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“Getting Our Priorities Straight” week at College Insurrection

“Getting Our Priorities Straight” week at College Insurrection

In case you missed it.

Higher education administrators and educators are focused like a laser beam on the important issues facing students:

Is it any wonder?

Bonuses  in the “you didn’t see it coming” category:


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What with the direction of any number of colleges and universities plus the nature of the Liberal Stream Media, why pay all those thousands and thousands of dollars for an education? Hey, you can get it all for free (some minor fees, though).

Just take CNN 101, 102 and ABC 201,202 and CBS 303 and NBC 308 and MSNBC 401, 402 and you’ll be ready to graduate. You’ll be just as informed (not) because they cover about the same material plus any number of them have the same way of thinking. And, you can have more fun by spending all the money you would have paid to the college or university on your favorite activities.

Gawd he’p us…