which are printed at the bottom of the post.

One thing I’ve learned from the Obama reelection effort is that if your candidate can’t go negative on his opponent without hurting his poll numbers, just outsource it to the kids.

(h/t HotAir)

Imagine an America
Where strip mines are fun and free
Where gays can be fixed
And sick people just die
And oil fills the sea

We don’t have to pay for freeways!
Our schools are good enough
Give us endless wars
On foreign shores
And lots of Chinese stuff

We’re the children of the future
American through and through
But something happened to our country
And we’re kinda blaming you

We haven’t killed all the polar bears
But it’s not for lack of trying
Big Bird is sacked
The Earth is cracked
And the atmosphere is frying

Congress went home early
They did their best we know
You can’t cut spending
With elections pending
Unless it’s welfare dough

We’re the children of the future
American through and through
But something happened to our country
And we’re kinda blaming you

Find a park that is still open
And take a breath of poison air
They foreclosed your place
To build a weapon in space
But you can write off your au pair

It’s a little awkward to tell you
But you left us holding the bag
When we look around
The place is all dumbed down
And the long term’s kind of a drag

We’re the children of the future
American through and through
But something happened to our country
And yeah, we’re blaming you

You did your best
You failed the test

Mom and Dad
We’re blaming you!



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Self-conscious cool is a contradiction in terms.

The Obama cult has always been creepy.

Obama is about as cool as Milli Vanilli.

Jack The Ripper | October 29, 2012 at 12:00 pm

Its creepy like “The Children of the Corn.”

Except, I guess we call this one “The Children of Bernadine Dorhn.”

    But these aren’t “the children of the future,” rather they are the “children of the present, the adults of future.”

    The “children of the future” are currently fighting Obama, Sandra Fluke and Planned Parenthood to be born.

This is how you get kids this brainwashed…

gob-smacking…but proud…ignorance.

    Jack The Ripper in reply to Ragspierre. | October 29, 2012 at 12:35 pm

    Agreed, hence my attempt at rewriting the song, which I led off with:

    Imagine an America
    Where kids like this don’t sing
    About simple-sounding subjects
    Of which they know nothing

    Sadly, most adults don’t really understand many of these topics (not claiming I do), but everyone’s vote counts the same.

    Think of all the things/people that the left has demonized into “red meat” words:

    Insurance Companies
    Wall Street
    Combustion Engine
    Fossil Fuels
    Nuclear Power
    Traditional Marriage
    Any whiff, whatsoever, about not being 1000% percent behind free and unconditional birth control, abortion, etc.
    Stay at Home Moms
    Baking Cookies
    White male
    Talk show (angry, hate)
    Nativity Scene
    Tobacco (yeah, its not good for you, but I bet that more liberals die of fear of secondhand smoke than actually die of secondhand smoke)
    Private Section
    Fox News
    Capital Gains
    Interstate Highways
    Incandescent Bulb
    Illegal Immigrant is now undocumented alien
    Muslim Terrorist
    Holy Warrior
    Judicial Restraint

    The list goes on an on.

Obama Youth. Propagandists in the making. Sieg Heil!

This is some sick stuff.

9thDistrictNeighbor | October 29, 2012 at 12:15 pm

I’ve been afraid to watch this for days. Still haven’t; probably won’t.

The problem is there are plenty of adult skulls full of mush who believe this.

Woodstock meets Dachau.

    Jack The Ripper in reply to SGLawrence. | October 29, 2012 at 12:48 pm

    You are CORRECT!

    Woodstock, meet Neuremberg Rally.

    Neuremberg Rally, meet Woodstock.

    And here’s the thing: We all know about “liberal orthodoxy,” but chew on this for a while (which my advisor – a Conservative political science professor laid on me in college):

    The Hippie Movement was Actually a Very Conservative Movement, once you look past the sex and drugs. The Hippie Movement was isolationist, anti-commerce, anti-corporate, anti-modern economics, anti-real estate development, anti-football, anti-motorized vehicles, anti-“chemicals,” anti-profit. The Hippie Movement was all about turning away the complexities of the modern world and reverting to an Agrarian simplicity, in which we all eschew anything mass produced and live a cozy little, unmolested existence, bundled up in our little commune or homestead, relying on Hippie Technology and Hippie Sensibilities for food, clothing, pot, music, education, medicine/homeopathic remedies, entertainment.

    And these little bastards in this video are going to be just as self-righteous, judgmental, sanctimonius, obnoxious, useless and annoying as their Hippie predecessors. More annoying, actually, because they will mate their hollier than thou self-confidence with a sense of entitlement to every material possession and convenience possible. [The Occupy Wall Street turds decrying corporate America and banks and Wall Street, while sipping their Starbucks coffee, using their iPhones and iPads to communicate and tweat, all of which was purchased with money they pulled from an ATM machine.].

    The silver lining is that they won’t wreak of patchouli oil.

    Got to go. I need to sharpen and polish my machete.

casualobserver | October 29, 2012 at 12:18 pm

I have know a number of people across a nearly full spectrum of income and political leanings, over decades. I honestly cannot imagine any one of them who would be influenced by some of these pitiful ads (this one and the ‘first time’ ad, e.g.). Some who are immovably progressive get an emotional kick from them, I’ve confirmed with a few friends of that persuasion. Is Obama’s campaign simply interested in getting as many progressives out to vote as possible?

To non-progressives it seems weird or insulting or what have you.

    IceColdTroll in reply to casualobserver. | October 29, 2012 at 5:26 pm

    Exactly what this NR story comments on–

    “Obama is trying to shape a new kind of electorate, creating a long-term Democratic majority that would allow him and his successors to stop catering to the center and finally govern decisively from the left.”

I actually think the people that work on Benghazie Barry’s campaign are all 7th graders. Who in their adult mind would come up with crap like this. It is bizzare and creepy!!!

    Observer in reply to Granny55. | October 29, 2012 at 3:42 pm

    You may be giving them too much credit. Seventh graders know how to read a newspaper headline, and they also know how to check facts on Google.

    “Congress went home early
    They did their best we know
    You can’t cut spending
    With elections pending
    Unless it’s welfare dough”

    The average 7th grader would have known that Congress did not cut welfare benefits, but that Obama did weaken the work requirements for welfare recipients.

    But maybe it’s not as much fun to have kids singing lyrics like:

    My mommy is a meth addict,
    my daddy’s a lazy slob;
    but the welfare checks keep coming,
    since getting massaged is now just as good as getting a job!

I used the Midwich Cuckoos in a satire post a few weeks ago. I know it’s a cliche, but you just can’t do satire against the media and the left during this administration.

    Jack The Ripper in reply to jerry. | October 29, 2012 at 12:53 pm

    Even atheist liberals believe in God.

    Its just that their deity is Government, Environmentalism or Gaia.

    Environmentalism is a religion.

    Government is a savior with the private sector and profits being the Devil or the Anti-Christ.

    Or, they are virtually nihilists, which is to say that they don’t even believe in Government, Environmentalism or Gaia. They just believe in themselves.

    Which is what made the Clintons particularly scary. I always felt that they did not believe in God or Country. Bill believed in Bill. Hill believed in Hill.

    All of our presidents prior to the Clintons believed, at least a little bit, in either God or Country.

    Watergate destroyed our political discourse and our media.

    The Clintons destroyed the last vestiges of dignity in the Presidency.

“The Clintons destroyed the last vestiges of dignity in the Presidency.”

And they just won’t go away! I wish they’d move to Hawaii and live next to O. They certainly deserve each other.

    Jack The Ripper in reply to Rosalie. | October 29, 2012 at 2:23 pm


    As desirable as that may be, is it really fair to the residents of Hawaii (Hawai’i)?

    How about the Far Side of the Moon?

NC Mountain Girl | October 29, 2012 at 1:06 pm

Wait until these kids have to start paying the bills their parents are leaving them.

Somewhere, Goebbels and Stalin are smiling. Unless they’re in a place where the very high temperatures make it too hot to smile.

I wonder if this is where Anita Dunn has been hiding.

Will Obama’s youth lead a purge of the Obama party.

DavidJackSmith | October 29, 2012 at 1:24 pm

Village Of The Damned Annoying..

Just when you thought nothing could be creepier than a 26 year old actress implying 18 year old virgins have sex with a 51 year old man.

PS. Obama’s youth. Did they spend the summer in summer schools attached to Obama’s Civil Defense Force camps?

Take a good hard look at that video. The zombie apocalypse is occurring. Those children eye’s are glazed over due to the mind-dump that is liberal totalitarianism. The living dead indeed.

Several weeks ago Gov. Romney rhetorically asked: “Mr. President, Take Your Campaign Out of the Gutter.” The GOOD news is that OBOZO has gotten out of the gutter; the BAD news is that he jumped from the gutter into a cesspool.

“One word: Creepy”

Another word: Disgusting.

Isn’t this exactly like the Nazis did with their young? They had the young spy on their parents. They had them attend youth camps where they were filled with hatred.

Jack The Ripper | October 29, 2012 at 2:26 pm


Here is Le Mot Juste:

“Three generations of imbeciles are enough.” Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes in Buck v. Bell, 274 U.S. 200, 47 S. Ct. 584 (1927).

P.S. – I would gladly pay for Sandra Fluke’s birth control. Might I recommend mandatory sterilization?

I would like to see what would happen if these kids were exposed to crystal-clear depictions of the Obama economic disaster, and how his failure compares to Reagan’s and Bush II’s economic performance, in apples-to-apples comparison:

And especially, debunking the lie that only the left cares about, and has a record of helping minorities – especially blacks:

    Ah, but that’s the rub of it all, once brainwashed like they are, facts and reason mean absolutely nothing to them (look up Yuri Bezmenov on YouTube). When they are raised by liberal statist parents and taught by liberal statist teachers who teach them what to think, not how to think, they will grow up to be the kinds of people you see at the occupy shenanigans, spewing all kinds of nonsense and vulgarities.

A song by “The Little Idiots” – how charming. They should be singing how lucky they are in being born with leftist parents – now their minds are aborted from individual thought – ugly indeed.

In the 1970s, “ecology” (the old name for “environmentalism”) groups ran a very similar ad.

It featured an annoying kid whining in a snotty tone that adults were using all the world’s energy, leaving NOTHING for the future. (This was during the Carter years. I guess the kid and his handlers were wrong.) Closing line, as whiny and snotty as you can imagine: “Come on adults — give us kids a CHANCE!”

[…] Read it. I have one suggestion for the Obama campaign and supporters thereof: […]

I invite conservatives everywhere to hit the comments at the big blogs and ask this question:

“Seeing this travesty of a video, one that is offensive to half the population and will persuade nobody, why would any rational business allow the ad agency of Goodby, Silverstein & Partners to waste hundreds of thousands of dollars producing ineffective advertising for their firm?”

SpringTime for Obama and ChicagoLand …

Not sure how politically correct this is … I tried counting whites, blacks, asians, males, females, etc. to see if the numbers add up. Was there a Native American in the pic? Any groups under-represented or over-represented here? I hope a large number of kids were criminally illegal … just to be PC. Who came up with the creepy lyrics? Why didn’t they have a picture of Dear Leader in the background?

Would have been nice to see a young white kid with a tingly leg going spastic … a Chrissy Matthews in waiting.

I realize this is off topic, but it does relate to one of the three r’s. Obama’s 5.2 million jobs saved or created conveniently leaves out the 4.3 million jobs lost on his watch before the needle moved up.

Bookmark this video and memorize the words. This is what liberals really think.