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Legal Insurrection is 4 years old

Legal Insurrection is 4 years old

Four years ago today, the day the Legal Insurrection snowball started rolling down hill, the day after which there was no turning back, the day which meant I never would be a Czar in Obama’s America, the day on which I posted Obama is “Door  No. 2″:

Obama may be a post-racial healer, or he may be someone who carefully uses race and false accusations of racism to advance his political career. Obama may not have known about Jeremiah Wright’s political race-baiting, or he may have known but not cared. Obama may be someone who views this country as inherently good, or he may secretly share the views of his political enabler, William Ayers, that this country is inherently bad. We may know Obama better than Jeremiah Wright and William Ayers know Obama, or we may not know Obama at all.

The story has been told of why it started, and why it continued:

This is the fight of our lives for the benefit not of ourselves, but of future generations. Will our children and our children’s children have the freedom to make their own way in life, or will we relegate them to being beggars at the altar of government handouts?

Will we be honored as the generation which finally said no to the welfare state and thereby saved the best economic and political system on earth, or will we be cursed by our descendants as the generation which gave it all away?

The rest is history:  Over 7100 posts, 138,000 comments, 7200 registered users, 115 banned users, 19 million unique visits, 25 million page views, a new blog format, several contributing Authors here and at College Insurrection, and many new blog friends to whom I am grateful for their support and linkage.

Special thanks to my wife, who puts up with this.

And to the readers and commenters, the best bunch of prufreaders, nitpickers, critics and … supporters in these United States of America.


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Glad I could register and be a part of such an incredible movement.
I mean, ‘grats’

“115 banned users” means you’re doing something good 🙂 Congrats!

My favorite birthday card of all time featured a…

1. hippopotamus (thank gawd for spell check)

2. some little birds

3. two female sheep

Hippo birdies, two ewes, hippo birdies, two ewes…

Happy Birthday!

Great, cutting edge work. Thanks.

Happy Birthday, LI!

Geez, you’d think he’d at least spring for doughnuts or something.

Regardless of your politics, this is the best “Happy Birthday” song a man ever got.

My thanks to your long-suffering wife and my apologies for this. The devil made me do it.

    Her dress was skin-colored and so tight that it was literally sewn on while she stood. She had to stand as long as she was in that dress. Jackie, of course, was not there. Marilyn died less than three months later, and JFK was assassinated the following fall.

      creeper in reply to Kitty. | October 12, 2012 at 10:21 am

      True. But from a masculine standpoint it was all anyone could have asked.

        From a feminine POV: no foundation garments required, but inhaling could be a problem. Maybe that’s why MM sounded so breathless 😉

          creeper in reply to Kitty. | October 12, 2012 at 10:55 am

          Absolutely. From a female stand point it was embarrassing as hell. But we’re not testosterone-driven.

          There was no political intent in posting that link. I just thought the guys might enjoy it and that a little appropriate levity after last night’s Biden laugh-fest would be in order.

          Anyhoo, happy to you, Bill, as my two-year-old cousin used to sing. (Like Dems, she simply omitted anything she couldn’t do properly.) The world is a better place with Legal Insurrection in it.

    IceColdTroll in reply to creeper. | October 12, 2012 at 11:13 am

    I think only Marilyn could sing Happy Birthday and make it sound so lewd…!

legacyrepublican | October 12, 2012 at 10:02 am

LI, one of the few good things to come out of the dark ages of Obama. Happy Birthday!

congrats … looking forward to four more years. This time holding Romney’s feet to the fire, with occasional updates on Obama’s Hawaiian golf outings. 🙂

justanothertexan | October 12, 2012 at 10:16 am

Congratulations – this is my second stop each day, after Drudge.
Great commentary, good comments from the audience, and I love the pictures

Thanks for being here for us! And thanks to your wife too!

And another happy 4 years

ShakesheadOften | October 12, 2012 at 10:43 am

The first site I check whenever I get on the internet. Congrats, Professor!

Happy Birthday and congratulations. LI is daily required reading for me.

Congratulations, Professor Jacobson. I think LI is in the top tier of the blogs on the ‘net. It has a fine format and layout. The selection of articles, in particular during this election season, is excellent, helping to focus on the importance of both local and national races.

Also, to me given the nature of blogging, it’s important to know that the staff does their research and it is reliable. Contributing to this are the users you have attracted, which also speaks well of you. If we could just figure out some award for you and your wife! Blessings today and for the future, as well. ALman


Happy Birthday, Professor. And a big thanks to your wife, too! Nothing means so much to a successful blogger than a supportive spouse! 🙂

LI has been a four times daily read ever since the first time it was linked from Michelle Malkin. I have read every single post here, and have learned from every one. Keep up the work, Prof. Jacobson……it is a great service here in the flyover land of the great, unwashed masses where we cling to our guns and our religion, albeit bitterly!

Best blog ever hands down. Congrats & keep charging!!

Happy anniversary Honey

What matters most is what we do with the next 4 years. keep it coming professor.

Many congratulations, Professor. I’ve been reading this blog since almost the very beginning (your third or forth post!), and am proud to have been able to watch the journey first hand. Keep rockin’ it!

The Professor is too “classy” to say this, but I surely am not.

For all of you LI fans out there, why not hit the “tip jar” and make a donation to support the blog. I just did, and it felt good!

Yes, congratulations, Professor and a very well done!

I swing by your blog at least twice a day, sometimes more often. I really appreciate the clarity of your posts. You make the complicated simple for simple minds such my own.

But, ever more so, I appreciate your passion for the truth – you’re like a hound on a trail when you go after it! 🙂

Good point, tiger66. I just did so, as well.


Congrats, your site is my home page and I always look forward to your analysis! Thanks for your hard work and bringing new writers for us to read. I especially love the cartoon addition, we have needed smiles during this era of Obama!

Professor Jacobson’s students are very fortunate to have him.
I am truly impressed with his work and dedication.
Use his Amazon link and help him out.

Happy Birthday

Happy anniversary.

I first came here when I asked for an accurate text of the Arizona immigration law. I knew it was important to have an authoritative text, and I didn’t have access to the right database. You did have it, and I passed around the link.

I’ve been visiting ever since.

Professor Jacobson,

But for you — and the growing cadre of people doing what you are doing — there would be no journalism today. When you think about it, you’re doing the ground-zero type of reporting work so many deluded people think The New York Times does. (The difference being, of course, a detail called ‘truth.’)


and congratulations to us who enjoy your site

You don’t even realize that how you frame your work here helps us see the entire picture in ways we would not otherwise recognize.

You have collected some great people who also help us sort out the mess

I know it is a pain but we do need you
and we will need you maybe even more when Romney/Ryan win

Four years old!?

Look at ya! How much you’ve grown!

Why, I remember when you only came up to here.

You’ve taken off like a bean sprout. I’ll bet you’re gonna grow up to be a big boy.

Obama is #2 and it is time to pull the lever and flush.

Happy blogaversary to one of the most consequential blogs. I’m looking forward to more breaking news and thoughtful analysis.

And Happy B-Day.

“Special thanks to my wife, who puts up with this.”

For those who haven’t had the good fortune of meeting Mrs. Jacobson … I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating:

Mrs. Jacobson is the kind of lady you slay a dragon for.

The Professor is a great guy (although seeing him in shorts, while wearing over-the-calf dress socks for our sightseeing trek to the beach was quite a shock … the way of fashion for the urban, East Coast Ivy League brainiac, I suppose), but I think he’d agree Mrs. J. is his better half.

When we go into battle to defeat the Lefty Dragon next month, do it for our lady, Mrs. Jacobson.

LukeHandCool (who refuses to trivialize this comment with his usual silly parenthetical add-on)

Wow! 4 years ago I linked over here from Michelle Malkins website. I’ve stopped by LI repeatedly throughout the day, every day since.

I don’t want to sound too creepy but I many times read articles or watch the news and find myself thinking, “I wonder what William thinks about this.”

Anyways, you’ve done a stellar job regarding the Massachusetts political races. Thank you for taking the time.

I don’t remember the link but it led me here and it was regarding Sarah Palin’s claim that Paul Revere “warned” the British of an impending attack by the colonists.

The MSM media was having a field day on this and yet the Professor laid out the facts by simply quoting a passage from Revere’s diary.

This would have been way to much work for the MSM and hence most of the general public continues to believe that Palin was wrong.

The very fact that the bulk of the media in this country is in the hip pocket of the liberal/democrat establishment continues to be a big danger to our freedom and the constitution.

Thank You for Four Great Years and may the future continue on a noble mission…

9thDistrictNeighbor | October 12, 2012 at 2:15 pm

Five hundred twenty years ago today, Christopher Columbus planted the royal standard of Ferdinand and Isabella on a small island which he named in honor of God and his safe passage. He started a migration of peoples from countless nations to the New World which was to change the course of mankind.

Two hundred thirty six years ago today George Washington destroyed a bridge at Throgs Neck in New York City, stranding several thousand British troops who were attempting to encircle Washington’s army.

Four years ago today you raised the standard of Insurrection, both literally and figuratively, over the blogosphere using your experience, knowledge, and skill to entangle those forces bent on the wreaking havoc on the freest nation on earth. You help ensure that this “last best hope of earth” will endure for future generations.

You’re in good company, sir. Congratulations!

I R A Darth Aggie | October 12, 2012 at 2:21 pm

Professor, you may never be a Czar in Obama’s regime, but when I establish the Sith Empire of America, I’m sure I can find you a post to your liking.

Congrats professor, one of the best conservative blogs I read daily.

Every single solitary year under the thumb of Preezy of the United Steezy Barack H. Obama is tantamount to like — 5± years — since on average it should take even a barely competent POTUS 5-years to dole out 1-year’s worth of Barack Obama’s abject failure (that flakes off of him like so much detritus I might add).

So — in my estimation — in ‘Obama Years’ — Legal Insurrection is 20± years old.

Congratulations, Professor Jacobson.

Great blog, great analysis and insight, great humor. Hit the tip jar! And I agree with LukeHandCool that Mrs. Insurrection (having met her) has the patience of a saint.

I love this blog, for Professor Jacobson’s wonderful ability to unearth issues unique to this place, for it’s tremendous writing as well as it’s clear-eyed look at current issues and for the verve and energy it’s contributors consistently display.

Thanks Professor!

And, I admit I take a lot of pleasure in knowing that there is at least one professor at my old school (a place at which my Grandfather taught for forty years no less) who is a conservative in the best liberal sense!

Congrats, Professor! And thank you for all of your fine work. You are the go-to site for me every day.

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“And to the readers and commenters, the best bunch of prufreaders, nitpickers, critics and … supporters in these United States of America.”

Ummm, Professor,

I see what you did there. And since the announcement says your email isn’t working, I’ll just point out right here that the online urban hipster dictionary says “America” is spelled with three “K”s.

Congrats and many more years. I am relatively new here and have been glad to meet you and your commenters acquaintance. Here’s hoping that we are bitching about Romeny in 2013 not being conservative enough

Professor J.: I’m a newbie here. Been checking-in daily for less than a month. You’ve become my must-not-miss site. (Thank you!!) Congrats on the 4-years and heartfelt Best Wishes for a long future. I’ve recommended you to many.

Iam A. Patriot | October 12, 2012 at 11:05 pm


FNG here, 1st post, been lurking and learning, and have linked several pieces here on LI to a conservative motorcycle forum I frequent. I’m a proud Patriot, and pleased to be in such fine company. Thanks for all you do.

Ever heard of the band Madison Rising? Young Patriots, they are, and they good and truly rock. Here’s their rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner, as a way of saying happy birthday.

At your service,

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Happy bloggieversary Professor! Mazal tov on this auspicious occasion. You deserve every kudos and blessing and then some.

I first arrived on your blog from a link that you gave to me, making one of my posts “post of the day”. That link brought me a mini instalanche (shouldn’t we rename it a “Professalanche”?) and brought me to your site, making me an instant fan and a daily reader.

May you go from strength to strength, fighting the good fight!

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