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Official Debate Commission Transcript – “The Biden-Romney Vice Presidential Debate”

Official Debate Commission Transcript – “The Biden-Romney Vice Presidential Debate”

The official transcript published by the Commission on Presidential Debates has a slip in it which is … well, interesting.

October 11, 2012: The Biden-Romney Vice Presidential Debate:



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I was pretty livid when he lied about voting for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan until someone on another blog made a good point in his defense. He can’t remember that far back.

Yea, I see it.

It’s normal. They never assign a political affiliation to a democrat when they act stupidly.

What gets me the most is that Biden was allegedly preparing for five days for the debate.

And THIS was the best they could come up with for a debate strategy?


Like watching a drug addict, thinking “well, that will be when they reach bottom and have to change” and then seeing that same addict reaching for a shovel…

    Browndog in reply to profshadow. | October 12, 2012 at 10:32 am

    Have a heart.

    If I had to spend 5 days being “coached” by Axlerod, I’d be ready for a lobotomy too.

    The most disgusting part of the whole deal was Obama saying he was proud of Biden.

Well Biden’s job WAS to relitigate the debate with Romney so the error is prophetic. But I think Biden lost Round 2 with Romney and nobody focused on his facial expressions AFTER the debate as his family came up to the stage to hug him. Not the expressions of a pleased and confident man.

Romney debated Biden last night? Looks like he’s found that Fountain of Youth. If this keeps up he’ll look like Tom Hanks’s younger self in Big before the election gets here.

Wasn’t this a reenactment of the NAFTA debate with Joe Biden playing the part of Al Gore ?

What Biden did was put on what amounts to a convention type performance.
If their campaign expects any bounce? Good luck with that.
What Biden managed was to rub alot of would be voters the wrong way.

And yeah to the mislabeled debate. The country is in the very best of hands. These debate elite cant even get the participants correctly

Typical blow hard Biden, what he cannot put out in substance (there have been zero accomplishments in 4 years) he covers up with a bullying, blustering style. (Rudeness in my book). However the combots are eating it up and will be sending him and the Big O donations this am (beligerence turns them on). Ryan was thoughtful and answered well (even though he was constantly interrupted by Joezilla). Hopefully reasonable people who are undecided will take a hard look at their choice….more incompetent misery from people who laugh at your problems or Romney/Ryan getting people back to work.

I had to turn it off. It was like watching the Cheshire Cat laughing at catastrophe.. For a VP to laugh at American’s getting killed is so disrespectful, I had to turn it off. I hope someone demands he apologize to those families whose husband’s and son’s died, and a laughed about it……

Ryan acquited himself very well but there’s a lesson in all this he better learn, which Romney needs to learn too (because he’s never going to get another Jim Lehrer as long as he lives. The Left, unlike the Right, doesn’t make such mistakes twice).

There are no pity votes at this level of politics for allowing yourself to get stepped on, bullied and interrupted as much as he did. If you think Biden is going to take all the blame for being rude and arrogant, and that you can earn points for politeness, you’re wrong. You can be as factual and decent and courteous and reasonable as you like, but bottom line is that people don’t vote for candidates who allow themselves to be doormats. At some point you had to pause that debate and turn to Raddatz and say, “Pardon me. But you’re the moderator, and good moderators don’t interrupt speakers. If you have other ideas about your role here, please speak up. Otherwise, I’m going to finish my point and you’re not going to interrupt me.” Or, he needed to turn to Biden, and say, “pardon me, Mr. Vice President, but this may be how you envision a debate, but it’s not how I do, and it’s not how I was told this debate is structured. So I’m going to hear your answers out, and you’re going to hear mine out, and that’s the way it’s going to work. Understand?”

People vote for authority and confidence and men who stand up for themselves. That’s why Reagan crushed Bush after he siezed the microphone in New Hampshire and demanded equity. Ryan needed to do the same. It doesn’t get any worse than Biden and Raddatz’s performances last night. Except maybe until the next debate rigged by the Left. While people can recognize that Biden is rude and boorish and Ryan is smart and nice, on a gut level many are still drawn to rude and boorish if it’s confident boorishness and commanding rudeness. In any case, they won’t be drawn to the victim, not at this level. Just ask Adlai Stevenson.

    Browndog in reply to raven. | October 12, 2012 at 11:05 am

    Though valid, I think your point missed the mark.

    If Ryan was to be more forceful, it should have been to not leave falsehoods spoken by Biden stand.

    I understand the “moderator” designed it that way, giving Joe the last word, but Ryan should have insisted on a rebuttal.

    The most glaring example was almost immediate, when Biden falsely accused Ryan of cutting $300M from from embassy security, implying it was his fault the ambassador was killed.

    JackRussellTerrierist in reply to raven. | October 12, 2012 at 3:25 pm

    Agree 100%. I said something similar last night but not as well as you have here.

    “Nice guys finish last.”

    And I’m reminded of McPain’s 2008 idiotic scoldings of what’s acceptable conduct and speech and what isn’t – acceptable according to the dumb doormat from AZ.

Now we know how Obama is going to engage Romney in the next debate… If you don’t have a record you can be proud of or run on all you got left is bluster, deflections, straw man arguments and false accusations. Romney and his advisors would do well to have an effective strategy in countering these kind of tactics. I recommend Romney rehearse an appropriate response to each tactic using the VP debate as a guide because there has been a consistent theme by the Dems this election cycle and it’s not the facts.

As a Monday Morning QB I think a good comeback here to these types of misinformation tactics would be to:

1) Whenever they bring up the mischaracterization of what Romney plans on the economy and taxes as they have demonstrated so far the recommended response should be something to the effect…
a) “I see you still don’t understand economics nor my prescription to improve the economy, it’s no wonder we are in the situation we are in for the last 4 years.”
b) “This is from the Administration whose budget and tax policy was rejected even by his own party, repeatedly.”

2) Whenever they mock and bluster or give the false self righteous moralizing tact, the response should be… “Leadership is not about mocking, bluster, or demonizing your critics. The mark of good leadership is to thoughtfully consider the criticism, note where they potentially have a valid point, mitigate or adjust your plan to incorporate their criticism to strengthen your plan for the best results and thank them for their involvement. It’s a shame the Obama Administration failed on all counts.”

3) Whenever they deflect and blameshift to put the public off track, the response should be…
a)”Leadership is about results not excuses or blaming others for the failure of your efforts in service to the American People.” “There is no excuse for failure, there is only responsibility to correct the flawed approach and devise a successful approach to get results.
b)”Any person with CEO experience knows this most basic of all leadership qualities.” “Doubling down on failed approaches is not effective leadership its a sign of incompetence.”

4) Whenever a false accusation is leveled the response should be…
a) “I see you are accusing me of precisely what you failed at.” (9 times out of 10 this is reflexively what liberals do) thus turning the table on the accuser
b) “Once again you are inferring I have evil motives against the American People, are you really that desperate?”
c) “From the man who falsely accused the police of acting stupidly when he admitted he didn’t have all the facts.”

5) Whenever Romney is accused of not caring for the 47% the response should be…
a) “We have government programs in place to care for those who are unable to care for themselves, what every person of the middle class and rich who pays the bill for these services are entitled to know is that the service is effective, not harmful, counterproductive and those who have the means be contributing their fair share by NOT taking when they can do for themselves, i.e. the cheats.”
b) “Those who receive government assistance should only do so because they actually need help, we the people of the middle class and rich who pay the bills object to million dollar lottery winners getting food stamps, creating needless jobs for bureaucrats and forcing our children to pay for it via tax increases.”

Darn it, I saw a link to a Rep commercial posted after last night’s debate…a side-by-side of Ryan talking serious issues and Biden guffawing. I didn’t bookmark it and now I can’t find it. Though it had over a hundred thousand views already YouTube has buried it.

Does anyone have that link?

Point of fact regarding Biden’s misinformation that they had NO advanced intelligence on the attack (they did) and the non demonstration (it didn’t happen):

Al Qaeda group saying they would go ahead with their planned attack, given there were protests erupting in other parts of the world.

Now either Biden and Obama were a) lying when they asserted that there was a protest OR b) were intellectually challenged by al Qaeda’s stated desire to proceed with the attack EVEN though there were protests occurring elsewhere in the world. Independents and Moderates your choice on a) or b) but the conclusion of either choice is the same, this bunch is incompetent and incapable of running the country. Does it give you warm fuzzies that Obama and Biden were incapable of understanding or appropriately responding to al Qaeda’s desire IN ADVANCE to attack the consulate?

NC Mountain Girl | October 12, 2012 at 11:21 am

Debates trend to be about visuals. Ryan won those hands down.

Biden may have thought he was scoring points with the base for not taking Ryan seriously but for most voters all his smirks and chortles looked like he does not take the issues themselves seriously. Because the assassination of an ambassador, an assault on an embassy, 10.5% unemployment in his hometown, a $16 trillion federal debt and the future of Medicare/Social Security are all simply hilarious.

Insufficiently Sensitive | October 12, 2012 at 11:58 am

If I had to spend 5 days being “coached” by Axlerod, I’d be ready for a lobotomy too.

That Axelrod coaching had a long reach. He urged Joe Biden to pin Paul Ryan down, to demand specifics on his ‘plan’.

And what do you know – Martha Raddatz interrupted Ryan several times with that identical demand. A good soldier for the cause.