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Hopeful signs

Hopeful signs

Readers have been sending in many signs and billboards in addition to bumper stickers.

I’ll try to run as many as I can.

From Helen, a yard sign in Denver:

From Pam:

I saw this little sign in a residential area of Monroe, CT. Sometimes simple really is best.

From Karen, at U.S. 10 at Midland, Michgan:

Thanks for your blog. Here is something we never expected to see in Michigan (Texas sure).


From John:

Yesterday from I-64 in East St. Louis heading to St. Louis –an historic sight from an historic presidency:  Stop O’s Attack/Vote for coal.


And the ultimate sign, from Tom:

I snapped this photo this afternoon from my office window in Chevy Chase, MD.

What you see at the end of the rainbow is the Mormon Temple in Kensington, MD.  Could this be a sign?



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…and yes, my spirits are lifted!

Eviction (notice) Day is a mere ten days away!

I must leave in a rather dull area, because I haven’t seen any signs or bumper stickers as posted here at LI. However, there has been an increase, each day it seems, of the standard Romney/Ryan one. Very few about the other guy.

Good signs, but I especially like the Mormon Temple photo.

President George Washington and President Obama, together at the Cleveland Museum of Art..

chicagoconservative | October 28, 2012 at 12:46 pm

Hope from the heart of Mordor(Chicago). I have been off work this week and have been walking around my neighborhood, and have not seen a single democratic campaign sign, nothing for Obama or any of the state or local race.. Today I saw my first batch of campaign signs and it was for a Republican Toni Puccio-Johnson who is running against Deb Mell in the 40th district State Representative race.

that rainbow is cool

“What you see at the end of the rainbow is the Mormon Temple…”

Which end?