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Obama’s Changes music video is scary good

Obama’s Changes music video is scary good

Chris Loesch and comedian Steven Crowder have put together a scarily good rendition of David Bowie’s Changes, with an Obama twist. Warning: 80s makeup and rockstar outfits:


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Henry Hawkins | October 24, 2012 at 2:53 pm

Steve Crowder in a butt shimmy?


The music did bring back fond memories of frat and sorority parties during my college years, but the lyrics just brought forth present day nightmares. Yes Anne, a scarily good rendition of Bowie indeed.

The getup is a takeoff on David Bowie’s costume from Labyrinth, as is the background with the labyrinth with the White House at the center instead of the Goblin King’s castle.

The video is hilarious, but David Bowie/Changes was 1970s Glam Rock, professor, not the 80s.

A scary video for a scary topic. See what else you can do at

fearandloathing | October 24, 2012 at 4:04 pm

Just passed through customs, waiting for plane east at SEA-TAC and THIS is the first thing I watch? LOL, hoping it’s not illegal in Washington state!

“Good-Bye to You” – Scandal

Perfect song title. Perfect Band name.

Can they do “Binders of Women” to the tune of Pictures of Lilly next?

Binders of women make hiring more diverse
Binders of women balance genders right
Binders of women stopped EOC complaints
Binders of women stereotypes fight