The Obama administration scandal over Libya has multiple aspects — the initial denial and downgrading of security, the mishandling of the event as it progressed, and of course, the political cover up.

Obama was too busy campaigning to care, and Hillary has some explaining to do. As to Susan Rice, she either was a willing dupe or an unknowing dupe. If the latter, who fed her the false information she repeated.

This also is a media scandal. While our Ambassador was laying dead on a slab in Libya, all the media wanted to focus on was Mitt Romney’s statement. Even as the Obama administration was lying through its teeth, all the media (with a couple of exceptions) cared about was taking down Romney.

Obama should be fired.

And so should the reporters who, unlike Jake Tapper, drove the anti-Romney political story and colluded in framing questions at Romney’s press conference to distract from the catastrophe in Benghazi.

Some more updates: