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Get off my doorstep!

Get off my doorstep!

Obama’s ground game is working about as well as the Stimulus.

From reader Ed:

Thought you might enjoy the picture below of a sign i saw while walking my dog today.

Here in very blue NW Ohio, the area that has sent Marcy Kaptur back to Congress for 20 years, there is a big lack of enthusiasm towards Obama.

I can only hope that it translates into a big win for Romney.


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Yeah, I don’t want the walking dead to come to my door either.

9thDistrictNeighbor | October 19, 2012 at 7:39 am

Toledo will re-elect Marcy…the nice Polish girl who brings home a lot of bacon, but there really is something brewing there. My cousin who lives there said he lies to the robo-polls, pressing whatever number is for democrats or Obama (he will tell the truth to actual human beings). As he told me the other night, “Toledoans aren’t dumb; they’ll do the right thing when they are behind the curtain.”

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On the contrary, I’m always happy to have workers for the opposition stop by. If possible I invite them in for a cup of tea and tell them that I don’t know a lot about politics and perhaps they could explain to me why I should vote for their candidate. In such situations I do not tell them they’re as tied to set responses and clearly haven’t thought through their positions. I also happily take whatever material they offer me.

This has happened twice during the current campaign. I think I have cost the local Obama campaign at least an hour of time and whatever the cost is of some brochures and a bumper sticker.