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will be punished severely.  I think the building inspector just found several violations.

From commenter 9th District Neighbor, who took this photo in Glenview, IL (Cook County):

I snapped this photo today—the sign is very recent, it probably went up over the weekend.

North suburban Cook County is a far cry from what it was four years ago. I looked up the voting precinct (part of Jan ‘the communist’ Schakowsky’s 9th district) for this house and in 2008 it went 67 percent for Obama; I’m not so sure it will go that way for the democrats this year.

Anecdotal evidence only, but I am beginning to think that we are reaching a tipping point, even in bluest-of-blue Cook County.

You are probably going to need to upgrade your server again to handle the fireworks in November….

Thanks for your persistence and hard work. It will reap dividends.


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I wish this would fit on a bumper sticker.

I’m in the 2nd District–I have seen NO Obama signs.
In 2004, all you did was trip over them

Could be hope for Cook County yet!

Professor, in the last month or so, you posted
a poll showing Romney winning the Cook County
suburbs–is it possible to find an update?

A triptych of truth.

This needs to be posted everywhere – blimps, paper coffee cups, Frisbees, road signs, taxi cabs, buses, park benches, movie previews, sandwich board signs – everywhere. And en español.

Eww… Pres. Bumps might need to put some ice on that…

My suggested bumper sticker would read “Remove the Mistake of ’08. Vote for Romney/Ryan 2012”

My bumper sticker would read “Obama puts taxpayer money into green companies and they go bankrupt. Vote for the businessman. Vote Romney”

Mine would say “Gone” with the O being the Obama logo.

My second one would say “your support for Obama tells me all I need to know about you”.
It is high time we start calling out the idiots, beginning with that irritating Flo. America needs to move away from acting silly and start acting like we have sense.

2012Independent | October 2, 2012 at 9:13 am

I live in Chicago. Over the weekend I spoke with a law student who claimed to be taking a class taught by Rahm Emanuel’s attorney, and she said that he was worried about Romney overwhelmingly winning the suburbs. Many members of my family from Cook County who voted for Obama in ’08 will be voting for Romney this year. I have seen 0 yard signs for Obama and almost no bumper stickers for him.

There aren’t a lot of Romney bumper stickers either, but it’s still telling. I don’t have one, but I live in Chicago and don’t want my car keyed.

It’s highly unlikely IL goes for Romney, but if some Dems are actually concerned about IL, well, that’s pretty telling.


    I wouldn’t DARE put a Romney sticker on my car, I value my car : )

    My friends who voted Obama last time are either staying home or voting Romney. They won’t touch Obama.

      Catherine in reply to herm2416. | October 2, 2012 at 10:07 am

      I wish I could say that the Obama voters in my life were going to do things differently but so far I think they will still vote for Obama or in one case won’t vote for anyone. I do have hope that maybe 1 might secretly vote for Romney.

There’s a pretty, old, black neighborhood near us in Winter Park, Florida. Something has seemed ‘off’ and, duuhh, I realized what it was yesterday. Nearly No Obama-Biden yard signs out. Don’t get me wrong, most of the folks won’t be voting for Romney-Ryan, but it’s a Big ‘Tell’ on absence of any enthusiasm for The Boy King. Less ‘hood vote, the better. Unsentimental of me, but TRUE.

It will be along time before IL votes for an R for president. I live in Chicago. My guess is that 85% of blacks will vote BO this time and 70% of Jews. I hope BO will not be relected, but it will take states like OH or Pa to do it.

That lawn sign is flippin’ awe-inspiring. Takes serious balls to put something like that up in that area! I myself finally got the balls to put a Romney bumper sticker on my car after work last night. Within a few blocks of driving from the office, a guy driving an F150 behind me honked and gave me a thumbs up out the window. And this is downtown in the Peoples Republic of Chicago, no less!! Can’t wait for Nov 6!

I am convinced that IL can go Red! Don’t forget that in ’10, Obama’s seat went to Republican, Mark Kirk. Look how many Congressmen went to Washington. Our Congressman won by 15%! Dan Rutherford, our Rep. State Treasurer got more votes that Gov. Quinn.

I volunteer at my local Republican Headquarters. I see even more enthusiasm than in ’10. We had a waiting list for Romney/Ryan signs. A long-time Democrat came in for one, a big-time Obama fan in ’08 came in and announced that she is voting for Romney and picked up a sign. An Independent friend, who voted for Obama in ’08, came in and asked how she can help.

I will be doing my part to get people out to vote. We can do it!

Dr.Sanity’s back in business, Thank God. I strongly urge all here to read her newest post today,”Vindictive Truth”. Breathtaking and spot-on.

Don’t worry… It’s Cook County and when required, the dead will be awakened so that their votes can be counted along with those of illegals, transients etc.

Still, it does show discontent in even the most hostile of environments.

Kind of like living in Austin, TX… (groan)

I was trying to convert a lady at work who is a lifelong Democrat.

In addition to my little sermons, I wrote down the web addresses and told her to read LI, Hot Air, Instapundit, and Powerlineblog.

I’ve already converted two hispanic ladies at work (who are quite conservative by nature, but who haven’t been, until this time, very interested in politics and admitted they always voted Democrat out of tradition).

But a couple Mondays ago, when I saw this third lady and asked her what she thought of the websites I’d recommended, she said,

“I think it would be crazy to vote for Romney. He’s just a businessman. Do you think a businessman is qualified to be President of the United States?”

Facepalm. None of what I’d said earlier had sunk in.

Well, two out of three isn’t bad, I guess. You can’t reach all the people all of the time.

    swanzoid in reply to LukeHandCool. | October 2, 2012 at 1:03 pm

    Keep working on her! If nothing else, tell her she should vote for the Green Party candidate as a protest vote or something, to send a message of discontent to Obama without actually voting for a (gasp!) businessman. Every vote diverted from the SCOAMF is a win!

    barbara in reply to LukeHandCool. | October 2, 2012 at 2:42 pm

    “You can’t reach all the people all of the time.” You can’t fix stupid.

    FTFY – no charge. ;-p

    “Facepalm. None of what I’d said earlier had sunk in.”

    Did she actually read the websites you recommended? The liberals I know refuse to even look at anything that challenges their beliefs–not even data that condemns both parties for corruption such as that “Fire Them All” book.

“You are probably going to need to upgrade your server again to handle the fireworks in November”

I’ll drink donate to that! 😀

I can’t remember where I saw it but someone compiled a list of at least 31 Obama bundlers and/or major donors who received federal stimulus grants or loan guarantees totaling in the billions.

It’s what they call “crony capitalism.”

Speaking of which, the bragging on the auto bailout should be called out, too. GM stock is down 50% since its reissue after the takeover, taxpayers stand to lose (a total of) roughly $25 billion if we sold it all now as GM asks. Yet GM is hardly safe from bankruptcy; in fact, it is headed straight there again as the bailout didn’t accomplish the kind of restructuring they need.

In traditional bankruptcy, onerous union contracts would have been modified and the cadre of executives who drove them into the mess would have been largely replaced. The bailout kept all that dead weight. The company isn’t “alive” by any objective standard until it goes through a real restructuring.

They can put it off awhile, perhaps even another year or so, but they cannot avoid it.