Obama loves straw man arguments, known on the internets as being a shorter

The false choice between Obama’s position on an issue and some absurd extreme alternative is Obama’s way of framing most issues.

“Some say” we should have no government or similar ridiculousness is a typical Obama refrain in order to justify massive government.

The biggest straw man of all was the absurd comparison last night of the failure to meet the Navy’s goal of 313 ships with the fact that we also have fewer military horses and bayonets than we used to. 

Notice how Obama never addresses what the Navy says it needs. Most of the clips you will see of this segment omit Romney’s reference to the Navy’s own assessment of its needs.

The nutroots are gaga over this, but did it really help Obama?

I think the military may disagree that a fully equipped Navy, by the Navy’s own standards, is the equivalent of resurrecting the cavalry.  Same goes for the Air Force.

Let’s see …. Navy = Virginia, Air Force = Colorado.

Nice job, Obama.  You just insulted large constituencies in two swing states.

Go get a ladder.


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